My Hero Academia Episode 65

My Hero Academia Episode 65


I believe the first time we saw Overhaul in the series was back in episode 63, the final episode of season 3. Now we’ve finally been formally introduced to him, and although we don’t know much yet, I have a good amount to say.

First up, his VA is Kenjirou Tsuda. Kenjirou has voiced a lot of characters in the past, but he really seems to have been cast in a lot of anime within the past two seasons. During the summer season I think he was the protagonist of three anime I watched, and he’s already made appearances in at least that many I’m watching this season.

Also I’m currently watching through Sound! Euphonium and noticed he’s in that too.

But his VA aside, Overhaul as a character seems fairly interesting — though there is one issue I have with him we’ll be getting to later on. He’s a relic of the past, so to speak. That doesn’t mean he’s old himself, but he’s a member of the yakuza who were prominent before All Might’s rise to prominence.

Overhaul and one of his subordinates from the anime series My Her Academia season 4
Overhaul and one of his subordinates

Once All Might burst onto the scene as the number one pro hero, the various yakuza groups had to go into hiding. But now that All Might has retired, they can begin coming out from the shadows. However, Overhaul admits that it wasn’t exactly All Might’s retirement that got him to reveal himself — it was All for One’s defeat.

Just as most of the civilians of the world didn’t know All for One existed until his final battle against All Might, the same is true for the younger generation of heroes and villains. Overhaul thought he was an urban legend, but now knows All for One is real.

Quirk: Overhaul

Overhaul hasn’t decided to reveal himself at this point because he was inspired by All for One after learning he truly existed. He decided to reveal himself after realizing that since All for One has been defeated, there’s an empty spot at the top of the villain pecking order.

Naturally, Tomura Shigaraki would be the next leader of the villains due to him being the apprentice of All for One, but what if there was a stronger villain? That’s exactly what Overhaul sees himself as. Not only does he believe he’s the strongest, but the smartest as well.

But what about his quirk? Tomura’s Decay quirk is fairly powerful assuming he can come into contact with his opponents. After all, he can kill anyone just by touching them. The thing is, he’s not the only one with a quirk like this. From what we’ve seen, Overhaul’s quirk works the same way.

Overhaul’s quirk, Overhaul, appears to make humans explode with a simple touch. He kills one of Tomura’s subordinates this way when he’s attacked, and he blows off the arm of another. Because the second villain to attack him only lost his arm, it seems like Overhaul’s quirk isn’t quite as deadly as Tomura’s.

However, we may find out that it makes up for this by being more versatile. Overhaul seems to function by putting the molecular structure of whatever he touches into overdrive. So when he touches humans, their cells rapidly divide until they explode. We may find out he can do this to anything he touches — aside from his gloves, I guess.

Unfortunately, his quirk is also the problem I have with Overhaul. It’s effectively a one-shot quirk which he uses gloves to nullify regularly. We’ve seen this before: Tomura’s Decay.

Sir Nighteye

As much as I’d like to discuss the villains all day, I suppose I should touch on the heroes in this episode as well. We’re sort of introduced to two new heroes, and we’ll most likely get formal introductions in the following episode.

These heroes are the pro hero Sir Nighteye and his sidekick, Bubble Girl. So let’s start off with Bubble girl simply because we know less about her. Based on her name, we can assume her quirk has to do with making bubbles. However, based on her outfit, it seems like she may use this quirk in a similar way to Uraraka’s Gravity quirk.

My guess is that Bubble Girl’s bubbles can be used to both make her — and other people/objects — float and imprison enemies. Basically I think she’s more of a support hero, similar to Uraraka — though we have seen that Uraraka can go on the offensive too.

Sir Nighteye reflected in Midoriya's eye from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Sir Nighteye reflected in Midoriya’s eye

Now, although I said we know less about Bubble Girl, we really don’t know much about Sir Nighteye either (from the anime series). I believe he was featured prominently in the My Hero Academia movie, but I haven’t seen that and don’t really have any plans to.

So in the anime series we don’t yet know what his quirk is. And unfortunately, I’m not sure his hero name actually tells us much either. I think his quirk probably has something to do with his eyes, but aside from that it could literally be anything.

But what we do know about Sir Nighteye is his personality. He’s extremely strict, especially when it comes to jokes. He doesn’t seem like a jokester himself, but he takes jokes very seriously. And as Mirio tells Midoriya, making him laugh is a must.


This episode was much better than episode 64 in just about every way. I don’t necessarily think that was a bad way to do a recap episode, but a recap episode is almost always going to be worse than a normal episode.

And although I’m not too interested in Sir Nighteye yet, I do want to see how Bubble Girl uses her quirk. Also, I’m looking forward to learning more about Overhaul and seeing how he and Tomura duke it out. Obviously Tomura will come out on top in the long run, but Overhaul is clearly the main antagonist of this season.

Which of these three new characters are you most looking forward to learning more about? Let me know in the comments as well as what your thoughts are about their quirks. Is Overhaul’s quirk better than Tomura’s? What do you think Sir Nighteye’s quirk is?

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