Kakushigoto Episode 6

Kakushigoto Episode 6

School Rucksack

Have I mentioned that the OP for Kakushigoto is great? Normally I’d make some statement about how it’s the best OP of the season, but between you and me, the only seasonal anime I’m actually caught up on right now are the few I’m reviewing weekly. So there are probably better OPs out there I haven’t seen.

The OP aside, episode 6 starts off with Hime receiving a backpack from an unknown person. We’re initially led to believe that she has a stalker of some sort, but later on, it’s revealed that it’s actually just her grandfather on her mother’s side. But despite this mundane twist, it brings up a few questions.

For starters, it doesn’t seem like Hime has any real relationship with her grandfather. It’s possible that she knows him, but I think Hime would be the type of girl to ask to see him if that were the case — and this isn’t something she does. So why doesn’t Hime know her grandfather even though he clearly cares about her?

Hime wearing a new backpack from the anime series Kakushigoto
Hime wearing a new backpack

We don’t have a concrete answer, but it seems to have to do with a rift between Kakushi and the grandfather. The grandfather makes it clear that he never approved of his daughter marrying Kakushi, so that’s one possible explanation.

But this information seemed to come as a surprise to Kakushi, implying that there’s another reason the two don’t get along. It really doesn’t seem like the grandfather is the one who wants to stay away from Hime, so Kakushi must have set that boundary.

My main question now is, was this boundary set before or after Hime’s mother died? Perhaps she was the one who set it.


Did you know that Kidzania is a real place? I didn’t until I looked it up after watching the episode. I thought this was supposed to be a gag amusement park, but no, apparently it’s a real thing. It’s a fun center where kids get to go and try out a variety of different professions.

I have to say that I don’t really get the point of Kidzania though. Of course, it’s great because it allowed us to see Hime in a variety of different outfits. But I mean I don’t really see the practical point of Kidzania as a real place. It’s not like these kids are really going to get an idea of what these professions are like.

And before anyone says that the point is for kids to have fun pretending to do their dream jobs, I get that. But kids already do that at home. Do you really think pretending to be a police officer at Kidzania is going to be any different from wearing a costume at home? What police officer jobs could they possibly do here, paperwork?

Hime dressed as a police officer from the anime series Kakushigoto
Hime dressed as a police officer

I doubt they’re setting up a car chase an arrest for the kids to participate in within this fun center, which means it’s nothing more than playing dress-up and performing mundane tasks.

And that’s also shown by the other jobs Hime says she got to try throughout her day. Sure, the police officer one could be exciting, but the others were a delivery person, fast food worker, and cafe waitress. I’d understand more if it had more exciting jobs, probably in STEM fields, like an astronaut.

That would be more fun and encourage learning to a greater extent. But hey, I guess Hime had a good time. That’s all that matters.

Slice of Life

Every episode we get a little bit more of the scene which I guess is supposed to be the “final” scene of the series. I’ve discussed this multiple times in previous episode reviews, specifically the question regarding where Kakushi is and whether he’s even alive at this point.

It definitely still seems like Kakushi is dead by the time Hime is 17/18, but I think that may be a bit too dark for this series. This is a comedy, not a drama. So while it can have some drama elements, I don’t think we’re going to get a depressing ending in which Hime is all alone.

But continuing on with the idea that there’s going to be drama in this series, this closing scene was proof of that. We got to see what was inside of Hime’s 17th birthday box, and it did not disappoint.

Hime and Kakushi heading to Kidzania from the anime series Kakushigoto
Hime and Kakushi heading to Kidzania

You may recall I assumed the gifts in these boxes from Kakushi would be hand-made by him based on hints we received earlier on in the series. While I was right about that so far, I wasn’t expecting the exact gift that he would be hand-making. Though there are still three more boxes to be opened.

I think in one of the early episodes Kakushi learns how to knit, or sew, or something so that he could make clothes for Hime. Based on that, I assumed she would be getting handmade crafts of some sort. But as it turns out, he drew her a manga for her 17th birthday instead.

This present seems to have two functions. First, it could be Kakushi’s way of revealing his profession to his daughter — although as we find out, it’s not an ecchi manga like he normally draws. That leads into the second function, which is that this manga is a story of how Kakushi (and Hime) wish their life could have been.

It’s a simple, mundane, slice of life manga about a father, a mother, and their daughter living together.


What did you think of Kakushigoto episode 6? Why do you think Hime’s grandfather is estranged? Also, do you think Kidzania sounds like somewhere you would have had fun as a 10-year-old? And, what are your predictions for the end of the series? Let me know in the comments.

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