Magia Record Episode 7

Magia Record Episode 7

I Want to Go Home With You

There’s a lot of information thrown at us in Madoka Magica: Magia Record episode 7. Unfortunately, none of this information actually gives us a complete understanding of anything. We get bits and pieces of various parts of the story, so while we know more than we did previously, we’re still basically in the dark.

For example, we now know that there’s an organization of magical girls who seem to be connected to everything that’s happened in the story so far. But, we don’t know exactly how they’re connected, why they’re connected, or what this means for the future. We simply know it exists.

And before we get into the real discussion of this episode, I just want to say that I can’t wait to see the Blu-ray release of it. The fight between Felicia, Kyouko, and the witch familiars was pretty good, and I’m sure it’s going to look even better once the real release comes out.

Blu-ray releases of anime generally include art and animation updates, but Shaft in particular is known for sometimes releasing drastically under-animated versions of their series for TV.

Wings of the Magius

Wings of the Magius is a cult-like organization of magical girls who seek the destruction of all witches. However, we don’t actually know how they plan to achieve this goal just yet. We basically only know that this plan differs somehow from the usual magical girl M.O. of seeking out individual witches and defeating them.

And interestingly, the Wings of Magius aren’t necessarily a “good” organization despite wanting to eradicate all witches. We know that part of doing this will bring peace to all magical girls, which is good, but they also don’t care about the civilian casualties they cause.

Felicia Mitsuki from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Felicia Mitsuki

At first I was thinking that their plan to destroy all witches was to eradicate both witches and magical girls at the same time. After all, if there are no more magical girls, there will be no more witches. But, this doesn’t seem to be the case because of their insistence on saving magical girls at the expense of civilians.

Also, we still don’t know exactly when this side story is taking place. If it’s after the Mitakihara City magical girls learned the truth, then this idea would make even less sense. Magical girls and witches aren’t natural phenomena. They’re created by Kyubey for a purpose, and if they were all eradicated, Kyubey would simply make more.

Organizational Hierarchy

Even the hierarchy within the Wings of the Magius organization isn’t quite clear. We know that at the very top are the three Magius, but their identities are unknown. Are they magical girls? Are they witches? They could be anything or anyone as far as we know.

Below the Magius are the higher ranking magical girls, such as Mifuyu, Tsuruno and Yachiyo’s friend who went missing. Apparently when she disappeared she became a member of Wings of the Magius, though it’s not entirely clear why.

Next we have the White Feathers, who are the more standard magical girls. The only members of the White Feathers we know of so far (unless Mifuyu also counts as one) are the magical girl twins who attempt to recruit Felicia and Kyouko.

And finally we have the Black Feathers, which are hundreds or thousands of nameless girls who do all the organization’s grunt work. It’s heavily implied that all the girls who have gone missing due to various rumors were conscripted into the Black Feather ranks.

Could Ui be one of them?

I think Ui being one of the Black Feathers could make sense, but as far as we know she wasn’t a victim of one of the rumors. Her disappearance appears to be something entirely different, as shown by the fact that the Ui found in the Seance Shrine was “hollow.”

My guess is that the real Ui has become one of the three Magius, whatever that entails.

Are Grief Seeds Obsolete?

One thing we do learn from the Wings of the Magius is that grief seeds are apparently unnecessary within the confines of Kamihama City.

But, before I explain why that is in the anime, I want to point out that I think this ties into gameplay mechanics. Using grief seeds after each battle wouldn’t add anything to the game play. You’d basically have to use whatever you earned from each battle immediately, so there’s no point.

Kyouko Sakura from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Kyouko Sakura

But, if we’re going to believe what we’re shown and told about the obsolescence of grief seeds, than things become a bit more interesting. Grief seeds aren’t used in Kamihama City because magical girls within this region cannot become corrupt and turn into witches.

When their soul gem becomes too cloudy, they simply turn into their pseudo-witch form, wreak some havoc, and then revert back to normal with their soul gem purified.

So from what I can tell, this is the plan of the Wings of the Magius: They lure all the witches (and magical girls) into Kamihama city. Then, the magical girls can defeat the witches without the risk of turning into witches themselves. Finally, there are no more witches, and all the magical girls no longer have to worry about becoming corrupt.

The only problem is that I don’t think grief seeds are actually obsolete anymore.

How is Kamihama city a safe haven from corruption? The Magius are probably using all the collected grief seeds to somehow turn the city into a place where soul gems are automatically purified once a witch transformation is triggered.

Thus, once there are no more grief seeds, soul gems will no longer be automatically purified and witches appear once again.

The End of the Beginning

Normally the saying would be, “the beginning of the end,” but I don’t think that actually applies here. While we’re officially past the halfway point for this series (it’s supposedly 13 episodes), it doesn’t exactly feel like we’re getting to the end game content.

Instead, the final scene of this episode felt like we had just concluded the prologue of the story. And if you’re a mobile game player, you’re welcome to confirm or deny this idea without spoiling anything.

Yachiyo Nanami from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Yachiyo Nanami

We previously knew that Yachiyo lives in a boarding house for magical girls, or at least a boarding house where the inhabitants happened to be magical girls. But until now, she’s been the only one living there are Mifuyu had disappeared and Tsuruno moved out, I guess? Or maybe Tsuruno just never lived there, but I thought it was implied she did.

Anyway, it’s only at this point where the magical girl boarding house becomes a reality within the scope of the series. Yachiyo is no longer living there by herself; she’s now accompanied by Iroha, Felicia, and Tsuruno.

With their home base finally established and their potential true enemy, the Wings of the Magius, revealed, it feels like the real story can finally begin.


What did you think of Madoka Magica: Magia Record episode 7? Will Ui end up being a member of the Wings of the Magius? Perhaps even as one of the three Magius herself? And what do you think will happen once the witches are all eradicated? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Magia Record Episode 7”

  1. If I’m being honest I’m a bit frustrated that “it’s because gameplay” is now your default go to when an aspect seems weird. I promise you it’s just a story thing.

    As for whether this the end of a prologue, no. The content of the prologue wasn’t even adapted at all which is weird because things that would be an anime spoiler was revealed in said prologue.

    We’re actually 4/10 chapters down of the main story but this is also the time when the main story gets updated less frequently in favor of events with other characters and in a way zooming out to give the bigger picture without actually progressing the plot.

    It’s also worth noting that in game iroha moved in after the shrine thing happened.

    My guess we’ll get a “go play the game ending” if this keeps up lol there is no way they’ll be able to satisfyingly end the story in either 13 or 26 episodes.

    1. I probably could have explained my “it’s because gameplay” statement for this particular instance better.

      Basically, the pseudo-witch forms are like an ultimate move in the game from what I understand. And if using said moves restores your soul gem, then there’s not a reason to use a grief seed to do so. Also, soul gems become cloudy simply by magical girls using magic, i.e. every battle they do. This would mean that after each battle, you would receive a grief seed and then instantly need to use it to purify your soul gem.

      This would be little more than an extra step to take after each battle if not an automated function. So removing grief seeds from the game would streamline the gameplay. And, in order for the removal of grief seeds to make sense, we have this plot about them not being needed in Kamihama.

      I’m not saying that’s definitively how this all works in the game. I’m simply giving the perspective of someone who has only seen the anime.

      And, after that mention of the lack of grief seeds being a possible result of gameplay mechanics, I did go into an alternate theory I had about why there are no grief seeds which is tied to the plot instead.

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