Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III Episode 5

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III Episode 5

Ikelos Familia

DanMachi III episode 5 felt like a pretty long episode. There was a lot going on. So in that sense, I think it was quite a good episode. To me, the most interesting topic that was covered this week was how various adventurers view the monsters which they slay.

Starting off with the Ikelos Familia, I’m not entirely sure what their motive is other than just to do whatever they want. Originally they were set up to be in the underground monster trade, but that doesn’t seem quite right. If that were truly their main goal, then they would have captured more than just Wiene.

I get that Dix killed Foh because he was too strong to easily capture. And I get that Ranieh killed herself. But what was the reason for killing the rest of them? That was a perfectly good siren they had chained to the tree, and yet Dix killed her.

Ranieh killing herself from the anime series DanMachi III
Ranieh killing herself

Additionally, there was that weird scene in which three members of Dix’s group wanted to rape Ranieh before she was killed. This really didn’t make sense to me based on how we’ve been lead to believe adventurers feel about monsters.

Based on what we know, they should find monsters horrifying. They shouldn’t be viewing Ranieh in a sexual manner as if she’s Rachnera from Monster Musume. And even if you argue that this was about dominating her and wasn’t a sexual thing, I don’t think that makes sense either.

In this world, monsters are scary predators. What these adventurers attempted to do is like if you fished up a great white shark, and then decided you wanted to have sex with it before killing it. You’d have to be insane.

Split Factions

Shifting away from how adventurers view monsters for a moment, let’s look at the other side of things. How do monsters, specifically the Xenos, view adventurers? Well, there are three primary viewpoints regarding adventurers among the Xenos.

First, you have those who are purely afraid of adventurers. The Xenos who feel this way are likely going to be those who haven’t yet made contact with their brethren and are still roaming the dungeon on their own. To them, the adventurers are their natural predators.

Once you get within the true Xenos group, there are two competing ideologies that we’ve previously learned about. On one side, we have those led by Lyd who believe that it’s possible to coexist with adventurers. On the other, we have those led by Gros who believe coexistence is impossible.

Gros from the anime series DanMachi III

The rift between these two factions became wider after the deaths of Ranieh and the others at the hands of the Ikelos Familia. While Gros and his faction once went along with Lyd begrudgingly, they now see no other choice but to go on the offensive.

But, interestingly, I don’t think that Gros really hates adventurers as much as it seems. He doesn’t trust them and he believes that there’s no way for monsters to live alongside them, but he doesn’t appear to be someone who wants to kill them without reason.

For example, if adventurers stopped traveling to the upper floors, or if they simply passed through the floors inhabited by the Xenos, I think Gros would be fine with that. He doesn’t seem to want to live on the surface as Lyd does. He seems to be content with remaining in the dungeon so long as the adventurers leave him and his kind alone.

Rounding Up the Monsters

Heading back over to the adventurer side of things, there are some interesting viewpoints some adventurers have when it comes to monsters. The Ganesha Familia’s take on monsters is of particular interest in this episode.

As we’ve known since back in season one, I believe, the Ganesha Familia is comprised of monster tamers. They don’t kill monsters, but rather capture and tame them to be used for various purposes. The most common way we’ve seen them use these captured monsters is for entertainment purposes.

And, this unique view on monsters is exactly why Ouranos has selected the Ganesha Familia to stop the Xenos rebellion. Ouranos doesn’t want the Xenos to be killed, and he knows that the Ganesha Familia won’t resort to deadly force unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Bell following Fels to Ouranos from the anime series DanMachi III
Bell following Fels to Ouranos

Ais is of a very different mindset when it comes to monsters, which has been implied in the OP of this season. She doesn’t believe in the capturing of monsters, and she definitely doesn’t believe in coexistence between monsters and adventurers.

I think Ais represents the view most adventurers have, which is why the attempted rape of Ranieh by members of the Ikelos Familia was so crazy. She believes that even if monsters could think and feel just like humans, she would still kill them because they’re monsters.

Also, I’d like to finish up this section by pointing out that while I understand where the human adventurers are coming from, the demi-human adventurers don’t make sense to me. You’d think that a beastman adventurer would look at a siren Xenos and see that the two of them are effectively the same.

I get it when it comes to Xenos like Foh who really look like monsters. But if beastmen are acceptable in adventurer society, why aren’t Xenos like the sirens? Is it just because most sirens aren’t Xenos?


What do you think of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III episode 5? Do you think it’s odd for those Ikelos Familia adventurers to be interested in Ranieh that way? Or do you think sexualizing monster girls is normal in this world? Let me know in the comments.

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