Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune-kun's Revenge anime series cover art
Masamune-kun’s Revenge


Masamune-kun’s Revenge is about a boy, Masamune, who wants to get revenge (shocking, I know) on a girl, Aki. Masamune and Aki used to be childhood friends, but one day Masamune confessed his love for her and she rejected him saying it was because he was fat.

Since that day Aki has rejected every boy who has ever confessed to her and Masamune, no longer fat, has made it his goal to trick her into dating him solely so he can dump her. As you can see, Masamune is definitely not a petty person who holds grudges.

That’s basically all there is as far as the general plot goes. There are a few twists and turns I don’t want to spoil, but even then it’s a fairly straightforward slice of life about revenge.


Masamune, the protagonist, used to be a chubby kid until the love of his life Aki rejected him. After that he changed schools or was homeschooled, I forget which. In high school he made sure to get into the same school as Aki and now that his looks have changed and it’s been years since they saw each other he plans to sneak into her heart without her realizing who he is.

Revenge is Masamune’s ultimate goal in life. He ignores other girls who show interest in him and solely goes after Aki even though he could probably have a pretty good life if he just gave up on her. Everything he does is an attempt to show off and win Aki over.

Aki is the rich girl who rejected Masamune as I’m sure you understand by now. She’s the most popular girl in school and has a reputation for rejecting every boy who confesses to her in spectacular fashion, culminating in her giving them a nickname showing her disgust for them. If I remember correctly she called Masamune “Piggy” when they were kids.

Neko is the other love interest in the series. She loves Masamune and has ever since they were kids. When she confesses her love to him in high school, Masamune rejects her in favor of continuing to go after his revenge on Aki. (Why, Masamune? Why?)

The final of the important characters is Yoshino, Aki’s follower. On one hand, she supports Aki and her rejection of all men. But on the other, she is also supporting Masamune and his plot for revenge. She’s an interesting character who has a part in just about everything that goes on in the anime.

Masamune's younger sister Chinatsu Hayase from the anime series Masamune-kun's Revenge
Masamune’s younger sister Chinatsu Hayase


While this anime is by no means a bad anime, I didn’t find that it was really that special either. Sure it has the twist of being about revenge, but it quickly devolves into your standard romantic comedy, slice of life anime.

Because of this, I ended up giving it a 5/10. I think I would have given it a 6 if it hadn’t devolved into the same predictable tropes that every other anime of this genre uses.

My review of Masamune-kun’s Revenge R is available now.

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