My Hero Academia Episode 68

My Hero Academia Episode 68

Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot

Today we’re going to mainly be discussing heroes and their quirks. So before getting into all that, let’s quickly go over some of the other major events from My Hero Academia episode 68.

There are two events which really stood out this episode. The first is the collaboration between the League of Villains and Shie Hassaikai, the yakuza group led by Kai Chisaki, AKA Overhaul. But, I’m actually still not entirely sure why these two groups need to team up.

According to Tomura Shigaraki, the League of Villains gains manpower by teaming up with Shie Hassaikai. And in return, Shie Hassaikai benefits by getting to affiliate themselves with the League of Villains. But does any of that actually matter?

I doubt Shie Hassaikai is really going to help out the League of Villains all that much — Overhaul is simply using them. On the other hand, does Shie Hassaikai really gain anything by being able to use the League of Villains name? Not that I can tell. So what’s the point?

The point may actually be connected to the next event, which is the creation of special drugs which affect quirks. It’s made by Shie Hassaikai, so the League of Villains gets access to it by teaming up with them. Additionally, the League of Villains serve as guinea pigs for Shie Hassaikai.

Also, there are two kinds of drugs which can probably both be traced back to Eri’s quirk. One powers up quirks to an extreme level, and the other suppresses quirks so they can’t be used. The former existed already, so it’s the latter which is really important here.

Big Three

The big three is the collective name for the three strongest students at U.A. These include Lemillion, Nejire chan, and Suneater.

Let’s start off with Lemillion since he’s the one we know the most about at this point in time. His quirk allows his body to pass through any object, including his clothes. While this may not seem all that great at first glance, it’s actually extremely powerful.

He can phase through the ground, other solid objects, and even the attacks of his opponents. However, there are some drawbacks. It seems like he can only phase his entire body, or none of it. This means that every time he travels through something he can’t breath because even oxygen passes through his lungs.

Big Three: Nejire chan from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Big Three: Nejire chan

Nejire chan is the second of the big three, and yes, her hero name is just her given name with “chan” afterwards. We don’t know much about how her quirk works just yet, but it’s an electric-type quirk called Surge. While Denki’s quirk seems to be a general electricity quirk, Nejire chan’s appears more specialized.

Her outfit, hair, and electricity is all spiral-shaped, but it’s unclear why this is. Does that shape have to do with her ability, or does she just like spirals? The answer to that question will likely become clear once we learn more about her.

The final member of the big three is Suneater, and he might have the most interesting quirk of them all. Whatever he eats can be incorporated into his body in some fashion.

For example, today he ate octopus (takoyaki), steamed clams, and fried chicken. This allowed him to turn his fingers into tentacles to catch villains, turn one of his hands into a shell to use as a shield, and grow wings to fly.

Red Riot Unbreakable

Next up we have Eijirou Kirishima, AKA Red Riot. I’ll be honest, I don’t like that many of the quirks in this series because they’re highly specific and wacky — it’s just not really for me. But Red Riot is one that I thought was a pretty neat idea from the start, even if Kirishima hasn’t been the best character.

But it looks like he’s finally going to be getting some development, and our first glimpse into this is the result of his training: Red Riot Unbreakable. Basically, this is just an upgraded version of his normal quirk, which is to say his body becomes even harder than usual.

It’s simple. He doesn’t use his quirk in any different way, it’s just upgraded exactly like you would expect — and he looks cooler while using it.

Red Riot Unbreakable from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Red Riot Unbreakable

But there is one concern I have: where does Red Riot go from here? As he states, when in his Unbreakable form his body really is unbreakable. He can’t exactly get much stronger than that, so has he peaked?

Almost. The one downside to Red Riot Unbreakable is that he can only hold this form for 30 to 40 seconds, so he’ll have to keep training if he wants it to last longer. But once he’s able to stay in that form for an indefinite amount of time, Red Riot will likely be the definitive strongest tank in the series.

Fat Gum and Ryukyu

The final two heroes I want to discuss are Fat Gum and Ryukyu. So let’s start with Ryukyu just because we know the least about her.

Ryukyu is also known as the Dragoon Hero, and that title combined with her appearance gives us a hint into what her quirk is. It hasn’t officially been revealed yet, but she has to be able to transform into a dragon, right? If not that, then perhaps she has dragon-like qualities instead.

Maybe she can breathe fire and grow various dragon parts on her body rather than turning into a full dragon. But I still think she can straight up turn into a dragon considering she’s also the number 9 ranked pro hero.

Fat Gum is one of those heroes whose ability I don’t really like because it’s so strange. He’s really fat, and he can absorb anything into that fat. That’s it. And while I’d like to say that’s not the best quirk out there, I’ve seen how powerful a rubber boy can be by watching One Piece.

It doesn’t look like Fat Gum can stretch his body in the same way Luffy can, but he does have elastic properties. When he absorbs the top half of the villain with the upgraded blade quirk we see that his body stretch from the inside wherever a blade comes in contact with it.

My only question is, “how physically strong is his body?” Even the blades couldn’t cut through, which means it has to be pretty strong. Even Luffy can be hurt by blades.


What are your thoughts on the heroes and quirks revealed in this episode? Which of the big three do you think is the strongest, Lemillion, Nejire chan, or Suneater? My vote is still for Lemillion. And how exactly do you think Ryukyu’s quirk is actually going to work? Let me know in the comments.

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