Love To-LIE-Angle

Love To-LIE-Angle

Love To-LIE-Angle anime cover art featuring the main characters
Love To-LIE-Angle Cover Art


Love To-LIE-Angle is short with episodes about three minutes in length. That said, there isn’t really too much plot for most of the series, although the final three or so episodes were actually connected more than I originally expected.

It’s a yuri, fan service short so although there was a plot at the end, you should mainly expect “plot” instead, if you know what I mean. What little plot there is follows a girl named Hanabi as she adjusts to living in a dorm with five (originally four) other girls.

Based on the content of the series, there’s likely an uncensored version, but that’s not what was on Crunchyroll so that’s not what I saw (unlike with Haganai).


Hanabi is the protagonist of the series and the original “new girl” to the Tachibanakan dorm. She has short, black hair and is generally shy around the other girls because she’s simply not used to living with them yet.

Konomi is Hanabi’s childhood friend who also lives at the dorm. Although I believe she’s supposed to be the same age as Hanabi, she refers to her as Hanabi Onee-chan (big sister Hanabi). Konomi also has a crush on Hanabi and is constantly trying to be noticed.

The third of the younger group of girls is Iori. Iori has short, white (or light violet?) hair and is Konomi’s primary romantic rival. While Konomi tries to get noticed by Hanabi to no avail, Iori is much more straightforward and has a more mature look which helps her out.

There are also three older girls living in the dorm, the first of which I’ll mention is Konomi’s actual older sister, Yoriko. Yoriko basically just looks like an older version of Konomi, although it’s implied Konomi will probably never look that mature. Yoriko is essentially the older sister to all of the girls in the dorm.

Yuu is the other older girl we meet at the beginning of the series. She tends to be drunk and isn’t ashamed or embarrassed by anything, which doesn’t exactly make Hanabi comfortable. Later on, Yuu brings home the next girl, Sonoa, after a night out drinking.

As I just stated, Yuu brought Sonoa home to the dorm after they had been out drinking, and it’s during this time that Sonoa was coerced into signing a lease for the dorm as well. Sonoa is kind of like an older version of Hanabi because she’s seen as an older sister figure, but she’s also new to the dorm and doesn’t exactly fit in yet.

Konomi Fujiwara from the anime Love To-LIE-Angle
Konomi Fujiwara


I almost want to give this series a 6, but I’ll restrain myself and leave it at a 5/10. As I mentioned, it’s not really good as far as the plot is concerned, even compared to other shorts such as Space Patrol Luluco, but it was still entertaining and the art was pretty nice.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d ever actually recommend this anime to someone. The primary appeal of the series is the fan service, and since the episodes are only three minutes long, there isn’t even much of that. There are full-length anime which would be better suggestions for someone looking for that kind of content.

The ED for Love To-Lie-Angle is available here. The song used for the ED is pretty metal which I find entertaining due to the nature of the series itself.

Update: September 8, 2020

811 days after writing this review I have finally realized what the title of this anime is supposed to mean. Love To-LIE-Angle is meaningless in English. However, if you were Japanese, you might pronounce the “L” in LIE as an “R” sound. That would make the title Love To-RIE-Angle, as in Love Triangle.

I can finally sleep at night.

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