Magia Record Episode 6

Magia Record Episode 6

I’ll Do Anything

I’d like to start this week’s review off by saying I appreciate those of you who have been giving me some insight into how the Magia Record anime correlates to the game. Specifically, Minmin/Magical girl cult/Mami (you kept changing your username) in the comments and katiethetransbian over on Tumblr.

And speaking of that, later on in this review I’ll pose another question to the Magia Record mobile game players.

But there’s a lot of other things to cover before we get to that point — starting with the group of magical girls we see at the beginning of the episode.

Based on the promotional material for this series, I’m pretty sure the only one of these five girls who’s going to play a major role is Felicia. However, we also know the name of one other girl in this group, Akira. I don’t know if she’s supposed to be significant in any way, but she’s the only one who gets named.

A group of five magical girls from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
A group of five magical girls

Back in the comments of my episode 3 review, Minmin mentioned that magical girls are separated into five elemental groupings of forest, water, fire, light, and dark. I think it’s safe to say the middle three girls in the image above are fire, water, and forest from left to right, but what about Akira and Felicia?

This isn’t the question I was referring to having for the Magia Record players, but feel free to answer this one as well. Is Felicia dark and Akira light? My first impression of Akira was that she’s dark, but she is wearing a white outfit. And, I think dark would work better for Felicia’s berserker nature.

Felicia Mitsuki

You may recall that when Tsuruno Yui was introduced in episode 4 that I claimed she was the worst magical girl to date. Well, don’t worry, I’m not about to say the same thing about Felicia. I actually think Felicia is my favorite of the new Magia Record magical girls.

Some guy on Twitter was very unhappy with my take on Tsuruno, but he’s since deleted that tweet so I can’t give him a shout out.

Honestly, the very end of the episode made me not like her quite as much, but up until then, I really don’t see what’s not to love about Felicia. She has a hammer, she’s a berserker, she’s short, she has a fang, she loves money, and she’s excited about everything.

Felicia and Iroha hitting the jackpot from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Felicia and Iroha hitting the jackpot

But, who is Felicia really? We know that she’s an orphan whose parents were killed by a witch, and because of this she has a stronger hatred for witches than most magical girls. And I’m guessing that her wish was influenced by this event — I doubt she was a magical girl before her parents were killed.

So, is it her magic that turns her into the powerhouse berserker we see wipe out an entire horde of witch familiars on her own? Did she simply wish for the power to kill as many witches as possible in exchange for becoming a magical girl? Because that sounds about right based on what we know.

Also she’s a mercenary, which is how she pays for her meals on account of being orphaned. What I’m wondering, though, is where she lives. Does she live on the streets and in abandoned buildings? Or does she sometimes stay in magical girl boarding houses like the one Yachiyo currently occupies?

Kyouko Sakura

Before this episode the only one of the original magical girls we had seen was Mami Tomoe. But now Kyouko Sakura has also made an appearance. However, Kyouko doesn’t seem like she’s going to be all that important. Mami’s in town to investigate the mass of witches on behalf of Kyubey, but Kyouko is just there to do some huntin’.

You may also be aware that Kyouko is my favorite of the original magical girls, so obviously her appearance is a big moment for me.

But, as マイスーン (@mahoshojomaisun) mentioned to me over on Twitter, Kyouko’s introduction into the series wasn’t all that special. I actually liked Mami’s introduction despite her being my least favorite of the original girls, but Kyouko’s — not so much.

She doesn’t do anything cool, and by that I mean she doesn’t really do anything at all. Mami asserted her dominance from the start by threatening to kill Iroha. By comparison, the scene of Yachiyo acknowledging that Kyouko is strong doesn’t really have the same impact.

However, lackluster as it was, Kyouko’s introduction appears to further cement when this side story takes place. We know that both Mami and Kyouko are working independently currently, just as they were before the events of the original series.

Additionally, we know that Mami and Kyouko worked together, or had some sort of relationship before the events of the original series as well. And, with both of them now in Kamihama City, this seems to be the place where they teamed up.

So now I’m thinking this might actually be a prequel.

Lucky Water

Here’s where my main question for the Magia Record mobile gamers comes in. I understand that the lucky water is tied to the current rumor the magical girls are looking into — so it’s not the same sort of game mechanic as the Coordinator or those pseudo-witch forms.

However, it’s definitely a game mechanic, isn’t it? At first I was thinking it was gacha related, but the more I saw of it the less I felt like that was right — although it would be pretty meta to have an arc about the “evil” gacha. It seems to me to be related to an event though.

And if it’s not associated with an event, which I still think is the most likely option, then is it related to how you actually play the game? Like in FGO you have to spend “AP” in order to play missions and then that AP regenerates over time. The fact that the lucky water is on a 24 hour cool down sort of has that vibe.

Felicia giving into temptation from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Felicia giving into temptation

And, finally, we need to talk about evil Felicia at the end of the episode. Yes, she drank the lucky water earlier on, but that doesn’t seem to be what turned her “evil.” Iroha also drank it, and she’s perfectly fine as far as we know — which lends me to believe Felicia is just more easily corrupted.

While the witch familiars are offering to continue supplying the girls with lucky water every day as long as they stop investigating the rumor, that isn’t what turns Felicia. Instead, they offer to ally with her so that together they can eradicate all witches, which was already Felicia’s goal.

So clearly, whatever this lucky water is, it’s pretty important to the main plot of the anime. After all, the witch familiars who supply it are claiming to be the ones gathering all the witches in Kamihama city.


Also, before I conclude, I’d just like to say that the fact Felicia turns “evil” isn’t the only reason I started to dislike her a little bit. It also had to do with the art style which was chosen for this scene — it just doesn’t feel right for the series. When you compare it to Sayaka going berserk in the original series, the art style this time around just feels off, and that took away from the scene for me.

But, what did you think about this episode? I don’t think it was the best episode by any means, but it also definitely wasn’t the worst one either. I’m also wondering if we’ll see the other original magical girls, or if this is actually a prequel — don’t spoil that if you know it though.

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2 Replies to “Magia Record Episode 6”

  1. The color of their clothes dose necessarily mean a magical girl of a certain attribute. For example I’ll brake down the types of team nanaka, Akira is actually water, nanaka herself( the purple one) is also, meiyui (the blue one) is you guess it water and kako(the green one)… is forest. Don’t think about it too much.

    Seeing team nanaka in the anime was equal part excitement and dread realizing that all non main story girls sub plots are going to be dropped.

    I’m actually one of the people who actually likes tsuruno lol. In fact tsuruno falicia and one (pronably) game only chracter tie for being my

    As for if the lucky water is game mechanic NO. It’s purely a story thing. Besides in the anime they changed it from being 24 hours to 24 lucky things. If you go through the episode you’d notice numbers counting down somewhere in the frame every time a lucky thing happens.

    This feels a lot like episode 4 in that I’d have a lot more to say for then next episode then this but eh that this anime’s off pacing.

    1. At least I got Felicia’s attribute correct. Since she’s the only one who’s relevant to the plot of this anime, I’ll consider that a success.

      And I think the lucky water granting 24 hours of luck makes a lot more sense than 24 lucky events considering the girls can get more of the water every 24 hours. 24 lucky events doesn’t necessarily equal 24 hours, so you could run out before the 24 hours or you could last even longer. If the former is what happens, that would suck considering the supposed penalty for using up all your luck.

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