Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia anime poster featuring the main characters
Little Witch Academia Poster


While I already have a post about the Little Witch Academia movies, this post is specifically about the first season of the series.

Little Witch Academia is about an academy for training witches (if you couldn’t tell from the title). Most of the students who attend the academy come from magical families; However, one girl, Akko, comes from a regular family, but dreams of being a witch who makes people smile.

Ever since seeing a performance by the witch Shiny Chariot, Akko has dreamt of being a witch just like her. At the academy, however, Akko learns that many in the magical community look down on Chariot and think she turned magic into a joke with her performances.

Despite constant failures and insults from her various classmates, Akko is determined to become a witch like Chariot and prove to the world that magic is something exciting that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Although I already went over the three main characters when I reviewed the movies, I’ll go over them again here.

Akko is the protagonist who doesn’t come from a magical family. She constantly fails at using magic, but never gives up on her dream of becoming a witch. As I mentioned in yesterday’s review of Love Live!, she’s fairly similar to Honoka.

Lotte is the bookworm of the group. Out of the three main characters, she’s the one who causes the least trouble, but she’ll do anything to get her hands on a new book from her favorite series. Her magic specialty involves talking to spirits inhabiting old objects.

Sucy is the third of the main trio. Her sole reason for being at the academy is to learn about and collect samples of various poisonous mushrooms that she uses to make potions. She tends to use Akko as a test subject while she sleeps.

Professor Ursula is the main role model for the girls at the academy as she’s the youngest professor. Specifically, she’s Akko’s guidance counselor and is in charge of giving Akko special lessons so she doesn’t fail out of the academy. As it turns out, she’s also the witch known as Shiny Chariot, although this is unknown to the students.

Diana is the star student of the academy who frequently fixes Akko’s mistakes. She comes from a very old and impressive magical family which is why she has such extraordinary natural ability. Diana is also frequently followed around by two other girls who act as her henchmen.

Another trio at the academy is Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka. Amanda is the sporty girl who often gets in arguments with Akko about which of them is more of a failure, Constanze is an inventor who creates various magical devices, and Jasminka just eats a lot. She’s basically ChoCho from Boruto.

Akko and Professor Ursula from the Little Witch Academia anime series
Akko and Professor Ursula


By the end of the first season, I decided that it’s a 6/10 which is better than I would have rated it at the start. Originally the anime was fairly episodic, and it still is for the most part by the end of the first season. However, eventually is the introduction to an overarching plot and that’s why the series got better for me.

I’m hoping that season two ends up being even better than the first because I really like Trigger’s art and animation so I want the series to be good. Unfortunately, the only two characters I really enjoy are Akko and Professor Ursula.

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