Koihime†Musou Cover Art featuring way too many characters
Koihime†Musou Cover Art


Koihime†Musou is a bad anime. I just wanted to get that out of the way upfront. It’s an ecchi, yuri anime about “historical” China probably since it appears to be during the three kingdoms period.

There are three seasons total, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch any further past the first one. I can only assume that it gets worse as it goes contrary to what other reviews I have seen state.

The anime follows a traveling warrior, Kan’u. During her travels, she picks up some allies who don’t actually stick around for very long other than the two who are children. Basically, she becomes a traveling babysitter while her other allies get out while they still can.

While Kan’u is doing her thing traveling around, there is also a war going on between at least three different kingdoms. For some reason, it’s pretty easy to cross the borders between these regions though and nothing important really comes from the war as far as the anime is concerned.


As I mentioned, Kan’u is the protagonist of the series. She has black hair and carries a spear like just about every other one of the main group. Other than the color of her hair which is commented on frequently, she’s not really that special.

The first member to join her on her travels is Chouhi, or Rinrin, as she prefers to be called. She’s a kid who Kan’u found making a scene in a village and so she decided to take her on her travels so she would stop tormenting the townspeople.

Like Kan’u, Rinrin also uses a spear to fight and has immense strength for her size, even being able to overpower adults. She is also extremely hyper and overconfident in her abilities.

There’s another member of the group, Chouun, who also uses a spear, but other than that I don’t really remember anything special about her so we’ll leave her at that.

The last person I’ll mention is Bachou, yet another traveling warrior who uses a spear. I think Bachou was my favorite character because she seemed to be the most competent and she gave off a Sailor Jupiter vibe from Sailor Moon. Her hair color and style as well as her green color scheme are really all she has in common with her though.


There are actually even more “main” characters than those ones I mentioned above, but they’re no more or less important so I figured it would be a waste of time to talk about them just as vaguely.

Instead, all you need to know about the characters of this anime is that there are way too many of them. They tried to make every character matter, but when you have that many characters in such a short amount of episodes they all start to blend together.

In the end, I gave this anime a 3/10, but I’m seriously considering dropping it down to a 2. Either way, it’s a bad anime and you shouldn’t waste your time watching it even though reviews of the later seasons say it actually gets better. You may have also noticed that there’s no gif for this post and that’s because the anime was so bad I couldn’t find an acceptable one to use.

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