Love Tyrant

Love Tyrant

Love Tyrant anime cover art featuring Guri, Seiji, Akane, Yuzu, and Shikimi
Love Tyrant Cover Art


Love Tyrant is about a high school boy, Seiji, who is forced into a harem situation by an angel of love named Guri. Guri is in possession of a kiss note (think Death Note, but not used for killing people) which forces people to fall in love if their names are written in it together.

This is a romantic comedy that pokes fun at some other popular anime; most notably Death Note as mentioned above.


Seiji is the protagonist of this series. Unlike every other character, he’s rational in most situations and doesn’t understand why everything is happening to him. He has a crush on the popular girl in school, Akane (because he’s the main character so, of course, he does).

Guri is the angel who is in possession of the kiss note. She must use the kiss note to create couples because that’s her job, however, she often uses it to force people into relationships without thinking about what those involved actually want. One of Guri’s favorite things to do is to create same-sex couples out of random people she sees on the street.

Even though she’s an angel of love, Guri doesn’t know what being in love is actually like and so she adds herself to the growing relationship surrounding Seiji.

Out of all the characters, Guri is the one I like the most because of her character design. While the other characters are fairly boring looking aside from their colorful hair, Guri dresses up in a somewhat gothic fashion with a cape.

Akane, the popular girl in school, is forced into a relationship with Seiji thanks to Guri. However, it turns out that Akane was already in love with Seiji and that she’s a yandere. While she isn’t as good of a yandere as Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary, she does the job.

Yuzu is Akane’s younger half-sister. She’s in love with Akane and is forced into a relationship with Seiji, Guri, and Akane when Guri adds her name to the kiss note. Out of all the characters, Yuzu was my least favorite because she just annoyed me in general.

The last character I’ll mention is Shikimi, the cousin of Akane and Yuzu. She enjoys taking whatever belongs to her cousins and so her main goal in the series is to steal Seiji away from Akane. While Akane is the yandere, Shikimi is just plain sadistic and enjoys torturing people both physically and mentally.

Guri taking out her phone from the Love Tyrant anime


Love Tyrant is probably one of the few anime which I rated higher than the rest of MyAnimeList. I gave this series a 7/10 because I enjoyed it at the time and so I’ll stand by that rating.

Unlike other anime which I wouldn’t give a 7, when watching Love Tyrant there was never a week in which I was dreading watching the next episode. When each episode of an anime keeps me coming back for more, then that means it’s pretty good.

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