Kakushigoto Episode 11

Kakushigoto Episode 11

The Last Chapter Doesn’t Bother Her

I thought Kakushigoto episode 11 was going to set up the end of the series, but that isn’t what happened. It looked like the episode was taking us in that direction, but then in the end everything went back to normal for Kakushi both at work and in his relationship with Hime.

Hime’s relationship with her father is something I want to touch on before moving forward with the episode review. We know they have a good relationship when Hime is a child, but from the present day scenes we’ve been shown, the two appear to be distant — if we’re still assuming Kakushi is alive.

Why would their relationship have soured? I don’t think Kakushi would begin neglecting Hime just because he’s no longer creating manga. There must be more to it — perhaps regarding his wife’s death.

Kakushi and the editor-in-chief from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi and the editor-in-chief

At first, the episode title appeared to be hinting at something going on with their relationship. I figured that we might see Hime reading the final chapter of Tights in the Wind as an 18-year-old at the end of the episode. Perhaps it would have shown her liking the manga and questioning why her father stopped making it.

But that wasn’t the case. Even after watching the entire episode, I’m still not quite sure what the title is referring to.

The closest thing I can think of (that was actually shown in the episode) would be the “her” referring to either Rasuna or Ami not minding that Tights in the Wind was supposedly ending. However, even that doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons. I still think it was supposed to be referring to Hime in some way, but I’m not sure how.

Tights in the Wind is Ending

As I’ve already alluded to, the episode almost made me think Tights in the Wind really was winding down. We know that Kakushi stopped creating manga once his fans learned of his tragic past, but we haven’t yet been told whether or not that’s the reason he stopped the Tights series specifically.

From what I was seeing, it looked like Tights was going to come to an end due to the misunderstanding between Kakushi, Tomaruin, and the editor-in-chief. Then, before Kakushi could start up his next series, the news would come out and he would opt not to return as a mangaka.

But, no. Tights in the Wind wasn’t canceled after all, and it actually saw an increase in popularity thanks to Kakushi’s extra effort when he thought it was coming to a close.

Kakushi working on Tights in the Wind from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi working on Tights in the Wind

What if Tights really did end here, though? What would have happened to Kakushi’s employees? We can skip over Kakeru because we never actually got to hear what he planned to do after the series ended. But the other three all had plans.

Rasuna said she was going to travel to Europe and also go back to school to get a few more credits for graduation. Ami and Aogu, on the other hand, both mentioned that they have personal projects they’ve wanted to work on for a while now. So, how have their plans worked out from what we’ve seen of the present?

Rasuna may be taking university classes, but from what we’ve seen, she’s definitely not in Europe. As for Aogu, he’s now working at a bookstore, so we can assume his personal project didn’t take off. And as for Ami, we’ve seen here, but there’s been no indication of how her project is going.

Happy Birthday, Hime

Hime’s 11th birthday has come and gone — and something to note is that she never opened one of the age-marked boxes hidden away in the closet. I believe I mentioned this in one of the earlier episode reviews, but it doesn’t seem like she’s ever actually opened one of those boxes on her birthday.

As she said when we saw her open up some of the boxes earlier on, she only opened up to the box marked “10” because she was 10 years old at the time. She wouldn’t have had any to open if she had actually been given them on her birthday each year.

Why doesn’t Kakushi give these boxes to Hime? We still haven’t been given a reason for this — even after Kakushi decides to make more boxes for her for the future.

Hime's 11th birthday picture from the anime series Kakushigoto
Hime’s 11th birthday picture

Also with the passing of Hime’s birthday, almost every “plotline” that was set up throughout the series has concluded. Obviously we haven’t seen the end of Kakushi’s career as a mangaka yet, but we know that should be coming in the final episode.

The one thing I can think of that hasn’t happened yet is that Hime hasn’t seen her grandfather. Based on the next episode preview, I think we may be getting this in the final episode. There was a line Hime said about possibly being the product of an affair, and perhaps this is something she misunderstands after meeting her grandfather.

Though, I’m pretty sure that was the voice of 17/18-year-old Hime who said that line. So it was probably in reference to whatever Kakushi’s secret is (being a mangaka).


What did you think of Kakushigoto episode 11? And what do you think is going to happen in the final episode? Now that we’ve passed Hime’s 11th birthday, is the entire episode going to be in the present timeline? Or do you think Kakushi’s mangaka career came to an end while she was still a child? Let me know in the comments.

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