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Interspecies Reviewers

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Interspecies Reviewers

Series Overview

Interspecies Reviewers (Ishuzoku Reviewers/異種族レビュアーズ) is an extremely ecchi comedic fantasy series. In fact, this is probably the closest thing to hentai I’ve reviewed in the past two and a half years — and that’s saying something considering I literally reviewed an eroge.

Before I get into the anime itself, let’s just take a look at its pedigree as an ecchi series. The studio behind the anime is Passione, the same studio which brought us Citrus. And the director, Yuuki Ogawa, also directed a little masterpiece you may have heard of called Miru Tights.

The series itself is quite simple. There’s a group of adventurers who spend all their free time either at a certain bar or traveling around to various brothels where so-called “succu-girls” are employed.

It should be noted that most succu-girls are not actually succubi, but are called as such due to the nature of their profession.

These brave adventurers then write reviews of the brothels they visit and post their reviews on the wall of their favorite bar for all the other patrons to read. They eventually expand their operation and sell their reviews to other bars around the region because people are so interested in what they have to say.

But the reviews they write aren’t really what matters in the series. What matters is seeing the establishments they patronize. At the end of the day this is an ecchi series, so why else would you watch it?

However, even though the reviews aren’t all that important, they are still somewhat interesting. Each of the reviewers is a different species which leads to some wildly different reviews of the same brothels — especially when size comes into the equation.


The reviewers can be broken into two main categories. There’s the main trio of Stunk, Zel, and Crim, and then there are the supporting reviewers who are cycled through each episode. The supporting reviewers include Brooz, Kanchal, and Narugami.

Stunk and Zel are human and elf respectively and are the two main adventurers of the series. Despite how they act in the bar and brothels, they’re actually some of the strongest adventurers around. However, due to their differing species, they have some widely different views on acceptable ages for succu-girls.

For example, elves live much longer than humans, so even an old succu-girl human is seen as young to Zel. On the other hand, despite their advanced ages, elves have the appearance of young humans, so Stunk has no issue with an elf succu-girl who’s a few hundred years old, while Zel does.

Stunk and Meidri from the anime series Interspecies Reviewers
Stunk and Meidri

Crim is an angel who Stunk and Zel find in the forest and conscript to be one of their brothel-reviewing buddies. Despite identifying as male, Crim is actually a hermaphrodite, which immediately made him go from “best girl” to bottom-tier as soon as this was revealed.

The supporting reviewers are also three different species. Brooz is a beastman (bear), Kanchal is a halfling, and Narugami is a lamia.

Although these characters aren’t as entertaining as the main trio, their inclusion is actually where we get a lot of the differing reviews from. Humans, elves, and angels aren’t really all that different from a physiological standpoint. But by including Brooz, Kanchal, and Narugami, more variety is added to the reviewers.

Succu-Girl Tier List

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my ranking of the succu-girl species. The first thing I want to mention is that humans are probably number 1 on my list, but I won’t be including them since they aren’t fantasy species. And yes, we see more humans than just Mitsue.

This list also won’t be covering every species depicted in the series, because there are a lot that we just don’t see much of.

S-Tier Succu-Girls

After humans, the number one succu-girl species in the series has to be birdmaids/harpies. Despite not being a succu-girl herself, Meidri is the best character in the series, and that’s a big reason why birdmaids rank so highly. But there’s also the fact that the only low-tier birdmaid we see is the penguin girl, so overall they’re a high-tier species.

Really, the only drawback to birdmaids is their talons. But luckily those are usually out of shot in the anime, so I can pretend they don’t exist.

Elves are also in S-tier simply because they’re basically humans, but always attractive, unlike Mitsue. Sorry, but I’m reviewing these girls as a human.

And I guess I have to put wooden dolls in S-tier too because you can make any other species out of them. The fact that they’re called wooden dolls definitely makes me think twice, but apparently the Meidri dolls that were made were just like the real thing, so I’ll leave this “species” here.

