Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 10

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 10

Goodbye Mitty (Again)

Well, Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 10 had a twist I wasn’t expecting. Belaf decided to let Nanachi go. And before he did, he also shared his dreams of the past with her. So, Nanachi knows the truth of the Ganja party.

While I wasn’t expecting this twist, it does make sense for Belaf’s character. With Faputa entering (and destroying) Iruburu, this was Belaf’s chance to finally die. Remember, ever since he realized he ate Irumyuui’s children, he’s wanted to die. But, he was never able to until now.

Along with his memories, Belaf gives Mitty to Nanachi. But, he says that Mitty is unable to survive beyond the barrier. This version of Mitty is a part of Iruburu. Nothing made from value within Iruburu can leave. But, this also doesn’t mean Mitty will continue to survive if Nanachi keeps her there.

Nanachi carrying Mitty in a pot from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 10
Nanachi carrying Mitty in a pot

You see, the village protects the objects and Hollows of Iruburu from the Abyss. The forcefield of the Abyss can’t normally get into the village. This is why Riko doesn’t have a problem ascending within Iruburu. It’s also the forcefield that destroys value.

Once something made of value crosses the barrier and enters the Abyss, it gets destroyed. We now know that this is why the village Hollows can’t leave. When they entered Iruburu originally, their bodies were turned into value. And now that Reg destroyed the wall of the village, the forcefield of the Abyss can get in.

So, Nanachi decides to do for Mitty now what she was unable to do in the past. She decides to take responsibility for Mitty’s death. She carries Mitty out into the forcefield and kills her. Oh, and some other Hollows follow Nanachi to their deaths too.

Reg vs. Faputa

Despite agreeing to help Faputa and being the one to let her into the village, Reg now must fight against her. Why? Because Riko told him to. It didn’t seem like Reg cared about what happened to the village all that much. But, Riko wants to save her new friends.

The big problem for Reg, though, is that Faputa is immortal. How can he possibly defeat an immortal being? Well, there are a few ways by which he could accomplish this. And, you may have already figured out the first (and most likely) option.

Reg could take after Naruto and use the Talk-no-Jutsu. It seems to me like the easiest way to stop Faputa is with words. Of course, that’s still not going to be easy. But, it seems like the easiest. There must be something Reg — or even Riko — can say to her to get her to stop.

Reg using his awakened form to fight Faputa from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 10
Reg using his awakened form to fight Faputa

Now, Reg almost achieved this feat in this episode. However, as we saw at the very end of the episode, Faputa’s not ready to give up yet. So, what other option is there? The next option is for Reg to handicap Faputa by eliminating her regeneration.

Faputa claims to be immortal. Some of the Hollows have also called her immortal. But, we know that her body doesn’t naturally regenerate. When she tore off her ear/arm (still not sure about that), she didn’t regenerate it until entering Iruburu.

The souls of her siblings within Iruburu are what regenerate her body. So, if Reg can remove her from the village, he can cut off her immortality. With that said, I don’t see Reg choosing to kill Faputa, even if he was able to. But, he could at least pressure her into peace.

Faputa the Cave Raider?

Okay, so why am I saying that Reg could defeat Faputa by removing her immortality? Clearly, that’s not going to happen, right? I mean, we saw Faputa take Reg out at the end of the episode. And, sure, that’s fair. I was just saying that it’s one possible avenue.

As I mentioned, it seems far more likely that Faputa stops her rampage due to words. And if Reg is out of the picture, those words seem like they’ll come from Riko. But, what could Riko say to Faputa to get her to give up on revenge?

The first answer is… nothing. I want to put out the possibility that Faputa doesn’t stop her rampage. You may have noticed, but Made in Abyss is a pretty dark anime at times. Look at what happened to Mitty and Prushka at Bondrewd’s hands. So, it’s possible that Faputa slaughters all the Hollows without being stopped.

Reg and Faputa from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 10
Reg and Faputa

But, what if someone (Riko) does stop her? To me, there’s one main thing Riko could say to accomplish this. She could invite Faputa to join them on their journey. Faputa would get to be with Reg and she would have the chance to find a new goal in life.

Something tells me that she’d be able to get along well with Riko, too. After all, Riko is on a journey to reunite with her mother. That seems like something Faputa would want to help her do. Faputa’s mother is the most important person (village) in her own life, as well.

But, even if Riko invites Faputa, I actually hope Faputa declines. It’s not that I want her to kill all the Hollows. I just don’t want Faputa to join Team Riko. She’s pretty annoying — both in how she acts and how she speaks.


What do you think of Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 10? Do you think Belaf’s choice to free Nanachi makes sense? How do you think our heroes will stop Faputa? And, would you like to see Faputa join Team Riko? Let me know in the comments.

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