Magia Record Episode 13

Magia Record Episode 13

A Faint Hope

There’s a lot to discuss about Madoka Magica: Magia Record episode 13. I’m sorry if this week’s review is all over the place, but I’m going to try to fit everything in without letting this post go on for too long. So let’s start off with some miscellaneous stuff and then move into a more structured format.

First up, let’s just go over what was good and what was bad about the episode from a technical standpoint. The music was good (obviously), especially the song which accompanied “queen” Mami. And the sound effects, specifically Sayaka running along Yachiyo’s spears, were also pretty nice.

Animation was a mixed bag, though — and I’m sorry in advance that I don’t know animators. Whoever animated the explosions, smoke, and Sayaka taking on Mami’s (not) Tiro Finale did a great job. Those were the best looking parts of the episode. The character animation, however, was pretty bad.

Though, I assume this poor animation will be fixed for the Blu-ray release in typical Shaft fashion.

Iroha Tamaki's soul gem from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Iroha Tamaki’s soul gem

Next, I have a minor issue with a claim Touka made during her definitely not a fascist Wings of the Magius pep rally. She claimed that humans have been wishing for whatever for 13 million years. I know most people probably don’t care, but as a historian I’d just like to point out that 13 million years ago humans didn’t exist.

I know, minor thing, but that’s about 11 million years before the genus Homo appeared.

And lastly, I think I touched on this in last week’s review, but the final scene of Alina mentioning the Walpurgis Night confirms once and for all that Magia Record is in a different timeline from Madoka Magica.

Touka’s Mind Control

While Touka’s magic hasn’t been revealed yet, I’m pretty sure it’s a form of mind control. I originally believed it would have to do with toys, like the toy train she played with in the hospital. And while I wouldn’t exactly say that prediction is wrong, it’s not how I expected it would be.

Rather than her magic allowing her to control toys, I think it simply allows her to control whatever she wants as if it was a toy. So for example, when she was younger she could use it to control actual toys, but now she’s developed her skill more and can control other people (magical girls) to do her bidding.

This is why we see that Felicia, Tsuruno, Kaede, and Mami have all joined the Wings of the Magius. Mami is obviously the most important of these, because as I’ve been saying for weeks, her joining doesn’t make the most sense.

Mami Tomoe from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Mami Tomoe

Have I accepted the fact that Mami may have initially joined because she believed in the end goal of the Wings of the Magius? Yes. But that’s with the caveat that she didn’t know everything they were actually doing to accomplish that goal — and her being controlled by Touka seems to back this up.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Sayaka didn’t know what Mami was talking about when she was going on about despair and being lied to before turning into “queen” Mami. So I would caution against using Mami’s speech there as evidence that she’s some sort of willing participant.

What’s more likely is that Touka, or Mami’s Doppel, is somehow manipulating her feelings — taking what would normally just be a tiny amount of despair and turning it into the only thing she can focus on.

“Queen” Mami

I don’t know if “queen” Mami is supposed to be Mami’s Doppel, but considering it doesn’t look like any of the other Doppels we’ve seen I’m just going to guess that it isn’t. If it turns out that this is her Doppel, though, that doesn’t really change anything from my perspective.

Mami transforming into this form was pretty good, but I couldn’t help myself from laughing at everything else she did in this episode. When you compare the Mami vs. Homura fight from Rebellion to the Mami vs. Yachiyo fight in this episode — and even “queen” Mami vs. Sayaka — it’s clear which is better.

I’ll accept the fact that Mami isn’t actually fighting like she normally would on account of her being controlled right now. But seeing her do things like randomly shooting into the air while fighting Yachiyo just looked so stupid. And if you want me to care about this fight against “queen” Mami, maybe make her do more than T-pose in mid-air shooting a bunch of 3D CGI guns.

"Queen" Mami Tomoe from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
“Queen” Mami Tomoe

The reason Mami vs. Homura is the best fight in all of the Madoka Magica series is because of two things:

  1. There’s actual choreography in the fight — Mami and Homura are moving around in sync.
  2. There’s actual strategy at play in the fight — Mami and Homura are each trying to predict each other’s next moves, planning ahead, and attempting to bait mistakes out of one another.

This whole fight against “queen” Mami didn’t have any of that. It had some flashy animation when she fired that large (basically a nuke) shot which Sayaka deflected, but that’s it.

Oh, and I just need to point out that Yachiyo’s scorpion Doppel is the most cursed thing I’ve seen in a while. I don’t like it. I don’t like that she grew two more arms (now legs?). If Iroha decided not to be Yachiyo’s friend anymore after seeing that, I would understand.

Iroha Alter (Kuroe)

For the first time since episode one or two, Kuroe has made an appearance. And since she’s an anime only character, the mobile game players can’t shoot down my theory this time.

