Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 7

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 7

An Outbreak in the Sixth Layer

The entirety of Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 7 took place in the past. We rejoin the Ganja Party as they attempt to survive in the Sixth Layer of the Abyss. And, as you might expect, it’s not easy.

Finding food through hunting, gathering, or agriculture isn’t too difficult. But, finding a clean source of water is another story. Of the five known watering holes in the Sixth Layer, only one seems like a viable option. The others are either too dangerous or impossible to reach.

Unfortunately, this watering hole isn’t as safe as it initially seemed. At first glance, the water looked and smelled clean. And to be safe, the Ganja Party still boiled it before drinking (good idea). But, this is water found within the Sixth Layer. You should never assume anything here is safe.

A watering hole in the Sixth Layer from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 7
A watering hole in the Sixth Layer

Even after boiling, the water contained parasites. These parasites laid eggs within the bodies of everyone who drank the water. The parasite infestation came with severe symptoms, including fever and diarrhea. And it’s thanks to the diarrhea that Vueko was able to determine the source of the illness.

The symptoms don’t stop there, though. Eventually, the bodies of the infected begin to melt and resolidify, killing them. Why does nothing in the Abyss cause a quick and painless death? From Orb Piercers to Amaranthine-Deceptors to these parasites, everything causes a terrible death.

Something I found very interesting, though, was that we got to see the full lifecycle of the parasites. When she was on the brink of death, all Vueko could think about was water. This seems to imply the host creatures search out water in their last moments. And when they die by the water, the cycle begins again.

Cradle of Desire: The Wish-Granting Egg

Relics aren’t explained all that much in this series. That could simply be because nobody knows much about them. But, we’ve come across quite a few relics to date. The most recent of these is the Cradle of Desire, also called the Wish-Granting Egg.

The Ganja Party’s food survey team brought the egg back to base and died shortly after. Their bodies turned tree-like, from what we see. And when asked, while the Interference Units don’t know where the Egg comes from, they know what it is.

According to their explanation, it’s a powerful relic that grants wishes. Or, at least, it grants wishes if it doesn’t kill you first. Touching it directly can cause it to “swallow you up” and dissipate your wish. If this happens, you die like the ones who found it.

Wazukyan showing a relic to the Interference Units from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 7
Wazukyan showing a relic to the Interference Units

The fact that the Egg can kill you by erasing your wish isn’t the scariest thing about it, though. So what? As I mentioned, everything in the Abyss wants to kill you in a horrible way. What makes the Egg scary is how it works and the wording the Interference Units use to explain it.

Let’s start with the way it’s explained before moving on to how it works in the next section.

So, the Egg is less effective if used by an adult. My immediate thought was that this could be because the wishes of children are much more vivid. That’s not quite right.

Instead, the Interference Units say that “[t]he fear felt by a juvenile is much closer to the origin.” The origin of what, exactly? And why is fear the thing that powers the Egg? That has to be one of the most ominous and terrifying things said in the series so far.

Irumyuui’s Children

In an attempt to save Irumyuui’s life, Vueko has her use the Egg. This works, but it also begins turning Irumyuui into a Hollow. I guess this means that the Egg has a high concentration of the curse of the Abyss within it.

Anyway, from what we see, it seems that the Egg grants wishes as the user understands them. If I wished for a computer and thought electronics were magic, I’d get a computer that runs on magic. That’s how I interpret what happens to Irumyuui next.

Irumyuui is sad because her family banished her for not being able to have children. So, she wishes to have children of her own. But, she doesn’t understand how that works or what it really means. So, the Egg grants her wish as she understands it. A baby creature comes out of her body.

Irumyuui and her firstborn child from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 7
Irumyuui and her firstborn child

This baby creature looks a lot like the rabbit creature Irumyuui thought was cute. But, it doesn’t have any way to eat because that’s not something a child would think of. And so, the baby creature dies within the day. And the same happens to the other baby creatures she continues to birth.

Now, something that didn’t make sense to me, at first, was when Vueko said she can’t have children either. But, the manga actually explains this. In chapter 49, she says she can’t have kids due to the physical trauma she received when she was younger. Also, the manga reveals that Vueko is a lesbian.

At the end of the episode, Wazukyan heals all the sick members of the Ganja Party by feeding them something. My guess is that he fed them Irumyuui’s children. He could have meant he fed Irumyuui to everyone. But, I still think she becomes Faputa.


How do you feel about Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 7? What creature of the Abyss would you least want to be killed by? What do you think the Interference Units meant by the fear of juveniles being closer to the origin? And, do you think eating Irumyuui’s children is what turns the Ganja Party into Hollows?

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