My Hero Academia Episode 110

My Hero Academia Episode 110

Twice’s Trauma

I’ve been liking these My Villain Academia episodes a lot more than the standard My Hero Academia episodes because the villains are honestly way more interesting than the hero students. And, My Hero Academia Episode 110 has continued this trend.

This week’s episode focused on Jin Bubaigawara, also known as the villain Twice. Now, we’ve gotten some of Twice’s backstory before. I’m not sure what season it was in, but we learned about why he has a split personality and why he always covers his face.

From what I remember, his trauma stemmed from his clones all believing they were the real one and then killing each other. I believe it basically left off implying that this caused twice to have a random psychotic break. However, Episode 110 dives a bit deeper into how exactly this event affected Twice.

Jin Bubaigawara from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Jin Bubaigawara

It’s not that twice became afraid of the copies of himself after seeing them slaughter each other. And it’s not as if his personality gets split up between his copies or anything like that. The reason he’s so afraid of duplicating himself is that he’s worried he’ll turn out to be one of the copies.

Every copy of Twice believes that it’s the original. So when the true Twice witnessed all of his copies killing each other, he was witnessing a bunch of “himself” who thought they were real turn out to be fake. This led him to doubt whether or not he was the real one.

Something as simple as a broken arm is enough to destroy one of his copies. And so, the original Twice began to fear taking damage of any sort because he was worried that it would cause him to disappear. I think that makes Twice’s character a lot more interesting.

Opposing Armies

Now that Twice has overcome his trauma through the power of love and courage, the League of Villains is no longer severely outnumbered by the Liberation Army. And although Re-Destro believes his side still has the upper hand, I’m not so sure.

The reason Re-Destro believes his side has the upper hand is that the Liberation Army’s fighters are of a higher quality than the hoards of Twice clones. And, to be fair, he’s correct about that. Not only do all of his men have unique quirks, but they can take more damage than the clones can.

However, the reason I think the Twice army is the more formidable force is that there’s an infinite number of him. As long as his original body isn’t taken down, he can continue to produce copies, which themselves can continue to produce copies. This is why his quirk is recognized as being extremely strong by multiple people.

Twice (many) from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Twice (many)

Of course, Twice’s quirk does have limitations. First off, he and each of his clones can only produce two additional clones. So if Twice creates two clones, he can’t create another until one of the two he already created is defeated. But, even with this limitation, his number of clones still grows exponentially.

The next limitation is that each successive generation of clones is weaker than the last. This means that the further removed a clone is from the original Twice, the less damage it can sustain before disappearing. But, I still think his infinite numbers more than make up for this.

Oh, and let’s not forget that twice can make clones of his allies too — as we saw he did with Shigaraki. So, technically, he can create an army of himself and then have them all duplicate Shigaraki to have an army of Shigaraki as well.


Re-Destro is another one of those characters that doesn’t make all that much sense to me — just like the members of the Todoroki and Iida families. In those cases, quirks have been passed down between generations. But, wasn’t it stated early on in the series that this isn’t how quirks work?

Please let me know if I’m wrong in the comments, but I’m pretty sure that it had been established in the first or second season that quirks are completely random and arbitrary. By that, I mean that a child’s quirk isn’t influenced by the quirks of their parents.

And, in the case of Re-Destro, we’re told that multiple generations separate him from the original Destro. So it’s not as if his quirk was just passed down from father to son — it’s been passed down multiple times and remained intact.

Re-Destro from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5

Anyway, what exactly is Re-Destro’s quirk? We don’t know exactly what it is just yet, but we can make some guesses based on what we’ve seen. For example, it appears that his quirk allows him to alter the composition of his body to make himself larger, stronger, and maybe faster.

Basically, it seems to be a power enhancement quirk, much like One-for-All or Muscle Augmentation (Muscular’s quirk). But, even if it appears to work in a similar fashion to those quirks, we don’t yet know the exact mechanics behind it.

Based on how the markings on his body spread over time, it’s possible that there’s some sort of pre-requisite for his ability to work. Maybe we’ll find out that his power output is inversely related to his number of followers, so as more are defeated, he grows stronger. Something like that could make this fight a lot more interesting.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 110? Did you like Himiko’s or Twice’s backstory more? Which army do you think is stronger? And, how do you think Re-Destro’s quirk works? Let me know in the comments.

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