My Hero Academia Episode 58

My Hero Academia Episode 58


It’s time for my weekly review of My Hero Academia, but this week’s episode is a bit different from what we usually get. That’s right, today we have a special! Now, specials aren’t always the best since they’re considered filler, but I think you’ll find that this one isn’t really that bad.

In fact, this special episode actually serves as a prologue to the My Hero Academia movie which appears to be in theaters currently (likely only in Japan, of course). So, if you plan to watch the movie in the future, I’d suggest not skipping over this episode.


So if this is a special episode that comes before the movie, is this episode considered canon? I have no idea, sorry, but what I do know is that this episode is entirely anime-original so even you manga readers out there will have something to gain from watching it.

In fact, I don’t even know if the movie this is the prologue for is based on the manga either, that too could be completely original as far as I know. But we’re not here to talk about the movie, we’re here to talk about episode 58.

This episode takes place during a special Summer training class at U.A. for students who want to continue training even when there are no normal classes available. Now, if I remember correctly, all the class A students were already forced to do Summer training, so I’m not entirely sure where this episode fits in.

Anyway, the class size for this special session is much smaller than usual. Instead of having the full class A, we instead only have Deku, Bakugo, Uraraka, Iida, Tsu, and Todoroki. These are the primary six students from class A, so that all makes sense.

However, we also have five different teachers/pro heroes in the episode, All Might, Eraser Head, Midnight, Cementoss, and Present Mic. While Eraser Head is here as the teacher in his usual fashion, the other four are playing roles in the training session for the students.

But before we get to the training session, I want to quickly mention that we see some footage of All Might when he was a young pro-hero in America. I’m pretty sure this is what the movie is supposed to focus on heavily, so it was a nice touch for some of it to be added into this episode.

Deku and All Might from the anime My Hero Academia
Deku and All Might

Okay, moving on, the students are going to be doing a mock rescue operation in which they’re playing the role of pro-heroes who were called by the police to help with an active crime scene. A villain (All Might) has taken three hostages (Midnight, Cementoss, and Present Mic) during a jewelry store robbery.

The students must assess the situation and use their training to bring down the villain, however, everything isn’t as it seems. After Bakugo rushes ahead and blows open the doors of the store (because Bakugo), the students find the villain stabbed to death and the hostages still tied up.

They determine that these were the only four in the building, there are no exits other than the one watched by the police, and the stories of the hostages all seem to add up. And yet, nobody knows exactly what happened for some reason.

In the end, Deku leaps to some crazy conclusions involving a woman who wanted to save her lover (the villain), and the villain taking his own life to protect the woman’s secret (that she knew him). There was absolutely no evidence pointing towards this being the case, but apparently he was right.

Honestly, this part was terribly written.

But, once Eraser Head tells the students they did a good job of figuring out what happened at the crime scene he still gives them a failing grade. While the students were all distracted, the villain had gotten up and fled the scene. They failed because they assumed he was “dead” and didn’t properly apprehend him.

At the very end of the episode, All Might asks Deku to go with him to I-Island, where the movie is going to take place. This is an island famous for its international quirk research laboratories.

Next Episode

Since this week we had a special episode which leads up to the movie, next week’s episode is going to pick off from where last week’s episode left off. It’s been a bit, so let’s quickly recap what happened back then.

Bakugo and Todoroki from the anime My Hero Academia
Bakugo and Todoroki

The second phase of the provisional hero license exam is underway and while the students are going around rescuing victims of the catastrophe, Gang Orca and his men show up to play the role of villains. This means the students will have to balance rescue and fighting.

Luckily this also means that next week’s episode is likely to have a lot of good action in it, specifically with characters such as Bakugo and Todoroki (pictured above) going up against Gang Orca himself. I’m looking forward to this simply because I’m interested to learn what Gang Orca’s quirk actually is (I don’t think we’ve seen it yet).

I know, he’s an Orca and so his quirk likely has something to do with that, but it’s not like he’s always in the water or anything, so his quirk may be completely unrelated. I also find his character design both interesting and dumb at the same time. He looks cool, but is his tie just his tongue or what?

I’m also not convinced we’ll see the end of the hero exam arc in this next episode either. There are roughly six or seven episodes left in the season (depending on whether this week’s episode counted as an actual special or not) and I find it unlikely that a new arc will be started with five or less episodes remaining.

This means that we’ll likely have this arc drag on for another two or three episodes, then still have a few episodes left over at the end of the season to wrap things up. Those last few episodes will also likely set up the arc for the fourth season of the series, and hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for that.


That’s basically it for this week’s review. It’s hard for me to write too much about this one episode because there’s not too much for me to theorize about with it considering it’s basically a one-off. We see the main characters acting as usual, and it sets up the movie, that’s pretty much it.

However, if there are any important details that you think I missed, let me know in the comments. You can also let me know if you even bothered to watch this episode at all since I know some people likely skipped it due to it being a special.

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