Kakushigoto Episode 3

Kakushigoto Episode 3

Makeshift Circus / The True State of Manga and Muscles

I still enjoy Kakushigoto, but episode 3 is an example of why I was worried about adding this series to my weekly episode review schedule. There’s just not all that much to talk about in regards to this series each week. But even with that being the case, I still think Kakushigoto is the best anime of the season.

So last week I mentioned that Hime found extra boxes for her birthdays in her father’s studio when she turned 18. That’s apparently not correct. It’s not his studio, but actually their old house. So that should mean that Kakushi is actually alive at that point — contrary to what I thought may be the case.

What happened is that when Kakushi and Hime moved, Kakushi had their new house built exactly like the previous one. We can assume he did this so that Hime wouldn’t be traumatized by moving out of her mother’s house.

Kakushi Gotou from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi Gotou

This whole thing with Kakushi having two identical houses made me think about a lot of things. My first question was, why did they move in the first place? Can’t Kakushi technically work from wherever? But the answer to that question is actually pretty simple: he’s more successful now so they moved to a nicer area.

We can infer this from the fact that all the other houses in this neighborhood are much nicer than theirs, which as stated, is built to look like their old house.

But the whole thing about the move possibly traumatizing Hime still doesn’t exactly make sense. Of course, this was never said to be the case, but that’s the impression I got. However, I also get the impression Hime never knew her mother, so would the move really have been that big of a deal?

Maybe Kakushi had his new house built just like his old one for his sake, not Hime’s.

Sports Festival

There’s just one downside to my theory about Kakushi building his current home like his old one for his own sake — everything he does is for Hime. In this episode, his devotion to his daughter is most exemplified through his dedication to exercising before her school sports festival.

Of course, it’s the students who compete, not the parents, but Kakushi is worried that he somehow might get called in to participate as well. But he’s not exercising because he’s worried that if that were to happen he would embarrass Hime. No, instead he’s worried that if he’s out of shape everyone — Hime included — will figure out he’s a mangaka.

This sort of outlandish line of reasoning is nothing new for Kakushi, but it does illustrate my point about him doing everything for his daughter, not himself.

Kakushi Gotou worn out from exercising from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi Gotou worn out from exercising

After Kakushi gives up on his exercise, he decides to do everything else he can to make Hime’s sports festival a success. That includes things like making her lunch — which he has to be taught how to do — and buying her flowers, because why not?

But the unintended consequence of this is that he also made all the women he asked for help think that he was asking them out. So when he shows up to the sports festival, so do all the women who think he wants them to be Hime’s stepmom.

Also, I’m not actually sure which of the three women I would choose if I was Kakushi. I mean, he’s not viewing any of them in a romantic way, but if he was, and if I were him, then maybe the flower shop girl. The teacher is also a good pick.

High School Idol

But even though I think I’d pick the flower shop girl over the other two women Kakushi “asks out,” the dark horse is Naru Senda, the wannabe high school Idol. Like the other women, it’s clear that Kakushi has no interest in her and is only using her — for his work this time, not Hime.

However, it seems that Naru developed a crush on Kakushi, so I think we’ll be seeing more of her later on in the series. I don’t see her being a main character, but she’ll probably fulfill the same role as her romantic rivals. It would be cool if she joined Kakushi’s company as an assistant, but I don’t see it happening.

Naru Senda from the anime series Kakushigoto
Naru Senda

Naru aside, can we just talk for a moment about how Hime took some random girl singing in the park and invited her into her home while there were no adults around? Sure, a high school girl who wants to be an idol probably isn’t a threat to Hime. But based on the story we’re told about their meeting, Hime probably needs to learn what stranger danger is.

I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised though considering Hime continues to show us that there’s really nothing going on in her head most of the time. She has a weird dynamic going on. On one hand she’s definitely the most mature of her friends, but on the other, her head is completely empty.

I can see why Kakushi does everything for his daughter. I would also do anything for Hime.


What do you think of Kakushigoto episode 3? Why do you think Kakushi built his new house to be exactly like his old house despite moving into a nicer neighborhood and being able to afford a bigger house? Was it for Hime? Or was it perhaps for himself? And which of the three main women do you think should become Hime’s stepmom? Let me know in the comments.

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