My Hero Academia Episode 66

My Hero Academia Episode 66

Boy Meets…

Unfortunatly for Midoriya, he wasn’t able to make Sir Nighteye laugh. However, he did manage to be accepted as his intern.

I don’t want today’s review to be much like a summary of the episode, so I’ll be getting the summarization out of the way in this opening section. If you’re here purely for discussion, then proceed down to the next part.

Alright, so with that said, Sir Nighteye gives Midoriya a challenge which is fairly common within shounen battle series. The instructor has an object, and the pupil needs to take that object from them. Many of you will probably remember the bell test from Naruto as a prime example of this.

But this test isn’t all that straightforward. Sir Nighteye’s quirk allows him to see into the future, so there’s really no way Midoriya was going to win. And even though Midoriya fails to obtain the stamp Sir Nighteye was holding, he’s accepted as a new intern.

Why is this? At first it seems that he was accepted because he fought Sir Nighteye while also being careful not to damage any of the All Might merchandise all over the office. However, Sir Nighteye explains that’s not really the reason — he always planned to accept Midoriya.

The only thing is, the reason he planned to accept Midoriya from the start was to prove to him that he’s not worthy of being All Might’s successor. Sir Nighteye is on #TeamMirio, which I find odd in itself. Based on how his quirk works, shouldn’t he be able to see that Midoriya is a good choice after all?

Sir Nighteye: Foresight

Sir Nighteye has an interesting quirk because it’s oddly specific. If he touches another person and makes eye contact with them, he can then see into their future. From what we see and what he says, there’s no limit to this power. He can see everything you’ll ever do in your entire life.

If that sounds extremely powerful, that’s because it is. But like I said, it’s also very specific. How many chances to set up his quirk does he really get within a battle against a villain? Does he have some way of ensuring he’ll touch them and make eye contact?

And even once he does this, just knowing their future isn’t enough, right? He still has to have a way of stopping or defeating them. Sure, if he sees that a villain’s future involves a meeting with truck-kun and a trip to a parallel world, he doesn’t have to do anything. But what about the rest of the time?

Sir Nighteye's quirk: Foresight from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Sir Nighteye’s quirk: Foresight

Sir Nighteye seems like a great support hero to have around, but that’s all I really see him as. He would make a great sidekick, but because of his ability he needs to surround himself with capable sidekicks of his own. Once he sees a villain’s future path, he can send someone like Mirio in to stop them.

But we also have to question just how accurate Sir Nighteye’s Foresight is. Is what he sees an absolute outcome? If so, then if he sees something that doesn’t go his way there’s no way to change it. Or does he just see one of many possibilities? Or maybe even every possibility?

This is an important question which will need to get answered. If his Foresight is absolute, then it’s more of a curse than a quirk.

Two Heroes

So let’s use an example to demonstrate why I find Sir Nighteye’s quirk so strange. Midoriya was chosen by All Might as his successor over Mirio, but Sir Nighteye believes that Mirio was the right choice. We also know from the end of the episode that Sir Nighteye has seen All Might’s future.

Here’s the question: If Sir Nighteye has seen All Might’s future, and Mirio’s and Midoriya’s, then shouldn’t he already know exactly how things will play out? Shouldn’t he have seen that All Might would choose Midoriya over Mirio? And shouldn’t he see a confirmation of Midoriya’s strength in his future?

And if Sir Nighteye saw All Might make the wrong decision, why didn’t All Might listen to him? Does he have that little faith in the quirk of his sidekick? Or did he want to rebel against fate in some way?

Also, let’s pretend for a second that All Might did choose Mirio over Midoriya, how would that have worked from a quirk standpoint? So far we haven’t seen anyone with more than one quirk (Todoroki technically), so would One for All overwrite Mirio’s Permeation? Or would Mirio have both quirks?

If Mirio would have access to both quirks in the same way Todoroki has both Fire and Ice, that would be extremely powerful. But Todoroki’s case isn’t exactly the same. He was specifically bred to have that quirk. Mirio would be gaining a second quirk.

And, would Mirio’s Permeation then be passed on to his successor along with One for All? That’s definitely something to consider.

Chisaki and Eri

After the credits we get a short scene that comes before the next episode preview. In it we see Midoriya come face to face with Overhaul and the demon loli, Eri, featured in the OP and ED of the season.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in either of the two episode reviews for this season that came before this one, but right from the first time I saw the new OP/ED I already knew what the deal with Eri was. And if I’m somehow wrong about this I’d be shocked.

Eri has some sort of quirk which Overhaul wants — this is obvious from what we see at the end of this episode. However, why he wants it is likely because her quirk has mass destruction capabilities. He plans to use Eri as a weapon to take control of the city, or even the country or world.

Chisaki (Overhaul), Eri, and Midoriya from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Chisaki (Overhaul), Eri, and Midoriya

I don’t think his plan is to extract her quirk in any way though. Either she’s a human weapon he can repeatedly use under the right conditions, or she’s kind of like a human explosive who can be used once for massive damage.

Like the test Sir Nighteye makes Midoriya participate in, this is another extremely common trope. However, based on the bandages on her arms, I’m also considering Overhaul wants Eri for her blood for some reason. It’s possible that demon blood powers up quirks in some way and that’s what he’s using her for.

Either way, the introduction of a child (or other weak person) being used as some sort of weapon by the antagonist is one of the most predictable tropes in battle series anime. Just to name a few from last season, it happened in BEM, Cop Craft, and DanMachi II.


What are your thoughts on Sir Nighteye’s quirk? Do you think the futures he sees are absolute? Also, do you think once he sees someone’s future once he can always look into it again? Or does each new future he sees overwrite the previous one? Let me know in the comments.

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