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Green Green

Boys Meet Girls

Green Green (グリーングリーン) is a rom-com ecchi anime from 2003. And, as expected of a rom-com ecchi anime from 2003, it’s bad. While there are some good things about it, I’m going to recommend you stay away from this one.

But, before I get into the good and bad parts of the series, what’s it about? Green Green is about the all-male Kanenone Academy, located in the mountains of Japan. Okay, so we’re off to a bad start with the whole “all-male” thing. But, don’t worry, there are girls.

You see, Kanenone Academy isn’t going to be all-male for long. There are plans for it to merge with an all-girls school. And before the merger happens, the schools want to do a trial run. So, for a month in the summer, the female students live at Kanenone with the boys.

Yusuke and Futaba participating in a test of courage from the anime series Green Green
Yusuke and Futaba participating in a test of courage

Of course, when I say that the girls live with the boys, I mean at the same school. The girls still have their own dorm and bathroom facilities. But, that’s not going to stop a few of the boys from trying to get closer to the girls, both emotionally and physically.

So, what’s good about Green Green? Well, it has female characters. That’s the primary thing I’m looking for in an ecchi series if I’m being honest. Also, some of these girls are pretty cute. And, what’s even better is that it’s an uncensored ecchi anime.

What’s bad about it, then? Naturally, the male characters. But, it’s not as simple as “girl = good and boy = bad.” I’m going to dedicate an entire section later on in the review to why the male characters ruin the series. However, the tl;dr is that they’re ugly and annoying characters.

Ranking the Green Green Girls

Chigusa IIno is the best girl of Green Green. She’s the nurse from the all-girls school and came to Kanenone Academy as their supervisor. That’s really all you need to know about her to understand why she’s the best girl.

Futaba Kutsuki is a close second. She’s the tsundere of the series, which obviously means I like her. I also prefer her body type over Iino-sensei’s. But, Iino-sensei has the whole nurse and teacher thing going for her that Futaba doesn’t.

Sanae Minami comes in third. She’s the smallest of the girls and is the “little sister” type. Sanae is cute and has some good moments. But, she’s not as good as Iino and Futaba.

Reika Morimura is next. The only thing she has going on for her is that she’s attractive. But, that’s all she needs. This is an ecchi anime; it doesn’t have to be that deep.

Reika Morimura from the anime series Green Green
Reika Morimura

Wakaba Kutsuki, the younger sister of Futaba, is fifth. There’s not much ecchi content surrounding Wakaba. But, I kind of like her because of her weird quirk. She’s always carrying around a cactus named Togemura.

Although it pains me to do this, Midori Chitose is second to last. She’s the female lead of the series, so you might expect her to be higher up. But, she’s annoying and not my type. So, she goes down here.

Oh, and just to be clear, it doesn’t pain me to have to rank Midori so low. It actually pains me to have to rank her so high. I went into this ranking thinking I would be putting her in last place.

The real worst girl of the series, though, is Arisa Haruno. Arisa actually wouldn’t be that bad except she’s always the butt of annoying jokes. And for that, she’s the worst.

How to Ruin an Ecchi Anime

Alright, it’s time to explain the reason why Green Green is such a bad ecchi anime. As I mentioned earlier, the main thing I want from an ecchi anime is a lot of female characters. What I don’t want is half the cast to be male.

The more male characters there are, the worse the series is. It’s as simple as that. And this is something most ecchi series understand. Often, we get a single male character and the rest of the cast is female. That’s generally good if your target audience is male.

But, here’s the thing. Not only did Green Green add in more male characters, but they added the worst male characters. These guys are ugly to look at. And they’re the most annoying people possible. Every time they’re on screen, they sap away my enjoyment.

Tenjin eating rice over a sleeping Sanae from the anime series Green Green
Tenjin eating rice over a sleeping Sanae

Yusuke Takasaki is the protagonist, so he’s fine. The problem characters are Hikaru Ichiban-Boshi, Tadatomo Ijuuin, and Taizo Tenjin. Of these three, Ichiban-Boshi is probably the best. He’s the most normal and has a crush on Futaba. But, he also religiously reads books on how to pick up women.

Ijuuin is the second-best, or second-worst, however you want to look at it. He has a lot of bad qualities. He’s overweight, likes girls’ chests to be as big as possible, and uses his own body as an example. He does have one redeeming quality, though: He’s a based Iino-sensei enjoyer.

Tenjin is the worst character, with no redeeming qualities. He’s very into imouto-type girls, which I would normally commend as an imouto anime fan. But, he takes it in a very weird direction. He has a strange obsession with eating rice in front of girls and roleplaying that they’re his sister. Is that funny?


Overall, Green Green is a 2/10. Some of the things the male characters did were funny. Like when they drank the bath water after the girls were in it. That’s just classic. But, for the most part, they ruined the series. The only reason it’s not a 1/10 is because there are hot, uncensored girls.

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