My Hero Academia Episode 60

My Hero Academia Episode 60


The title of this week’s episode is “A Talk about Your Quirk.” Although the action of the provisional hero license exam is now over, the real story is just beginning as most of the students are now able to act as pro heroes during times of crisis.

We also catch up with the villain, All for One, and Bakugo confronts Midoriya about his quirk. There may not be any “action,” but this episode is just as exciting as any other.


The episode starts off exactly where the previous episode ended, with the names of the students who passed the exam being displayed on a giant screen. All of the U.A. students seemed to have passed with the exception of Bakugo and Todoroki.

It appears that only Bakugo, Todoroki, and Yoarashi from Shiketsu were the only ones to fail the second stage of the exam. Not only were they the only ones who we were specifically told failed, but there seemed to only be three names missing from the screen which showed who passed.

However, we’re then told that everyone who even made it to the second stage of the exam will be allowed to have a license, just those who failed during this stage will have to take a special three-month course first. They can also wait to take the exam again next year if they so choose.

Last week I mentioned how I wanted Gang Orca to mentor both Todoroki and Yoarashi, and maybe that’s exactly what we’ll be getting now. Maybe Gang Orca will be the one teaching the special three-month course which these students participate in.

The scoring for the exam was also explained to the students this week, although it was explained to us last week. Each student received a report card which detailed how many points they lost during the exam and for what.

We find that Midoriya mainly lost points at the very beginning when he was just standing around, but didn’t lose many once he actually sprung into action. While this is nice information and all, I’d really like to see where Bakugo lost his points.

We can assume Todoroki and Yoarashi lost most of their points due to their altercation with each other, but as I explained last week, Bakugo didn’t really do anything wrong. I’d expect most of his lost points to be due to the same reason as Midoriya, he simply didn’t do enough.

At the end of this section of the episode, Camie’s true identity is revealed to us. She was actually Himiko Toga who had disguised herself by using her quirk. I already knew this to be the case, but maybe it was surprising to some of you considering Himiko’s quirk had never been verified before this point.

I wonder if the real Camie will ever return or if she’s been disposed of by Himiko. Anyway, it seems Himiko was acting on her own and not as part of the League of Villains, but she claims it was worth it because she got a sample of Midoriya’s blood which she can use to transform into him.

All for One in prison from episode 60 of the anime My Hero Academia
All for One in Prison

The second part of the episode focused on All Might and All for One. All Might visits All for One in his prison cell where the super villain is supposedly going to spend the rest of his life. We learn that he’s being kept alive by an oxygen mast and everything about his body, including his brain is being monitored.

If he so much as thinks about using his quirk, there are machine guns mounted on the ceiling which aim at him and prepare to fire. Because of this level of security, All Might believes he no longer has to worry about All for One, but the villain hints that he could escape any time he wants.

Will we see the return of All for One later on in the series? If anything, I think he may pass his quirk down to his disciple, Tomura. It would be a bit disappointing if the One for All quirk continued on in the story, but the All for One quirk didn’t.

All for One explains to All Might that Tomura and his group of villains will likely lay low for a while and see how the rest of the villains around Japan (and potentially the world) react to All Might’s retirement. He seems to have complete faith in Tomura’s ability to lead the League of Villains in his place.

The final part of the episode shifts the focus back to the students, specifically Midoriya and Bakugo. Bakugo confronts Midoriya about where exactly his quirk came from and in the process shows us that he’s not as stupid as some people may think.

He connected the fact that Midoriya once said that he plans to make his quirk his own (hinting at the fact it’s not really his quirk) to All for One’s ability to steal and redistribute quirks at will. He then mentions that All Might and All for One had some kind of previous relationship, and so All Might knows that it’s possibly to pass a quirk on to someone else.

From this reasoning, Bakugo comes to the conclusion that All Might must have passed his own quirk on to Midoriya. And, since both Bakugo and Midoriya looked up to and wanted to be like All Might, Bakugo sees this as his hero choosing Midoriya over him.

In the closing scene of the episode, Bakugo challenges Midoriya to a fight to find out which of them is the strongest once and for all.

Next Episode

I’m now realizing that I didn’t actually watch the next episode preview, but at this point I’m not going to open up the video again just to skip to that part. Unless we’re transitioning to something completely unrelated, we’re going to get the fight between Bakugo and Midoriya.

Since Midoriya is the protagonist of this shounen anime, he likely won’t actually want to fight his friend and so will be on the defensive most of the time, much like when Naruto and Sasuke fight each other. However, in the end I believe Midoriya will win, which will in turn force Bakugo to train even harder so that he can win in the future.

I’m just really hoping Bakugo doesn’t defect to the League of Villains because I’ve already seen that whole plot with Sasuke in Naruto: Shippūden. One of the things I liked about Bakugo was that despite being angry all the time, he never even considered becoming a villain.


I think that’s everything I have to say about today’s episode of My Hero Academia. If you enjoyed this post, click the like button down below, and while you’re down there let me know what you think Bakugo is going to do after his fight against Midoriya.

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