Basically, I think that Kuroe and Iroha are the “same” person, just like Illya and Kuro (Chloe) from Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. And yes, the fact that her name is Kuroe, just like Fate’s Kuro, is my first piece of evidence to back up this theory. She’s a “dark” version of Iroha which somehow split off.

As further evidence, allow me to point out the magical girl outfits of both Iroha and Kuroe. Their outfits are very similar, with both including an exposed midriff section and a hooded cloak — white for Iroha and black for Kuroe.

Kuroe in the Wings of the Magius from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Kuroe in the Wings of the Magius

Additionally, this episode adds even more credibility to this theory when it shows Kuroe present at Touka’s speech. It appears that she was brainwashed just like everyone else in attendance (aside from Momoko and Reina), but she suddenly snaps out of it when Iroha is dragged into the void by “queen” Mami.

This is obviously a sign that the two of them are connected in some special way.

As for how Kuroe split off from Iroha, that’s a bit harder to pin down. Since Iroha doesn’t remember what her wish was, it could have to do with that — perhaps she was attempting to bring Ui back, but created Kuroe instead. Or, maybe Ui’s disappearance and Kuroe’s appearance are more directly linked.

And although it doesn’t really match up with that theory I just laid out, I’m also considering that Kuroe and the little Kyubey could be Ui split into two. I find that less likely though.


What did you think of Magia Record episode 13? Is Touka’s magic actually what’s controlling the Wings of the Magius? It’s obvious they’re being controlled by something, but perhaps Touka’s not to blame. And are you looking forward to the second season? While I’m definitely going to watch it, my expectations aren’t as high as they were going into this season.

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4 Replies to “Magia Record Episode 13”

  1. 13 million years ago refers to miocene period when apes started to slowly evolve and change, taking up and dominating the ecosystem. Touka is including the period of world ruled by apes in human history because it sets up her “magical girls are more human than humans” talking point(apes dominated the world till they evolved into “more than apes” by using imagination and ingenuity and in turn magical girls take the concept of wishes even further in the world still dominated by normal humans)

    1. Alright, when you put it that way I’ll allow her mention of 13 million years ago. I thought she was trying to say that humans have been around for that long. But if she’s using evolution as an example, then it’s fair game.

  2. Hello again! I’ll reply to your questions here. I just need to talk with someone about this series!

    -What did you think of Magia Record episode 13? It was honestly another bad episode, to me, and it was also a “strange” epidode for a Madoka Magica series. There are many things not working but this time there is also something coming from my personal taste: I didn’t like the Mami transformation, whatever it is. I get really annoyed when I see a character suddenly transforming into an evil psycho like Mami here. It is something I see very often in anime and I find it very unpleasent!
    Apart from that, as you said, it could be Mami or any other character here; the “original girls” are thrown into this series with no reason so far. Not to talk about the deus ex machina of Sayaka in this episode.
    Also, she seems invincible and I found the battle scene stupid as you did.
    -Is Touka’s magic actually what’s controlling the Wings of the Magius? It has to do with her, but I hope it’s not exactly her controlling the minds of so many people. I also don’t like the hypothesis that she can control other perople’s mind, it seems a magic power that doesn’t fit the “Madoka Magica lore”, but I may be too hard on that. Anyway, Magius is an actual entity, isn’t it?
    – And are you looking forward to the second season?I think I will, but honestly I may drop it after a couple of episodes if it continues this way.

    Oh, and I didn’t think about the Kuroe theory, I almost didn’t notice her in this episode! It could be!

    Oh, do you have some cool mahou shojo to suggest? I’m not really into anime, but Madoka Magica is one of the best series I’ve seen, animated or not. I also liked a lot Revolutionary Girl Utena, which can maybe fit the genre.

    1. To answer your question about Magius, I don’t believe it’s an actual thing, more of a title. We’re told that there are three Magius who lead the Wings of the Magius, one of them being Touka, another being Alina, and the third being currently unknown.

      If you enjoy magical girl series I do have a few recommendations for you.
      1. Sailor Moon Crystal
      2. Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero

      Sailor Moon Crystal is a newer remake of the original Sailor Moon series — which basically made the magical girl genre what it is today. The first two seasons have some 3D CGI transformations I’m not a fan of, but the series overall is extremely good. The first season is fairly episodic, but it’s still important for setting up characters. The third season in particular is where the story really ramps up (and gets rid of the 3D CGI).

      Yuuki Yuuna is basically a Madoka Magica clone (although don’t let fans of Yuuki Yuuna hear you say that). It’s a similar series which came out after the success of Madoka Magica. I don’t like Yuuki Yuuna as much as Madoka, but it was still decent and you may enjoy it more than I did.

      Also, I guess I’ll mention Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya as another good magical girl anime. This one you may not enjoy as much if you’re not already into the Fate franchise. And while it is a magical girl anime, it also makes fun of all the magical girl tropes.

      And I do have a Discord server where you can discuss Magia Record with others if you’re interested.

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