KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 9 Review

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 9 Review

Dust’s Risqué Photo Shoot

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 9 was more sexual than I was expecting. There are a lot of sexual jokes throughout the series. But I felt like this episode took things to the next level. And the first way it did this was with Dust.

Dust is one of the new characters — at least I think he’s a new character — introduced this season. He might have been a background character before. But, he’s been a fairly important supporting character in this season.

From what I understand, Dust is part of a two-person party with Rin, a female adventurer. As you might expect, Dust has a crush on Rin. So, when he sees that Rin has been meeting up with a noble, he’s “concerned.” He doesn’t seem to be all that concerned about Rin’s safety. But he’s concerned that Rin might sleep with the man.

Dust modeling lingerie from the anime series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 9
Dust modeling lingerie

How does this turn out? Dust recruits Kazuma to help him get to the bottom of what Rin’s doing with this noble. And the two of them mistakenly believe the noble wants lewd photographs of Rin. So, they use the noble’s magic camera to take lewd pictures of Dust instead.

It turns out, Rin wasn’t the one the noble was interested in. He’s actually interested in Dust and was trying to get Rin to set him up with Dust. So, Dust and Kazuma’s plan doesn’t work out. Or, maybe it does.

The next time we see Dust, it could turn out that he enjoyed the alone time he spent with the noble. I’m not going to judge him. But regardless how how he felt about it, I’m really hoping we get to see Dust again before the end of the season. How has this affected him?

Aqua’s More Useful Than I Thought

Okay, so, as we saw at the end of Episode 8, Darkness left the mansion she lived at with Kazuma, Aqua, and Megumin. She didn’t tell them why, but she returned back home to her father.

Of course, it seemed pretty obvious that the reason why was so she could get married off to some noble. I correctly predicted that part. However, I was wrong about why she was marrying a noble. It’s not that her father found a suitor for her. Instead, this is something she was doing on her own to pay off her family’s debts.

For now, that doesn’t matter, though. I’ll talk about it more when it comes up again in a future episode, which I’m sure it will. What matters right now is that Kazuma snuck into Darkness’s family mansion with the help of some of Aqua’s magic.

Aqua buffing Kazuma with magic from the anime series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 9
Aqua buffing Kazuma with magic

Throughout the series, there have been two main ways Aqua has used her magic. She’s a water goddess, so she can purify water and create floods. And she can also use healing and resurrection magic, which she often does after battles. She’s resurrected Kazuma multiple times.

What I didn’t realize, or maybe forgot, is that she can use a variety of other magic, as well. Before Kazuma goes into the mansion, Aqua gives him four magic buffs: Powered, Speed Gain, Resist Magic, and Versatile Entertainer. That last one turned out to be the most useful.

Something I liked about the Versatile Entertainer buff is that it references Aqua’s status as a goddess of parlor tricks. Way back in Season 1, Aqua asked Kazuma what kind of goddess he thought she was, and that was his answer. This is because she kept using her skill points on parlor trick skills.

Lalatina’s Late Night Activities

The most sexual part of the episode came once Kazuma made it into Darkness’s bedroom within the mansion. While mimicking her voice, Kazuma gets the guards to go away by describing the things Darkness is allegedly doing in the room.

He talks about her “playing,” and asks the guards if he needs to spell out what that means in the context of a woman alone in her room at night. He also mentions magic “toys” that were responsible for the noises he (as Darkness) was making.

Sure, there have been previous episodes that showed more sexual content, such as any involving the girls in the bath. And there have been episodes with more sexual scenarios, such as when Kazuma and Darkness bathed together. But I’d say that this specific content in Episode 9 was the most provocative of all.

Darkness coming on to Kazuma from the anime series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 Episode 9
Darkness coming on to Kazuma

What makes it even more sexual is that the things Kazuma’s saying don’t appear to be completely made up. Darkness freaks out when Kazuma says he knows she’s “Overcome with her physical longings on a daily basis and spend[s] every night…”

He didn’t get to finish that sentence because Darkness opened her door for him at that point. But the implication was that she was very embarrassed by the fact that Kazuma knew that about her.

This episode didn’t rely on sexual tension to be provocative as previous episodes have. This time, we know Darkness has actually done things and that she must have been loud enough while doing them for Kazuma to hear.

With that in mind, how much of what Kazuma said to the guards to get them to go away was true? Did he make up the stuff about the magic toys? Or, does he know Darkness actually has some?

Final Thoughts

What do you think of KonoSuba 3 Episode 9? Do you think we’ll get to hear from Dust about his time with the noble later in this season? Is Aqua actually the goddess of parlor tricks and not water? And how much of what Kazuma said about Darkness’s “activities” do you think is true?

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