KonoSuba OVA 2

KonoSuba OVA 2

KonoSuba OVA 2 anime cover art featuring Megumin
KonoSuba OVA 2 Cover Art


On Wednesday I reviewed the first KonoSuba OVA, and today it’s time to review the second. Unfortunately, this OVA isn’t as good as the first, but if you enjoyed the KonoSuba series, then you should still enjoy this. It’s basically just more of the main characters doing stupid things.

Once again, Kazuma is at the center of the rest of the gang’s misfortune. Ever since he and his party have become famous due to “defeating” three of the Demon King’s generals, he’s been bragging and showing off around the guild hall. Because of this, a variety of quests have come in asking for him specifically.

Normally Kazuma would be the kind of person to decline such ridiculous quests in favor of a life of leisure, but his pride seems to be getting the better of him because he can’t decline a quest if someone is watching (especially a fan of his). This is where the trouble comes in for the rest of the party.

The first quest Kazuma accepts is to defeat a golem hiding within some ruins. After convincing Darkness and Megumin to join him, he steals Aqua‘s staff in order to force her to come along as well. When they arrive, he discovers that the golem is actually a giant Japanese mech.

Darkness distracts the mech in the only way she knows how, and Megumin gives it a good ol’ blast of explosion magic, but not after making Aqua agree to build her something even cooler than the mech in return for destroying it. While the gang is celebrating their victory, the collapsed mech self-destructs, catching them all in the explosion.

Megumin and Chomusuke from the second KonoSuba anime OVA
Megumin and Chomusuke

The next quest Kazuma accepts is to go back to the same ruins where the mech was and explore it. Surprisingly, this seems like a fairly simple quest (it is) and Kazuma and his party can even keep whatever treasure they find within. The mention of treasure is all it takes to convince Aqua to help out this time.

Within the ruins they find a variety of modern Japanese appliances and toys, which only Kazuma, and probably Aqua, recognize. In one of the inner chambers they also find a diary left behind by the creator of the ruins, a Japanese man who was sent to this world much like Kazuma.

This unnamed man was reborn with the divine power to create anything he could imagine, and unsurprisingly, he was the one who created the giant mech guarding the ruins. It turns out that he had been researching how to create a beautiful female mech, but had failed many times over the years.

It’s also revealed that this is the same inventor who created the giant walking destroyer the gang had to take down in order to save the city. You know, the guy who wrote another diary entry mentioning how he was stuck on the destroyer because he didn’t invent a way to stop it.

Anyway, he apparently succeeded in creating his beautiful female mech, but it’s a sadist who uses whips and other BDSM “devices” on its master. The gang finds and activates the mech, and Kazuma declares himself its master, which is how we learn of the mech’s affinity for sadism.

Supporting Characters

In my review of the KonoSuba series I covered the four main characters, Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness, and in my review of the first OVA I covered the supporting characters Yunyun, Wiz, and Eris. This time around I’ll be covering some of the supporting characters who appear in this OVA.

The new character, specific to this OVA, is Ran. She introduces herself to Kazuma as one of his fans after she heard about his exploits as a veteran adventurer. Ran explains that she’s a novice adventurer about the same age as Kazuma and that she wants to be like him one day.

It’s because of Ran’s presence that Kazuma accepts the unreasonable requests that he does throughout this episode. He doesn’t want to look like a loser in front of his first fan, after all. However, it turns out that Ran was actually hired by the adventurers guild itself to pretend to be Kazuma’s fan as a way to motivate him.

The guild recognizes that although Kazuma’s party is made up of a bunch of troublemakers, they do actually get results when needed. Because of this, the guild needed some way to motivate Kazuma to keep accepting requests that were too difficult for other parties, and Ran was the answer.

Ran from the second KonoSuba anime OVA

Luna is the official quest-giver in the guildhall and as such appears to be the one who gave Ran the quest to motivate Kazuma by pretending to be his fan. It’s from a conversation between Luna and Ran that we learn the details of Ran’s quest.

Other than doing her normal duties as an official quest-giver, Luna doesn’t play any special role within this OVA.

The third supporting character is Kyouya Mitsurugi, a veteran adventurer who, like Kazuma, is a Japanese citizen who was reincarnated into the fantasy world in order to defeat the Demon King. He was reincarnated with the cursed sword, Gram, which only he can wield.

Kyouya is essentially the white knight protagonist that you would expect to find in an isekai anime, but instead we get Kazuma, and I’m so glad that’s the case. In this OVA, Kyouya isn’t tailed by his two female party members like he is in the series.

As a bonus, Chomusuke made an appearance in this OVA as well. Chomusuke is Megumin’s pet demonic cat.


While the series is a 9/10 and the first OVA is a 10/10, this second OVA is only a 7/10. Unfortunately, while I found it to be entertaining, it simply wasn’t as funny or engaging as the rest of the series’ content. But, as I stated at the beginning of this review, it’s still more KonoSuba.

The OP for the second OVA is the same as the second season of the series and can be viewed here.

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