JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 7

JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 7


In this episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind, we’re introduced to the stand of the next member of Buccellati’s team, Guido Mista. However, while we see a new stand and are introduced to the next possible antagonist, I don’t really feel like this episode has much to discuss.

With that in mind, the summary should be shorter than usual, and I’ll mainly be focusing on how elements of this episode, its characters, and their stands, are similar to previous parts of the series. I’ll also go into some theorizing about what will happen next.

Sex Pistols Appears, Part 1

Now that the stand user who attacked Buccellati’s team on the yacht has been captured, we see the group begin their interrogations. Well, it was actually more like simple torture than an interrogation, because they didn’t actually let him respond to any of their questions.

His head was unzipped from the rest of his body and his mouth was zipped closed. Then the Jo-Bros kicked his body while it lay on the deck of the yacht. Mista then takes a fishing line and hooks it through the enemy’s eyelid, hanging his head above the deck.

With the hook keeping his right eye open, a pair of glasses were placed on the enemy stand user to magnify the sun’s rays, burning his eye. Meanwhile, Narancia starts to play some music and he, Fugo, and Mista break out in dance. I really don’t understand where that came from.

Abbacchio then uses Moody Blues to discover that their enemy had already contacted his partner to tell him that the yacht should be arriving at Capri shortly. This means someone knows where the Jo-Bros are heading, and is likely already on the island waiting for them.

Now, at this point I would think that Buccellati’s team could just storm the island and take down whoever’s waiting for them, but they don’t seem to see this as a viable option. Perhaps they’re right to be wary though considering they don’t know who’s waiting for them and what kind of stand they might have.

This means that either they’ll arrive at the island and the fact that they defeated the stand user on the boat will be blown, or they wait to go to the island, and the person waiting there will assume that the stand user on the boat was taken down because the boat is late.

Giorno comes up with a third option: swim to the island and clear it out before the yacht arrives. He uses his stand to turn a flotation ring into a fish to carry him, and Mista decides to go with him because his stand is perfect for eliminating enemies.

Guido Mista from the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Guido Mista

Once on Capri, we learn that Mista’s stand is known as Sex Pistols (Six Bullets for English viewers) and can change the direction of the bullets fired from his revolver. There are six of the Sex Pistols, numbered one through seven (four is missing because Mista thinks it’s unlucky).

I was really hoping that Mista would just skip firing the fourth bullet in the chamber due to his aversion to the number. The fact that he just skips it and counts his bullets to seven feels like a lame way to illustrate his hate for the number four, but I guess that’s what we’re going with.

Sex Pistols also apparently refuse to work during lunchtime, and will refuse to work if they don’t have lunch. It’s also implied that after lunch they typically take a nap, but Mista is able to convince them to save their nap until after work today by promising them more food.

You may also recall that we already had a stand which worked very similar to Sex Pistols, which was The Emperor wielded by Hol Horse in Stardust Crusaders. The key difference between the two is that The Emperor simply steered the bullets while Sex Pistols ricochets them.

I’ve heard before that Hol Horse was originally supposed to be one of the Stardust Crusaders Jo-Bros, so perhaps Mista’s stand is supposed to be a reference to him.

A New Enemy Appears

Once Sex Pistols have been fed, Giorno and Mista begin their plan to lure out and take down the enemy waiting for them on Capri. Mista will hide out next to the radio post while Giorno calls it from the yacht’s radio. He’ll then give the name of the yacht as well as the stand user they defeated on it, and wait to see who comes to answer the call.

However, nobody comes to answer it. Or so they thought. Someone suddenly responds to Giorno over the radio and he realizes that they must have gotten inside through a back door which he and Mista couldn’t see. He then manages to let Mista know their enemy is already inside the post, and he moves in to take him down.

The enemy closes the window blinds, but Mista fires through it and hits him in the leg thanks to Sex Pistols. But, despite being shot in the leg, the enemy manages to escape out the back door from which he entered. He then gets into a truck and begins to drive off.

This leaves Mista with the choice of either waiting for Giorno and possibly losing their enemy, or jumping onto the truck and leaving Giorno behind. He chooses the latter and the episode ends with him face to face with the enemy, a bang ringing out as we change to a shot of Giorno.

When we see this enemy who was waiting on Capri, he appears to be the same one we saw earlier in the series telling the other Passione member about Polpo’s secret treasure stash. Back then he seemed to be afraid of Buccellati and his team, and that doesn’t seem to have changed.

The fact that he also attempted to flee rather than fight, and the look of terror on his face when Mista jumped onto his truck, make me think that he actually isn’t a stand user as the Jo-Bros have assumed. If he does turn out to be a stand user, my guess is that it’s something that can’t be used offensively.

However, Mista assumes that he has a close-range, offensive stand and is therefore wary of getting too close to him. Remember, Mista’s stand it perfect for mid-range combat, so keeping at a distance is his best bet if his opponent’s stand is a close-range type.

He also assumes that this enemy doesn’t have an autonomous stand because otherwise he would have been attacked by it already. It’s interesting to see Jo-Bros who actually have a decent knowledge of various types of stands and how to use them from the start of the series.


Based on my assumption that this new enemy isn’t actually a stand user, I don’t think the Jo-Bros are going to have to fight against him in the next episode. Rather, I think that he has another accomplice somewhere on the island who’s a stand user and he was attempting to regroup with him when he fled.

Stand users are typically the kinds of people who either see their stands as unstoppable, or understand that they need to be wary of other stand users. This guy seems to be terrified of stands instead, which is really why I don’t think he’s going to put up any sort of fight.

But, while I don’t think he has a stand, the reason I believe he has another accomplice with a stand is because otherwise Sex Pistols wouldn’t really get to shine. Remember, this is only part 1 of Sex Pistols Appears, which implies that stand is going to play an important role in the next episode as well.

What do you think is going to happen in the next episode? And what did you think of this episode? Going into this part of JoJo’s, I was most interested in seeing Mista’s stand, and so far his mini arc hasn’t disappointed me.

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