JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 27

JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 27

King Crimson vs. Metallica

It’s finally here; the final battle between the boss and Risotto Nero. Honestly, I would have liked for this battle to have ended in a draw at this point and been resumed later, but I still enjoyed the way it ended. It had a very JoJo ending, if you know what I mean.

But, while the ending is important, I don’t really have all that much to say about it. Risotto Nero lost the fight and was killed by Narancia’s Aerosmith. But, there were a lot of moving parts to this conclusion, so I suggest watching the episode if you haven’t already despite the fact that I just spoiled it.

What I found more interesting though were the abilities of Risotto’s Metallica, and the newly introduced abilities of King Crimson. I’ll be dissecting both of them in the sections to come, so let’s first just take a look at what’s unique about this fight: the fact that it was between two antagonists.

Doppio / The Boss from the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Doppio / The Boss

For potentially the first time (I know this will probably be fact checked by someone) we had a fight in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure which didn’t involve any of the heroes. This is significant because not only does it mean we’re being introduced to a new(ish) stand for each side, but it also serves to expand the world of stand users.

The latter point is the big one. Before this point, there was always an us vs. them mentality in the JoJo’s universe. Either a stand user was on the side of the heroes, or they were on the side of the villains. For the first time we’re shown that there aren’t just two sides, but many.

And, yes, we’ve known that this is the case because of the dynamic between Buccellati’s squad, the hitman squad, and those loyal to the boss, but for the first time we actually see these three sides clash. It also ties nicely into the whole “stand users attract other stand users” idea that proliferates the series.

Sure, we knew that stand users attract other stand users, but because of the us vs. them nature of the series it always felt like a plot device; like stand users were only attracted to one another so a new enemy was always on the horizon. However, we now see that this is true for all stand users despite their affiliation.

Basically, it’s world building through action.

Metallica’s Abilities

So, last week we were first introduced to Metallica’s abilities, but they weren’t explained. Now we know that Metallica enables Risotto to manipulate iron thanks to having the Magnet release kekkei genkai from Naruto.

Risotto can form weapons out of the iron found in dirt and sand, he can manipulate these weapons so they fly towards his opponent, and he can even create weapons out of the iron within his opponent’s blood. Overall, that’s an extremely powerful ability.

But, not only can he use his magnetic powers for offense, he can use them for defense too. By coating himself in iron dust, he can reflect light off his body in such a way that he becomes nearly invisible. This, combined with his medium ranged attacks, means he can take out even the most dangerous opponents from safety.

Risotto Nero using Metallica from the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Risotto Nero using Metallica

We also know that Risotto’s stand lives within his own blood. It’s made up of a bunch of tiny, mercury-like blobs with faces, sort of like Mista’s Sex Pistols.  And, due to the form of his stand, it means he can’t exactly use it to defend himself physically, just like Mista can’t.

And, defending himself physically seems to be the major downside to either Risotto’s fighting style or stand. Yes, he defends himself through hiding his location and attacking from a distance, but if his opponent figures out his stand like Doppio did, then he’s not invincible.

I would have thought that since he can control magnetism, he would be able to repel objects with iron in them, thus giving himself a sort of force field. However, we never actually see him repel anything away from his own body, which is interesting.

Even when Doppio was trying to find Risotto’s location by using the iron to point in his direction, Risotto uses his cut off foot to trick Doppio rather than swapping the pole of his body to repel the iron away from him. This all leads me to believe that Metallica can only attract iron, not repel it.

Though, I must say that this doesn’t make much sense when we look at how he’s able to control the iron weapons he creates by having them float.

The other possibility, which is probably more likely, is that Risotto’s fighting style just isn’t very defensive. This could be due to the fact that he’s never come up against another stand user capable of defeating him before, but the fact remains the same: he doesn’t defend himself.

Even if he couldn’t use his magnetic powers to repel the weapons which were coming towards him, you’d think he would be able to create an iron shield or something to protect whichever point was being attacked. He doesn’t do this though, and it’s this lack of defense which ultimately led to his downfall.

King Crimson’s Abilities (Doppio)

We’ve already known how King Crimson works, but it turns out that when Doppio is in control it doesn’t have all of the abilities it normally does.

Just to recap, under the boss, King Crimson has the ability to skip forward in time, thus bypassing any moments when he might take damage or be at a disadvantage. However, we don’t see Doppio use this ability at all during his fight against Risotto despite it being mentioned.

Instead, Doppio has the ability to see roughly 10 seconds into the future, which on its own, isn’t a very strong ability. The reason this ability isn’t all that strong is because even if Doppio can see the future, he can’t change it.

We actually already saw an ability just like this back in Part 3 with Boingo’s stand Tohth, a comic book which depicted the future. And, just as with Boingo’s visions, the things Doppio sees when he looks into the future are sometimes vague enough that they turn out to be the opposite of what you would expect.

But, the fact that Doppio can only see the future and not do anything about it is why he didn’t defeat Risotto. Risotto defeated himself due to his own fighting style. Yes, Doppio was able to set up Risotto’s defeat, but it wasn’t thanks to his own abilities.

I also think it’s strange that Doppio sees these visions projected onto his own hair in front of his eye, but stranger things have happened in this series so I can’t complain.

Before moving on though, I do want to bring up the fact that while Doppio’s ability isn’t very good on its own, it becomes much better when paired with the boss’ main ability. As the boss mentions in the episode, once Doppio sees the future, the boss can take over and skip past any point at which he would have taken damage.

We already saw the boss using both of these abilities in tandem during his fight against Buccellati, so there’s no reason to think that he would need to swap between personas in order to pull it off.


What did you think of this week’s episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind? Did you like the fight between Doppio and Risotto? I thought the fight itself was fairly entertaining, which is part of the reason I wish it didn’t end this episode.

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One Reply to “JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 27”

  1. The smaller face of King Crimson is called Epitaph, it is why Bruno cannot successfully ambush The Boss back in the church. Although it seems to work differently for Doppio, it’s not a 10-second sneak peek of the opponent’s sequence of moves. However Precognition is still a formidable that’s difficult to plan around. Doppio only has King Crimson’s arms and Epitaph, he doesn’t have access to Time Skip (boss seems to be pretty selfish about sharing his power).

    About Risotto, the first thing you should remember is that he’s an assassin, not a warrior. His knife barrage is pretty neat, it’s like a real-time version of DIO’s. Tangent aside, his methodology is slowly dismantling a target while attacking from an advantageous position. It’s not in his nature to try and go at this mano-a-mano. On the other hand, in his perspective he’s fighting someone who can see the future and only has stand arms so he might not realize the full danger of who he’s fighting.

    Risotto: “The one who gets too excited is the one who dies.”

    And he was right, he just got too excited first. He wanted to relish the opportunity for vengeance, to see The Boss as his real self dying in agony. He didn’t settle for just cutting his brain stem as soon as possible, or retreating to let the lack of iron finish his opponent off. Y’know I just realized, when he stapled his foot back to his leg, a potential defensive use for his stand is to harden his blood and create an internal shield, kinda like Sale stopping any wound at the skin.

    Going back to King Crimson, one of the many ways it can screw you over is how disorienting it can be. With Time Stop at least you’re still right when you are when time resumes. But with Time Skip, you’ll end up from Point A to Point B with no memory of how you got there. Even Joseph Joestar would have a hard time operating with any autonomy when there are gaping holes in his plans.

    Hmm, strange, I recall this playing out differently in the manga. Actually no, I am wrong. That sequence will still play out in the next episode.

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