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Log Horizon

Log Horizon anime cover art featuring Shiroe and other characters
Log Horizon Cover Art


Log Horizon is another anime about some online game players who get trapped inside the game they were playing; think Sword Art Online or Overlord. So that’s something that’s already counting against this anime since this genre isn’t exactly known for being good.

Unlike in SAO, it appears that if a player dies in the game that doesn’t mean they die in real life. However, that’s not to say that dying in the game is a good thing, rather it’s something that should be avoided when possible and this is explored more in the second season.

Speaking of the second season, yes, there are two seasons of this anime and each is 25 episodes if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately, the second season was worse than the first one, so don’t get your hopes up. While the first season follows our main cast, the second season mainly follows a group of children who are pretty boring.

For the characters section, we won’t discuss those kids because of how non-important they are.


Shiroe is the protagonist of Log Horizon. He’s a max-level Enchanter and the founder of the Log Horizon guild. Shiroe is also the founder of a league of guild masters in the Akihabara region. Through his leadership, the Akihabara region becomes one of the most peaceful and successful following the “Apocalypse.”

Akatsuki is an Assassin who is another of the founding members of Log Horizon. She knew Shiroe before the Apocalypse but was playing the game as a male character at the time. Akatsuki is also really into role-playing apparently.

Next is Naotsugu, a Guardian and Shiroe’s friend from before the Apocalypse. Because of his class, he is basically a wall for the group, distracting enemies from the other party members and tanking damage as his teammates damage the enemies.

The final character I’ll mention is Nyanta. As you might guess from his name, he’s a cat-person. Like Naotsugu, he was a former friend and party member of Shiroe. His class is Swashbuckler and he uses dual swords when fighting. He also acts as a mentor to the secondary group of children who take over the spotlight in season two.

The Assassin Akatsuki using an attack from the Log Horizon anime


If I had to give a rating to both seasons as a whole then I would rate Log Horizon a 5/10, but individually season one is probably a 5, and season two is a 4.

The first season sets up the world and involves more interesting characters, but it didn’t really do anything to set itself apart from other MMO-style Isekai anime. Season two, on the other hand, tries to explain more about what makes this world different from other similar anime, but it mainly follows characters who nobody cares about.

If Isekai (another world) anime are your thing, then maybe Log Horizon is for you, but for the most part, I would only suggest watching the first season. However, the OP song is probably the most well-known part of this anime so if anything you should probably watch the OP linked below. The song was so popular, in fact, that they used it for the second season as well.

My review of the third season, Destruction of the Round Table, is available now.

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