My Hero Academia Class 1-B Quirk Tier List

My Hero Academia Class 1-B Quirk Tier List

Class 1-B’s Quirks

I believe the first time we got to see the quirks of every student in U.A.’s Class 1-B was during the joint training arc with Class 1-A in My Hero Academia Season 5. We’d seen some of their quirks earlier during the sports festival arc. But I’m pretty sure we didn’t see them all until this past season.

Ever since the joint training arc, I’ve wanted to rank the Class 1-B students by their quirks on a tier list. So, that’s exactly what I’ve done today.

Class 1-B Quirk Tier List from the anime series My Hero Academia
Class 1-B Quirk Tier List

Now, before I break down each tier, there are some disclaimers I need to get out of the way. First, each character is ranked solely on their quirk. And second, the order each character is displayed within each tier is just based on their class seating number, not their rankings in relation to each other.

S-Tier Quirks

There were only two quirks I felt deserved to be placed in the S-tier. These are Kinoko Komori’s Mushroom quirk and Ibara Shiozaki’s Vines quirk. However, they’re both S-tier for different reasons.

The Mushroom quirk allows Kinoko to cover everything in her surrounding area with mushrooms of various types. That seems kind of lame, at first. But, these mushrooms can also be poisonous and their growth can restrict the movement of her enemies.

Those qualities alone probably would have made her quirk B-tier. What bumps her quirk up to S-tier is that she can even make mushrooms grow in the lungs of her opponents. Kinoko is a walking war crime. Her quirk allows her to disperse bio-weapons in the form of mushroom spores through the air.

Ibara’s Vines quirk is S-tier because it can do everything well. She can use it to attack, defend, run reconnaissance, and support herself and her allies in additional ways. It also has an extremely long range, allowing Ibara to do all these things from a safe distance.

The Vines quirk can locate enemies, restrict their movement, attack them, and physically stop their attacks all at the same time. It’s an extremely oppressive quirk to go up against.

A-Tier Quirks

I almost put Shihai Kuroiro’s Black quirk in the S-tier but determined that it’s not quite at the same level as Mushroom and Vines. It allows him to travel quickly while remaining hidden, which is great for reconnaissance and sneak attacks. But, that makes it slightly too niche for S-tier.

Nirengeki Shoda’s Twin Impact quirk has a lot of potential. After hitting an object, he can then cause a second, stronger impact to hit the object in the same place. We see him use this to propel objects at opponents from range. But, it would also be a devastating quirk for someone who’s physically strong to have.

Manga Fukidashi - Quirk: Comic from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Manga Fukidashi – Quirk: Comic

Manga Fukidashi’s Comic quirk is in the A-tier because of how versatile it is. He can speak onomatopoeias and have their effects become reality. For example, if he yells “boom!” an explosion will occur. It’s not as versatile as Vines, but it’s still very strong.

Juzo Honenuki’s Softening quirk allows him to soften anything he touches into a nearly molten state. What makes this quirk so good is that he can soften the ground over a large area and effectively restrict the movement of his opponents. It’s hard to fight back against unless you can fly.

B-Tier Quirks

To start off the B-tier quirks, I’m going to group Jurota Shishida’s Beast and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu’s Steel quirks together. Although they have important differences, the basics of both of these quirks are that they greatly increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of their users.

Yosetsu Awase’s Weld quirk seems like it’s pretty useful. It allows him to instantly connect any two objects together that he touches. He could “weld” his opponent to a wall if he wanted. But, it’s still a very niche quirk, so I think it’s fair to put it in B-tier.

Pony Tsunotori is my favorite Class 1-B character (mostly because she’s voiced by Aoi Yuuki). Unfortunately, I can only place her Horn Cannon quirk in B-tier. She can fire horns as projectiles and even control up to four of them at once. That’s still not a particularly great quirk, though.

Kosei Tsuburaba’s Solid Air quirk is pretty cool. He can solidify the air he exhales to make platforms, walls, and more that are strong enough to withstand repeated hits. But it’s also restricted by his lung capacity so that severely limits how it can be used.

C-Tier Quirks

Togaru Kamakiri’s Razor Sharp quirk allows him to create blades anywhere on his body. These blades are also strong enough to cut through steel. He’s kind of like Mr. 1 from One Piece. That’s not a very oppressive or versatile quirk, though.

Yui Kodai’s Size quirk is my favorite of the C-tier quirks because I think it has the potential to be great. The quirk allows Yui to change the size of any inanimate object she touches. She can shrink a car, throw it at someone, and re-expand it to its natural size mid-air. Or, she can shrink a bunch of weapons and carry them around in her pockets for later use.

Setsuna Tokage’s Lizard Tail Splitter is primarily good for gathering intel. She can split her body into up to 50 pieces and independently control them. This kind of makes her the same as Buggy from One Piece. But I wouldn’t say this quirk is very good for much else.

Yui Kodai - Quirk: Size from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Yui Kodai – Quirk: Size

Cemedine is the quirk of Kojiro Bondo and it allows him to spray glue that he can then harden at any speed he chooses. While it can be used to restrict the movement of his opponents, it’s far less effective at that job compared to some of the other quirks on this tier list.

In theory, Neito Monoma’s Copy quirk is very good. He can copy the quirk of anyone he touches, store up to four quirks in this way, and keep them for 10 minutes each. In practice, though, that means he has to physically touch villains who are trying to kill him if he wants their quirks. So, most of the time, he’d just be copying an ally’s quirk and won’t be as good at using it as they are.

Reiko Yanagi’s Poltergeist quirk allows her to freely control things that are up to the weight of a human. This doesn’t seem to include humans, though. If she could control other humans, it would probably be a B-tier quirk.

D-Tier Quirks

The first of three D-tier quirks is Sen Kaibara’s Gyrate. He can rapidly spin any part of his body, and he wears special drill gloves to make use of this ability. Without those gloves, though, it’s a pretty bad quirk. As far as similar quirks go, I’d much rather have Razor Sharp.

Despite Itsuka Kendo being the class representative, I think her Big Fist quirk is one of the worst quirks in the class. She can make her hands really big and they have enhanced strength. But Beast and Steel also increase their user’s strength in more than just their hands and provide additional abilities.

To be fair, Big Fist is strong enough to break through even Steel’s defenses. However, I still don’t think that’s enough to bring it out of D-tier.

Lastly, we have Hiryu Rin’s Scales quirk. I kind of see this quirk as a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none quirk. While Vines is in S-tier because it does everything extremely well, Scales is in D-tier because it does most things extremely average.

Scales can be used both offensively and defensively, but it’s not particularly good at either.


And there you have it. Those are the 20 quirks of Class 1-B from My Hero Academia ranked on a tier list. If you’d like to fill out this tier list for yourself, you can find it here. Just make sure to tweet your list at me when you’re done.

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