JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 5

JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 5

Find Polpo’s Fortune!

Today we’re skipping the introduction and jumping right into the episode. News of Polpo’s murder/suicide have already spread throughout the Passione gang, and there are three main questions on everyone’s mind:

  1. Why did Polpo die?
  2. Who will replace him as the next Capo?
  3. Where is his fortune hidden?

The first question is an important one, but none of the gang members we see throughout the episode really care about it. As far as everyone is concerned, either Polpo killed himself because he was mentally weak, or someone killed him because of his criminal activity.

What nobody seems to consider, however, is that Polpo was killed by a member of Passione so that they could climb the ladder. Because of this, we can assume that all of the members know they could die at any time, and they all trust that none of their comrades will go against the hierarchy.

As for the second question, while it’s indeed a major question, it’s implied that there’s only one man for the job: Buccellati. The opening scene of the episode shows two Passione members from a separate group who are discussing Polpo’s death, and one of them says that Buccellati was Polpo’s most trusted underling.

This conversation between Passione members brings us to our third and final question, where is Polpo’s fortune hidden? One of the gang members from the beginning of the episode tells us that the rumors are it’s worth 5 billion lire, but Buccellati later corrects this to 10 billion.

Of the three main questions which come out of Polpo’s death, it’s this final question which is the most important. Nobody cares about why Polpo died and everyone assumes Buccellati will succeed him, but 10 billion lire is something everyone could use.

After hearing that Buccellati likely knows the location of Polpo’s fortune, one of the Passione members we see at the beginning of the episode disappears, and it’s implied he’s going after Buccellati.

We then skip over to Buccellati and Giorno who are having a discussion about the gang hierarchy. At the very top is the Boss whose identity is unknown. Below the Boss is his trusted adviser, and below him are the various Capo in charge of each region. Beneath the Capo are a number of 6-10 man squads like Buccellati’s.

In order for Buccellati and Giorno to take down the Boss, they’ll first have to learn his identity. However, the only way to do that is to climb their way up to a position of power. They need to either become the Boss’s adviser, or learn the identity of the adviser so they can get to the Boss through him.

Buccellati’s Squad

It’s finally time for us, and Giorno, to be introduced to Buccellati’s squad. I wish they had an actual squad name, but since they don’t, I’ll just be referring to their group as the Jo-Bros since that’s the role they fill.

Unfortunately, we don’t learn any of their stand abilities, though we have a basic understanding of some of them as I mentioned in last week’s review. We do still learn a lot about each member’s personality as well as their relationships with each other.

First up is Narancia Ghirga. Other than Giorno, Narancia seems to be the youngest of the Jo-Bros at 17. We don’t know the ages of the others yet, but considering Narancia was excited to find Giorno is younger than him, and he’s the only one who everyone calls by his first name, we can assume he was previously the youngest.

Narancia barely has an elementary level education, as we’re told by another Jo-Bro, Fugo, and this is proven when we see him struggling to do simple multiplication. However, despite his lack of education and child-like attitude, Narancia is a cold-blooded killer when it comes down to it.

Next is Pannacotta Fugo, the one we see tutoring Narancia. Other than Buccellati and now Giorno, Fugo seems to be the most normal of the Jo-Bros. Along with tutoring Narancia, he also attempts to explain to Mista that there’s nothing cursed about the number four.

However, when Narancia gets his math problem wrong, we learn that Fugo actually has extreme anger management issues, resulting in him stabbing and otherwise physically assaulting Narancia. While I don’t like Fugo’s character design, I think his personality may be my favorite so far.

Guido Mista is the third Jo-Bro and as implied earlier, has a severe dislike for the number four. He believes that the number four is cursed, and so won’t have anything to do with it; this includes eating one of four slices of cake, or riding on yacht number four.

Since we know from the OP that Mista’s stand ability has to do with bullets and he uses a revolver, it will be interesting to see how his aversion to the number four plays out. Will he always skip firing the fourth bullet? I think that would be a nice quirk for his character to have.

The fourth and final member is Leone Abbacchio, who appears to be the oldest, but that could just be because he’s the largest of the members. Abbacchio also seems to be the most cautious of the Jo-Bros, and doesn’t trust Giorno simply because Buccellati does.

He also plays a prank on Giorno right from the start, which could be seen as a sort of test. Or, perhaps he’s just a prankster and the prank was just another classic Abbacchio moment. I’m kind of hoping for the former, because he doesn’t seem like the type to play around.