A-Tier Succu-Girls

In A-tier I’ll put some of the less human-looking succu-girls starting with slimegirls. They’re just girls made of slime, so that doesn’t seem all that bad to me when you compare them to some of the other species which are going to be featured lower on this list. But some of the practices that go on in the slimegirl brothel I can’t say I’m into.

Demons and succubi I’m going to combine into one here. Obviously the succubi are a lot crazier than the demons, but their appearances aren’t all that different. I’d probably rate demons slightly higher though simply because of the demon queen.

And the last species in A-tier is the will o’ wisp. I have to say that I thought the way this species was censored by rays of light was pretty annoying — as it always is when that’s done in anime. But at the same time, they’re literally beings made of light, so I understand that the gag basically wrote itself.

B-Tier Succu-Girls

I don’t really want to do this, but I guess I’ll put the beastmen in B-tier. The problem with beastmen is that there is a wide variety of them and they have varying levels of “furry-ness.”

For example, the cat beastmen are much more human than the hyena or bear beastmen. So I’d probably say the catgirls are borderline A-tier, while the others are D-tier. But since I’m rating them as a group, as with the birdmaids/harpies, I’ll give them a B overall because at least the catgirls are good.

A beastman (cat) succu-girl from the anime series Interspecies Reviewers
A beastman (cat) succu-girl

I’m also thinking that the smaller species probably fit into B-tier as well. This includes the halflings, fairies, leprechauns, and myconids. I considered placing them down in C-tier, but I think I’ll reserve C-tier and below for the species I have some major problems with. The fact that these species are small isn’t necessarily an issue in itself.

And last in the B-tier are vampires and jiangshi. As far as the undead species go, these are definitely the better two. We’re told that they don’t smell great, but at least they don’t smell as bad as zombies and they’re not ghosts or skeletons.

C-Tier Succu-Girls

First up in C-Tier are salamanders, but only due to a technicality. I would have put them in B-tier if just being near them wouldn’t kill me. I think if you could cool them down then they’re a pretty good species from what we saw.

Cyclops are also in this tier. I just don’t like their eyes, sorry. The bigger the eye, the more I don’t like it. I’m sure they’re lovely otherwise, but I can’t get past that.

I don’t know how the ghost would work, so I’m just adding that here as well. I’m not necessarily averse to ghost girls, but I’m indifferent towards them since you can’t interact with them.

D-Tier Succu-Girls

I know I’m going to get some hate for this one, but the minotaurs are D-tier. They’re just too big, and I’m not into that. I can’t lie to myself by placing them any higher on the list.

Mermaids are probably D-tier as well. I think we only saw one, and she was a receptionist or something, but she’s going here nonetheless. And I’ll just add the other egg-laying species (not birdmaids/harpies though) here as well, like the lizard girls.

Centaurs are also D-tier despite the fact that I don’t actually remember them in the series. Apparently they were in episodes 9 and 10. They must have been so horrific that I blocked them out. But really, I’m not into horses so they’re a no from me.

There’s also a “dragon” species you may have missed in the series. Remember that octopus girl? Well she’s apparently classified as a dragon. Just as mermaids are D-tier, I think any other sea creatures have to go in this tier as well.

And the final species I’m putting in D-tier are zombies. Honestly, zombies are probably borderline between C and D. The zombie girl was definitely cute, but they did make a big deal about how bad she smelled so that’s why I placed her down here.

F-Tier Succu-Girls

The bottom-tier species on my list are skeletons. You could argue that ghosts should be down here as well because they can’t interact with you physically. However, I think skeletons are even worse. I’d much rather be with a ghost than a skeleton.


Overall, Interspecies Reviewers is a 7/10. It’s a good anime. I know a lot of people hate on ecchi series simply because they’re ecchi, but as far as ecchi (and comedy) series go, I enjoyed this one and it was genuinely funny at times.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you rate the various succu-girls, so make sure you post your tier list in the comments.

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