JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 32

JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 32

Green Day and Oasis, Part 3

This week’s episode had a decent number of interesting developments, but I don’t really feel like anything all that special happened in it. Yes, Secco was defeated, we were officially introduced to Polnareff, and Doppio reappeared, but all of that was bound to happen anyway.

I’m not saying that the fact those things were going to happen takes away from the episode, but I am saying that the lack of any real surprises does. I mean, our heroes still haven’t even made it to Polnareff, he was just introduced to the viewers so even that wasn’t too exciting.

This episode also focused on Buccellati and didn’t show the other JoBros at all. Though, it does take place after the previous episode, and not alongside it. Or, at least the latter half of the episode takes place after the last episode.

We know this because Cioccolata’s Green Day mold is no longer spreading throughout the city, which means it’s after he’s already been killed. And, upon learning of Cioccolata’s death something interesting is revealed about Secco, which I’ll get into later.

Oasis vs. Sticky Fingers

The fight between Buccellati and Secco, Sticky Fingers and Oasis, continues on for what’s technically the third episode. And, let me just say that I think this fight dragged on way too long considering Oasis’ abilities. It’s not like Oasis is the most interesting stand out there, especially when Secco isn’t working with Cioccolata.

Together their stands make a formidable pair as I’ve discussed in the past, but individually they aren’t really all that great. That said, we do learn in this episode that the stronger of the two is actually Secco’s Oasis, not Cioccolata’s Green Day (in one-on-one battles).

So how is this the case? Green Day is good because its attacks cover a wide range, but as long as you don’t move in a downward direction, it can’t really harm you. Oasis on the other hand can harm you no matter where you are or what you’re doing as long as you’re within range.

Not only is Oasis fast and fairly strong due to its speed, but Secco has figured out more unique ways to use its abilities as well. One such example is to spit out the liquefied ground into the air. Once the pieces get high enough, they leave Oasis’ range and re-solidify to rain back down as spikes.

Also, if Secco and Cioccolata were to fight each other, Secco would win since he’s not affected by Green Day for some reason, as pointed out to me by GuardianTempest in the comments of episode 30. This was still never explained even after both their fights are over, so I think we can chalk it up to “Araki forgot.”

The Frenchie

Halfway through their fight, Secco and Buccellati notice a glint of light coming from the second level of arches in the Colosseum. And, when we’re zoomed over to the Colosseum to check it out, it’s none other than Jean Pierre Polnareff using his binoculars to observe the fight.

In the previous episode review I mentioned that I didn’t remember what happened to Polnareff at the end of part 3, and that still holds true. I haven’t gone back to look up what happened to him, but clearly he survived the battle with DIO unlike Kakyoin.

However, Polnareff has some pretty serious injuries, likely sustained in the battle against DIO. He lost both of his legs, which are now replaced with metal prosthesis, he’s confined to a wheelchair, and it appears he may be blind in his right eye. He’s also 36 years old now, potentially making him the longest-lived JoBro.

Jean Pierre Polnareff from the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Jean Pierre Polnareff

I also can’t help myself but point out that while Polnareff’s stand is called Silver Chariot, he now has a second silver chariot (his wheelchair). Do you think Araki did that on purpose, or is that just a coincidence? I think Araki must have done it on purpose.

Anyway, it’s revealed that the secret to defeating the boss lies within one of the stand arrows Polnareff is in possession of. We haven’t yet been told exactly how the stand arrow is going to be used, but it holds some secret which he doesn’t want falling into the wrong hands.

We’re told that if Buccellati and his team fail to make it safely to the Colosseum, Polnareff will have no other choice but to destroy the arrow so as to prevent anyone from using it for evil. However, I don’t believe this secret is specific to the arrow Polnareff has, so theoretically the broken arrow from Black Sabbath would work too (which I think is the one Giorno is shown with in the OP).


Alright, so I mentioned that after Cioccolata’s death something interesting was revealed about Secco. That interesting thing is that Secco isn’t actually the masochist I believed him to be. Instead, it turns out he was simply following Cioccolata because he believed that he was strong.

But why was Secco following someone he thought was strong? For protection. Initially Secco must have believed that getting on Cioccolata’s good side would prevent him from killing Secco like he had done to his previous patients, and that seems to have worked.

However, the reason he continued to follow Cioccolata was for continued protection. It’s not exactly that Secco believes himself to be weak or that someone or something is going to kill him, but he simply figures that he’s even safer if he’s with someone strong like Cioccolata.

Bruno Buccellati from the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Bruno Buccellati

The fight against Secco comes to a conclusion when Buccellati tricks Secco into making a car fall into the ground. He then uses Sticky Fingers to rupture a tire on the car, causing a deafening blast to go through the ground. Since sound is how Secco was determining Buccellati’s position from underground, he’s essentially blind (actually deaf) now.

This partial deafness means Secco can no longer accurately determine Buccellati’s location compared to other moving objects. And, due to his confusion, he gets his leg run over by a car which he thought was Buccellati.

But although he’s injured, Secco has one final plan. He takes a child hostage (which just so happens to be Doppio) thinking that this will prevent Buccellati from attacking him. However, Buccellati simply zips through Doppio to get at Secco and defeats him.

I feel it’s also important for me to point out that during their fight Buccellati was physically affected by Oasis’ liquefying ability. It wasn’t explicitly explained in this way, but I wonder if his body began to be affected by it due to the fact that Buccellati is already dead. Perhaps as Green Day affects the living, Oasis affects the dead.


At the end of the episode Buccellati is in a severely weakened state due to his fight with Secco. And, unfortunately for him, Doppio (the boss) is right there. Will Doppio finish off Buccellati, or will the other members of his squad/Polnareff intervene?

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