Abbacchio, Giorno, Narancia, Fugo, and Mista from the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Abbacchio, Giorno, Narancia, Fugo, and Mista

While Giorno is being introduced to the rest of the Jo-Bros, Buccellati receives a phone call from an unidentified person, and we can assume that this is when he learned of Polpo’s death. Buccellati then gathers his squad and tells them they have a job to do.

On their way to rent a yacht, we see that all of the townspeople like and trust Buccellati, despite him being a gangster. It’s clear that although he’s a member of the gang which sells drugs and commits violent acts in the area, the people know that Buccellati is on their side.

Once on the yacht, we learn more about the relationships between the Jo-Bros. We already saw that Fugo and Narancia don’t really get along, and that Fugo and Mista don’t really get along, but now we see that Mista and Narancia don’t really get along either.

However, at the same time we also see that they are indeed a cohesive group, even if they don’t always get along. When Abbacchio played his prank on Giorno, the rest of them went along with it. Likewise, when upon the yacht, Buccellati informs them that he wants to become the next Capo, they all support him.

Their cohesiveness is further proven when they’re attacked upon the yacht, but I’ll get into that in the next section. For now, I want to mention something interesting about what Buccellati says pertaining to Polpo’s fortune.

While it was already assumed that Buccellati was going to take over as the next Capo, he implies that he needs Polpo’s fortune to do so. It’s not yet known why this is the case, but perhaps the fortune isn’t actually made up of jewels and other standard expensive items as the rumors suggest.

Remember, these are rumors, and the only people who know the truth were Polpo and Buccellati. It’s unlikely either of them were going to let the truth about Polpo’s fortune get out. This could mean that while whatever the fortune is may be worth 10 billion lire, it’s true value isn’t in monetary form.

Could this mean that Polpo’s fortune is another stand arrow, and that owning an arrow is the sign of a Capo? Or, perhaps the fortune truly is monetary, and the rank of Capo is something which must be bought. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

An Enemy Stand Appears

After Buccellati refuses to mention the exact location of Polpo’s fortune, an enemy stand suddenly attacks from the shadows. The first to be targeted is Narancia, who appears to have been pulled down a sink drain, leaving only one of his shoes behind.

Next, Mista disappears while looking over the side of the yacht to see if Narancia somehow fell into the water. Finally, Fugo goes missing after looking beneath the deck for Mista. This chain of events may not seem all that important, but in fact it is.

Yes, the Jo-Bros don’t always get along, but like I mentioned earlier, they do form a cohesive group. When Narancia is attacked, the rest of the members are actually worried about him, particularly Mista. Then, when Mista disappears, we see that Fugo is worried about him as well.

This proves that although they may fight and threaten to kill each other, they’re actually friends when everything’s said and done.

Giorno, Buccellati, and Abbacchio are the only ones remaining. They’re pretty certain that the enemy is a stand user, but have no idea what kind of stand they’re up against. They also don’t know exactly where their friends went, but Giorno assures them that the other Jo-Bros are still alive.

He tells them that he turned Narancia’s remaining shoe into a fly and that the fly was attempting to return to its owner. Since the fly was circling around the entrance to the yacht’s cabin, he claims that’s where Narancia is located. However, since the fly is circling, that means it’s unable to reach Narancia even though he’s nearby.

Buccellati then tells Abbacchio that his stand is perfect for this situation, but Abbacchio refuses to use it because he still doesn’t trust Giorno and doesn’t want to give him information on his stand.

We know knowledge about stands has always been important since their inception, but this is the first time I can think of where one of our protagonists actively refuses to use their stand so as to not give information to their opponent. While stand use has always been creative, hopefully in this part we’ll see more creative ways to not use a stand as well.

But, while Abbacchio doesn’t trust Giorno, Giorno wants to show that he trusts Abbacchio. To do this, he runs towards the enemy’s location, allowing himself to be hit by the enemy stand so that his comrades can see where and what it is. He does this fully trusting that Abbacchio will then use his own stand to defeat the enemy.

Next Episode

While we didn’t get to see Abbacchio’s stand in action this week, nor the enemy’s stand for that matter, we will in the next episode. I already know what Abbacchio’s stand ability is, but all we know for now is that its name is Moody Blues (Moody Jazz for the English translation).

But, although we know that we’ll get to see Moody Blues in action next week, that’s about all we know for certain. I mean, we also know that the Jo-Bros are going to be rescued, but that might not actually happen until the following episode.

Just as this “arc” is going to reveal Abbacchio’s stand, I’m expecting each of the other three Jo-Bros to have their stands revealed in a similar fashion over the next 7-10 episodes.


What do you think the enemy’s stand ability is? Also, if you don’t already know, what do you think Abbacchio’s stand ability is? I’d like to read your predictions in the comments.

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