JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 28

JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 28

Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling

I feel like I say that the most recent episodes of series are the best to date a lot, but this time it’s true. Today’s episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind is probably my favorite Part 5 episode so far even though it didn’t introduce any new characters or stands.

It may be hard to believe considering how I mainly write about shounen battle series on this blog, but my favorite anime tend to be dramas, not action. And, this episode sure had some drama.

But, before we get to the drama towards the end of the episode, we have to go through what led up to that point, starting with the end of Risotto’s fight with the boss.

After Aerosmith fills Risotto with holes, he’s still barely hanging on. The boss then gives him a choice: he can either be killed by the boss personally if he replenishes the iron he stole from the boss’ body, or he can be left to slowly die before Buccellati and his team.

However, Risotto chooses the secret third option which is to take the boss to his grave with him. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out, and when he tries to get Aerosmith to come back around to shoot the boss, the boss just uses King Crimson to evade it.

So, with that, Risotto is finished off by Aerosmith, and the boss begins his escape, but with dangerously low levels of iron in his blood.

The Boss’ Escape

Due to the severity of his injuries, the boss can’t get very far before Buccellati and Narancia find the corpse of Risotto. While Narancia is confident that Risotto was the only opponent nearby, and that his Aerosmith is what killed him, he believes they’re safe.

But, Buccellati isn’t so sure. He notices that one of Risotto’s feet had been cut off and comes to the conclusion that someone else must have been involved because Aerosmith couldn’t make such a wound. He also assumes that this other person is severely injured, and that their fight was a struggle back and forth, but there’s not really any way for him to tell.

Meanwhile, the boss is slowly crawling away from Buccellati and Narancia, and in the direction of a populated beach where it will be easier to conceal his presence. Along the way, he eats a live frog in order to replenish the iron in his body, but this isn’t enough.

Shortly after the frog incident, he seems to have used King Crimson’s ability to capture a child from the nearby beach. I don’t really understand how he did this, but the reason for doing it is so that he could drain the child’s blood to replenish his own.

Unfortunately for the child, Buccellati and Narancia don’t seem to be feeling generous when they discover him, and I can only assume that they left him with his mouth sewn shut and wrist slashed as they found him. After this point, the boss seems to have successfully evaded the pair searching for him.

Leone Abbacchio

Leone Abbacchio is the reason I felt that this episode was so good. His entire life up to this point was all just to prepare him for this mission to discover the boss’ identity. In fact, he’s the only person who can discover the boss’ identity at this point without directly facing the boss.

But, the boss knows this. He knows that Abbacchio is currently the most dangerous of Buccellati’s team despite not being the most deadly. And, it’s because of this fact that the boss sets his sights on Abbacchio.

While Buccellati and Narancia were confirming the death of Risotto, Abbacchio was left alone to use his Moody Blues to determine the boss’ identity. Meanwhile, Giorno, Mista, and Trish were inside the turtle located somewhere nearby.

Leone Abbacchio and Moody Blues from the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Leone Abbacchio and Moody Blues

Now, I get that Giorno and Mista were supposed to be protecting Trish at this time, but it seems a bit strange to leave Abbacchio out in the middle of the open unguarded. While Moody Blues is using its ability, it’s unable to protect him from incoming attacks.

It’s during this time that a group of children get their soccer ball stuck in a nearby tree. At first, Abbacchio tells them to get lost, but it doesn’t take long for him to decide to help the kids. Once a protector of the people, always a protector of the people I suppose.

And, this is where Abbacchio’s story ends. The child who the boss had previously captured to replenish his blood was one of these soccer players, and the boss has now slipped into their ranks. After Abbacchio retrieves the ball, the boss kills him with King Crimson while passing by.

Moving On

I really thought that maybe Abbacchio was going to survive this injury, but once Moody Blues shattered I knew it was too late for him. Thus, Abbacchio is our first JoBro death of Part 5. Luckily, his death wasn’t in vain because Moody Blues was able to imprint the boss’ face into the statue with its last

Now that I’ve gotten what happens out of the way, I really want to discuss the impact of Abbacchio’s death and how it was handled, because I think it’s what makes the episode.

Abbacchio’s death isn’t something that was long and drawn out. It happens suddenly, which isn’t something we often see of important characters in anime or any other form of media. However, the suddenness is what makes it hit even harder.

Leone Abbacchio pictured in the sky from the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Leone Abbacchio pictured in the sky

Everything after his death just adds onto the pain. We see him reunited with his former partner from his days as a cop, he tries to “go back” because his friends still need him, and we see him come to the realization that his time is up when he’s told there is no going back.

Then, when his friends find his body, it keeps getting worse. Giorno, Mista, and Buccellati all realize that it’s too late for Abbacchio to be brought back, but Narancia refuses. He pleads for Giorno to save Abbacchio, but there’s nothing that can be done.

And, as they leave Abbacchio’s body alone on the beach, with Narancia crying for them to not leave Abbacchio behind, we see that Buccellati is just putting on a brave face as the team leader. He’s just as devastated as Narancia is, maybe even more so, but if he shows weakness then their team will fall apart.

This whole section of the episode which revolved around Abbacchio’s death really made all of the main characters a lot more personable. They’ve shown emotion before, but nothing like this. I’m sure there will be cooler episodes in the future, but I don’t know if any will hit this hard.


So, what did you think of Abbacchio’s final episode in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind? Did you feel anything during the ending scenes of the episode? And, who do you think will be the next to die? I don’t think everyone is going to die, but something tells me Mista will.

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  1. Kudos to Risotto for that last-ditch move.

    Abbachio may have been a good thing in the long-run, as having a guard with him would make the boss kill them both. King Crimson’s frame-perfect dodge means he’s a lot more dangerous than his power seems.

    Also, goddamn the foreshadowing of Doppio in the crowd.

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