Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan Cover Art featuring the attendants of Konohanatei
Konohana Kitan Cover Art


Konohana Kitan is the most recent anime I have finished as it just ended on Wednesday, December 20th.  The series is 12 episodes long and follows a fox girl named Yuzu as she works at an inn for various spirits.

As you may be able to tell by the description above, this is a fairly slow-paced slice of life series.  It also tends to be episodic which means the pace never really picks up as the series progresses.

The main problem I have with episodic shows like this one are that they become predictable.  You know that each episode there is going to be some sort of conflict, usually something trivial in a slice of life, and it’s going to be resolved by the end of the episode.

Unlike series which have a long plot, episodic series tend not to have much that is unexpected.  There isn’t much room for plot twists or large developments simply due to the structure of the series.


The characters in Konohana Kitan are all fairly standard.  There are the basic character types, tsundere being one example, but not much else is going on as far as that’s concerned.

Opposite character types are often paired up together in the show with pairs consisting of Yuzu and Satsuki, Ren and Natsume, and Kiri and Sakura.

Yuzu, the adolescent klutz, is the newest attendant at Konohanatei.  Her paired character, Satsuki, is her opposite in that she is a workaholic who takes everything very seriously.  Ren is the “girly girl” tsundere character and she is paired with Natsume who is a tomboy.  Finally, Kiri is the head attendant and the oldest of the main six characters.  She is paired with Sakura, the youngest of the group.

Yuzu (left) and Sakura (right) from the anime Konohana Kitan
Yuzu (left) and Sakura (right)


Konohana Kitan is a slightly above average anime.  There isn’t much excitement, but the character designs and the art is nice.  I ended up giving it a 6/10, but that could be reduced to a 5 as well.

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