Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 13 Review

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 13 Review

Enormita Hits the Beach

The final episode of Gushing over Magical Girls is here. I know, it’s a sad day. I wish this series had more than 13 episodes, too. But, all good things must come to an end. And, we can still hope for a second season.

While I wouldn’t say that this was an excellent episode, it was probably in the upper 50% of episodes. We got to see all the Enormita girls and the Tres Magia wearing bathing suits. So, that’s pretty awesome. In particular, I liked Utena’s original swimsuit that Kiwi-chan picked out.

It’s too bad that Utena didn’t end up wearing that one to the beach, though. I would have loved to see how the Tres Magia girls would react to that. I can already see Haruka freaking out about how exposed Utena would be. Kaoruko would likely make some comment about her being a pervert, too.

Enormita wearing their swimsuits at the beach from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 13
Enormita wearing their swimsuits at the beach

With that said, I still think Utena’s swimsuit was cute. I’d actually go as far as to say it was the cutest of the Enormita girls’ swimsuits. Kiwi’s and Matama’s were still good, though. Nemo’s was cute, but not great. And, Korisu’s was by far the worst.

The Tres Magia girls didn’t have very exciting swimsuits. They were all pretty standard bikinis. Haruka’s had frills. Sayo’s was the most revealing of the three, but still generic. And, Kaoruko’s was fairly modest. Of those three, Kaoruko’s was probably my favorite.

I’m sure Kiwi was happy to see Utena wear that tiny swimsuit she picked out. But, it’s too bad she still hasn’t gotten her love hotel date with Utena. Would you have preferred that over this beach episode? A love hotel episode would have been good. However, the beach gives us content of all the girls.

Still Gushing over Magical Girls

This episode almost gave us the perfect interaction between Utena and Sayo. It was still a good interaction and I enjoyed it. But, as I’ll explain in this section, it could have been much better.

Utena and Sayo were alone on the beach while everyone else was busy playing. If you remember from Episode 12, Sayo is starting to suspect that Utena might be related to Magia Baiser. However, she can’t just come out and ask that. So, instead, she prods a bit by asking Utena about her love of magical girls.

This, of course, causes Utena to begin gushing over magical girls (see what I did there?). And, that’s what I liked about this interaction. Utena got an excuse to talk to someone about the magical girls she loves. It also seems to have worked to convince Sayo that Utena isn’t Baiser.

Utena talking to Sayo about Tres Magia from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 13
Utena talking to Sayo about Tres Magia

Now, what would I have liked to see, instead? Well, we know that Sayo is still thinking about that massage that Utena gave her (as Magia Azure). Sayo and Utena were also putting sunscreen on at the start of their conversation. Do you see where I’m going with this?

What if, in an attempt to gauge if Utena is Baiser, Sayo asked Utena to rub sunscreen on her? I think Utena would have tried to resist, but ultimately would have done it. But, I also don’t think Sayo would have gotten the confirmation she was looking for.

After all, Utena only gave her that lewd massage because she was Magia Azure. Utena doesn’t know that Sayo and Azure are the same person. She doesn’t feel the same way about Sayo as she does about Azure. To Utena, this would have been a very uncomfortable situation, which would have been funny.

Magia Baiser’s Love

In Episode 13, all the girls got a bit of Magia Baiser’s love. When fighting the Tres Magia, Baiser turned an octopus into an octopus monster. But, because an octopus is an animal, it’s harder to control than Baiser’s usual plants and objects.

This led the octopus to attack everyone except for Baiser. Azure, Magenta, Sulfur, Nero Alice, Leoparde, Loco Musica, and Leberblume were all fair game. And, with the exception of Alice, the octopus gave all the girls some special service. In particular, though, it took a liking to Sulfur, who’s afraid of octopi.

Along with Utena’s swimsuit from the very start of the episode, this was the best content. I would have liked it if it lasted longer. But, I’ll take what I can get. It gave us good content featuring six of the girls, after all.

Magia Sulfur bound by an octopus monster from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 13
Magia Sulfur bound by an octopus monster

It’s during this part of the episode when Leoparde mentions Baiser’s love. Leberblume calls out to Leoparde for help. But, there’s nothing Leoparde can do. She’s also caught by the octopus and says she can “feel Baiser-chan’s love.” Of course, that means she can feel the octopus playing with her body.

This idea that Baiser’s attacks are actually the manifestation of her love extends beyond the octopus, though. Azure defeats the octopus and then gets into a one-on-one battle against Baiser. During this battle, she intentionally takes a hit from Baiser and proclaims that the attack was full of Baiser’s love.

As Sulfur points out, though, this isn’t actually something Azure can tell from the attack. Instead, it’s what Azure is fantasizing about. Baiser has turned Azure into such a masochist that she gets turned on when Baiser hurts her. Sulfur puts it best: This is a battle between two perverts.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 13? Did you think a beach episode was a good way to end the season? Of all the girls, whose swimsuit was your favorite? And, which of the girls did you like seeing the octopus play with the most?

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