My Hero Academia Episode 56

My Hero Academia Episode 56


It’s a late post today as I’m just starting to write this at 9:15pm, but I tweeted out that this review would be uploaded tonight and I’m not going to go back on my word now! So without any further ado, let’s get into the review of My Hero Academia episode 56, “RUSH!”


A lot happened this week in the world of My Hero Academia. And by a lot, I mean the first stage of the provisional hero license exam is now complete! Surprisingly all of the U.A. students passed the first stage of the exams.

I say this is surprising now because I necessarily think some of them shouldn’t have passed (I do think that), but because you’d expect at least one person to fail at this stage just so things aren’t so “forced,” if you will. It feels like the U.A. students all made it just because they’re the main characters.

Looking at the chunin exams from Naruto, sure, the Konoha 12 all made it through the first round, but then again, so did everyone else who had a name. That wasn’t really a round meant to eliminate actual characters in the same way that this exam stage was.

Let’s move on to what actually happened in this stage of the exam. Bakugo and Kaminari found themselves in a battle against Seiji Shishikura, the enemy student who turned Kirishima into a flesh potato. Well, it turns out his quirk is called “Meatball,” but I like flesh potato better so we’re going to stick with that.

This battle actually took me by surprise because Bakugo got flesh potatoed and so Kaminari was left to fight against Shishikura on his own. I had previously predicted that Bakugo would be the one to do most of the fighting. In the end, Kaminari was able to weaken Shishikura by using his new ability.

Kaminari is now able to shoot discs out of a device on his forearm, and then direct his electricity to them. This allows him to “aim” his electrical attacks and not risk taking out all of his allies along with his foes. Once Shishikura was weakened, the flesh potatoes reawakened and Bakugo and Kirishima dealt the final blows.

The group then takes out the rest of the students who had been turned into flesh potatoes and proceeds on to the next stage of the exam.

The quirk introduction frame of Seiji Shishikura from the anime My Hero Academia season 3
Seiji Shishikura – Quirk: Meatball

Meanwhile, Deku Sero, and Uraraka lay a trap by using Sero’s tape and Uraraka’s zero gravity to ensnare a large group of students. They then proceed to defeat these immobile students and move on to the next round as well.

I believe the next group we see passing the exam in this episode is the group of bootleg U.A. students. I still don’t know the name of their school, but you can tell who I mean just by looking at them. Their character designs all look like knock-offs of the U.A. students.

Next we see Iida come across Aoyama while searching for U.A. “survivors.” At first, due to the way he was acting and asking if Iida was alone, I thought Aoyama was actually an enemy student in disguise, but this apparently wasn’t the case.

Aoyama ends up sacrificing himself by firing his navel laser into the sky to attract enemy students so Iida can defeat enough of them to pass the exam. However, all of the remaining U.A. students rally to his laser and work as a team to all pass together. This is what sets U.A. apart.

Next Episode

At the end of the episode we’re introduced to the second and final stage of the provisional hero license exam. This stage takes place in the same arena as the first, but it has now been a bit more destroyed. The students must make their way through the wreckage and save fake civilians.

While the first stage focused on fighting ability as well as teamwork, this second stage focuses more on the daily job of heroes which is to save civilians (and more teamwork). Although this wasn’t said, it’s likely there will be fake villains during this stage as well.

I can assume that based off the OP for this cour. At one point we see the pro hero Gang Orca and some of his followers fighting against U.A. students, so he’s likely posing as a villain for this next stage. Other pro heroes may be posing as villains instead.

If I had to guess, during this stage there will be no points awarded for defeating villains, but only for rescuing civilians. I think this stage will be meant to teach the students that saving people is their primary job and defeating villains comes second.

Yuuga Aoyama watching his classmates fight from the anime My Hero Academia season 3
Yuuga Aoyama

Now that all of the U.A. students passed the first stage of the exam, I think it’s less likely they’ll all pass the second. Last week I mentioned that Bakugo was going to need to learn to work as a member of a team in the second stage, but now I’m not so sure.

He actually did work as a team with Kaminari even if it was in his own “Bakugo way.” Todoroki still hasn’t learned to be a member of a team so I think he could fail the exam because of that. Other than him, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Deku or Iida failed as well.

I know, those two seem like they have to pass an exam about saving people, but hear me out. I think those two will instead focus on saving their classmates and potentially even other students of rival schools. While this should make them fail, they may still get a passing grade for that.


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