In Another World With My Smartphone

In Another World With My Smartphone

In Another World With My Smartphone Cover Art
In Another World With My Smartphone Cover Art


Today I’m writing from my smartphone so it only makes sense to review an anime about a smartphone. In Another World With My Smartphone is probably the worst anime I have forced myself to finish.

As such, we’ll probably shorten the usual “characters” section in favor of a large “complaints” section. But before we get to that, let’s have a brief look at the general plot.

Main-Character-kun, or Touya if you prefer his actual name, was accidentally killed by God. So, because of this mistake, he was given the chance to be placed into a fantasy world while still keeping his smartphone. Wow, what a deal.

His smartphone was also upgraded and he has an affinity for magic now, since it’s a fantasy world and all.

Originally there was no goal for Touya in this other world. Instead, he’s just there to make friends and have fun. But at some point, he learns of an ancient evil and I’m sure you can guess the rest from there.


By the way, did I mention this is a harem anime? Well, it is and since we already briefly went over the main character, Touya, this section will be about all of his future wives.

Linze and Elze are sisters. Linze has an affinity for some types of magic, while Elze does not. Due to this, Elze instead uses her fists to fight.

Elze punching a wolf

Yae is a samurai. I guess that’s basically all there is to say about her. She’s not the best character, although none of them are.

Next, we have Yumina and Sushie. Yumina is the daughter of the king and Sushie is the daughter of the king’s brother if I remember correctly. One of them is a child, I forget which though because other than that they’re the same character.

Finally, we have Leen, the now classic “loli, but she’s actually 500 years old” character popularized by many recent shows such as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

And what do these girls all have in common? That’s right, they’re all in love with Main-Character-kun, with the potential exception of Leen.

But if that’s not a large enough harem, don’t worry, there are even more girls who I skipped. Looks like I lied about the characters section being short.

**Spoilers Ahead**


Just to start off, the whole “Another World” genre is pretty overdone. The only two good ones anymore are KonoSuba and Re:ZERO because they’re both a twist on this classic genre.

Along with that genre being boring now, there’s also the harem aspect which is equally as overdone. Not to mention this one is a real harem this time around; he agrees to marry all these girls as a group.

Now that we have those major complaints out of the way, let’s talk about the biggest issue with the anime. Main-Character-kun is completely overpowered and so there is no conflict in the show.

You may recall that I mentioned he has an affinity for magic. Well, there are about six or seven types of magic in this world, and at most people usually have an affinity for three, but not Touya. He has an affinity for all magic.

He can even copy magic that is specific to individuals so nobody is special anymore because he can do it all.

Further, his smartphone was upgraded so it can do just about anything. When being attacked by an army, he used his smartphone to mark each one and then used magic to hit them all at once even though he couldn’t see them.

This type of thing is a recurring feature of the show.

There is no real conflict because Touya just takes out his phone or uses his overpowered magic and solves everything with the press of a button. This makes the anime very boring to watch.


In Another World With My Smartphone is, as I stated at the beginning, the worst anime I have forced myself to complete. Regardless of that, I still didn’t give it a 1 because I’m saving that for something that really scrapes the bottom of the barrel even more than this show.

So for now, this anime is my lowest-rated one at a 2/10.

My review of Season 2 is available now.

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