Monster Musume

Monster Musume

Montser Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls anime cover art featuring six monster girls
Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Cover Art


I’ve been putting off the review for Monster Musume, but I think it’s finally time to get this one out of the way. Monster Musume is a fairly extreme harem anime about monster girls. Really the only reason to watch this anime is so you can then recognize it when other people bring it up.

The series takes place in Japan sometime in the near future I believe. Monster people are now a thing (I forget where they come from), but Japan has a special program for monster exchange students which I believe is how most of the monster girls end up there.

If I remember correctly (it’s been a while) there was a mix-up on the paperwork and so the first girl, Miia, ends up at Kimihito’s house as her exchange program residency. After that, more and more monster girls keep getting sent to live with Kimihito.

While these girls are technically in Japan to study, they’re really there to find a husband to take back home with them.


So the protagonist is Kimihito, but he’s just your standard guy so who really cares about him? Instead, we’ll skip right over him and look at the various monster girls in the series.

The first girl is Miia, a Lamia which means she’s half-human and half-snake. She’s a constrictor and so her tail is extremely powerful. As part-snake, she’s also cold-blooded and so needs to warm up in the sun to energize herself. One of her defining characteristics is that she’s a terrible chef.

Papi is the second monster girl to show up. She’s a Harpy which means she’s half-human and half-bird. She’s the most childlike of the girls, both in her appearance and personality. Her defining characteristic is that she’s not very smart due to her having a “birdbrain.”

The third monster girl is Cerea. She’s a Centaur which I’m sure you all know of, but just in case, that means she’s half-human and half-horse. Like centaurs usually are in popular culture, Cerea is a warrior who lives a basic lifestyle.

Suu, the fourth girl, is a Slime which is basically exactly what it sounds like, a monster made of slime. The only thing she needs in order to survive is water and any water she absorbs she is able to make part of her body. She can also be in what I refer to as a “puddle” form in which she is carried around in a bucket.

Mero is a Mermaid and the fifth monster girl. Like with Centaurs I’m sure you all know mermaids, but they’re half human and half fish. When on land Mero is in a wheelchair due to the fact she has a fish tail instead of legs. In order for her to be able to stay at Kimihito’s house, an indoor pool had to be built (financed by the Monster Exchange Program of course).

Monster girl number six is Rachnee. She’s half-human and half-giant spider (probably the monster girl I would be least okay with). Rachnee likes to lay traps made out of her webs around the house to ensnare the other monster girls.

Lala is the seventh and final of the main group of monster girls. She is a Dullahan which is a headless rider; as such, her head is detachable. She originally introduces herself as a shinigami, or god of death, sent to claim the life of Kimihito.

Along with these seven monster girls, there are four others who don’t live in the house with Kimihito as part of the Monster Exchange Program. These girls are part of the MON team which is basically a task force made up of monsters set up to take down other monsters that break the law.

The MON team is made up of Zombina (a Zombie), Manako (a Cyclops), Tionishia (an Ogre), and Doppel (a Shapeshifter).

Miia the Lamia (from the anime Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls)


Although Monster Musume is an extreme harem anime about monster girls, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad anime. It’s not the best by any means, but it does entertain.

I ended up giving this series a 6/10 which is actually higher than I expected to give it.

Due to the nature of this anime and the OP, today I’m going to skip linking the OP, but you can always look it up if you really feel like watching it anyway.

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