KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 5 Review

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 5 Review

Eris Recruits Kazuma to the Cause

So, the battle against the Demon King’s army didn’t exactly go as planned for Kazuma. Aqua got to show off her resurrection magic. Megumin got to show off her explosion magic. And, Darkness got to show off her ability to tank damage.

Kazuma, on the other hand, got killed by a hoard of kobolds, leading to the funniest part of the episode. The roughly 30 seconds of awkward silence when Kazuma found himself sitting before Eris was hilarious. Sometimes, scenes like this can feel too long. But, I thought this one nailed it.

Then, after the silence, we find out that Eris has been watching Kazuma’s exploits closely. She knows that he sexually harassed one of her followers (Chris). And, she knows that he has Princess Iris treating him like her older brother. What other things does she know?

Eris starting to cry from embarrassment from the anime series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 5
Eris starting to cry from embarrassment

Luckily for Kazuma, Eris changes the subject before too long. You see, she has an important task for him. She needs him to collect the Divine Treasures that have gone missing. And, if you’ve been paying attention, this isn’t the first time someone’s asked Kazuma for help with this.

Chris asked him the same thing, claiming that she had been hired by someone whose identity she couldn’t reveal. Well, it looks like we now know who Chris’s employer is. But, does this mean that Chris knows Eris? Is Chris another person who was reincarnated into this world? Or, has she died and met Eris before?

I don’t think either of those things is the case. Instead, I’m guessing Eris gave Chris this task via divine revelation. We know Chris is a follower of Eris. So, it’s not too far-fetched to think Eris would rely on her followers. After all, what else are these followers for?

Body-Swapping Divine Treasure

It doesn’t take long for Kazuma to come across his first divine treasure since receiving his mission from Eris. Chris was right when she said that there was a Divine Treasure within the castle. It’s not only in the castle but in Iris’s possession.

Megumin notices that the necklace Iris is wearing is a powerful magic item. And, when Iris takes it off, Kazuma notices that there’s Japanese writing on the back. This writing has to do with two people becoming each other, thus telling us exactly which Divine Treasure this is.

The Divine Treasure Iris has is one that temporarily swaps the bodies of two people. Since Kazuma read the inscription aloud and since Iris was holding the item, their bodies were swapped. But, this isn’t how I thought things were going to go. I thought Megumin and Iris would get swapped.

Megumin inspecting (the magic item on) Iris's chest from the anime series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 5
Megumin inspecting (the magic item on) Iris’s chest

Now, if those two were swapped, we would have missed out on some great content. For example, we wouldn’t have gotten the bath scene with Iris (Kazuma), Darkness, and Claire. But, we may have gotten some other funny scenes.

For example, how would Aqua and Darkness react when “Megumin” begins calling Kazuma onii-sama? And, of course, there probably would have been some comment made about how Megumin didn’t notice any change at first because she’s still flat.

Despite what we got not being what I expected, I’m happy with it. I wish the bath scene had gone on a bit longer. And, I wish we got to see more of what Megumin and “Kazuma” were up to outside of the castle. But, it was still a good episode.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be any future body-swapping shenanigans. Eris will likely take the Divine Treasure from Kazuma.

Which Divine Treasure Is the Best?

After using the body-swapping Divine Treasure, Kazuma said he could understand why someone chose it. But, which of the five Divine Treasures we know of is the best? And, also, what are the five Divine Treasures we know of?

Let’s go over the Divine Treasures first. We know there’s a cursed sword that Mitsurugi reincarnated with. There’s a mallet that creates infinite money, a body-swapping necklace, and an item that summons a random monster. And, there’s a useless water goddess named Aqua. Kazuma chose Aqua as his item to reincarnate with, so she counts.

So, the cursed sword is definitely a good pick if you want to be a strong warrior. But, it’s not very good outside of that context. Similarly, the monster-summoning item seems pretty niche. It’s a random monster and you have to perform a sacrifice to be able to control it.

"Iris" watching Darkness get undressed from the anime series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 5
“Iris” watching Darkness get undressed

What about the body-swapping necklace? Despite what Kazuma says about it, I don’t think this is very good. It’s only a temporary swap and, importantly, it’s a swap. So, sure, you can use someone else’s body. But, that means they can use yours, too.

It’s very risky to use this item to swap bodies with someone you don’t trust. They could harm your body, get you thrown in jail, ruin your relationships, and more. If you got to take over someone’s body with no drawback, it would be a good item.

What about the last two? Aqua is actually a good pick. Yes, she’s dumb and often useless. But, at least you get a cute girl to spend time with. And, she can be useful at times. As for the infinite money glitch, that’s the clear winner. You can do so much with infinite money.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of KonoSuba 3 Episode 5? How do you think Eris recruited Chris to collect the Divine Treasures? Whose bodies were you expecting to get swapped by the Divine Treasure? And, which of the Divine Treasures that we know about would you choose to be reincarnated with?

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