My Hero Academia Episode 74

My Hero Academia Episode 74


Despite the fact that this episode was basically a slideshow, it was definitely the best episode of the season so far. The only real problem with this episode is that it didn’t include more Suneater content. But, because of the Lemillion content we got, I suppose I can let that slide this week.

So, let’s quickly go through all of the good things about this episode. We got to see more Himiko, we learned the quirks of a few more members of the Eight Bullets, Overhaul was revealed to be the best villain of the series yet, and there was some great Lemillion action.

As for the quirks of the Eight Bullets, it’s interesting to see that they’re all basically support quirks. Rappa (the punching guy) was really the only one with a truly offensive quirk so far. Aside from him, we already knew about the shield guy and the guy who was manipulating the walls.

There are four new Eight Bullets members in this episode, but unfortunately only two of their quirks were confirmed. The first quirk is Confession, which makes anyone tell the truth (good for information gathering). And the second one is Sloshed, which makes anyone within a radius of the user affected by drunkenness.

It’s implied that one of the other members has some sort of sharpshooter-style quirk. He uses various types of guns, and the focus was mainly on his eyes whenever he was on screen. The final member was referred to as “Blockhead,” and we don’t know what his quirk is just yet.

If I had to guess though, I’d say he has a really strong head. That’s based on his name and the fact he shrugged off a Lemillion kick to the face.


Himiko and Twice’s betrayal of Shie Hassaikai was expected based on the previous episode, and yet turned out to be fairly interesting. They don’t actually have a plan for this betrayal. They just know that they’re going to betray the organization because they don’t like them for killing Mag.

Also, I like how Twice corrected Overhaul about Mag’s gender and Himiko told him not to make that mistake again. That was a nice touch to show how different the League of Villains is from Shie Hassaikai. They’re more like a family of misfits than a formal organization.

The main thing I found interesting about this betrayal is that even with the Confession quirk being used to interrogate Himiko and Twice, their planned betrayal wasn’t revealed. They revealed their quirks against their will, but the question regarding their betrayal wasn’t phrased correctly.

Himiko and Twice from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Himiko and Twice

If you remember, Shigaraki never actually said that the League of Villains was going to betray Shie Hassaikai. He simply said that he wasn’t going to work under them and that he doesn’t see Overhaul as his equal. It was Himiko and Twice who decided they were going to betray Shie Hassaikai like they did.

Instead, they should have been asked whether or not they were going to betray Shie Hassaikai. If the question was worded like that, then the truth would have come out and their plans would have been foiled.

Originally I was thinking this mistake was due to the incompetence of the one using the Confession quirk, but I realized that’s not the case. The mistake actually arose from him not understanding the League of Villains. They aren’t nearly as organized as a yakuza group — each member mostly does whatever they want.


I mentioned earlier that Overhaul was revealed to be the best villain of the series so far, so let’s talk about that next. And to properly explain why Overhaul is such a good villain, we first need to look at why All-for-One and Shigaraki are not.

All-for-One is the most basic villain a series can possibly have. He’s evil simply because he wants all the power in the world to be his. He doesn’t really have any motivations other than becoming stronger and defeating the #1 hero, All Might. Further, although he has a bunch of quirks, he basically just uses them to power up his physical strength.

Shigaraki isn’t much better. He uses his quirk in a more unique was and has gathered a number of like-minded followers, which is good. However, his quirk is pretty straightforward, and therefore not that interesting, and again, his motivation is basically just to take down the #1 hero because that was his master’s motivation.

Overhaul using his quirk from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Overhaul using his quirk

Overhaul is different. We’ve known for a while that he actually has a plan, and that this plan doesn’t revolve around defeating the strongest hero to prove himself. He seems to believe that quirks are a disease which plagues mankind, and his goal is to wipe that disease out by using Eri’s blood.

Further, once quirks are eliminated, the yakuza groups which were once on top can resurface. With the rise of quirks, these groups had to go into hiding, and Overhaul sees this as shameful. He may not have been born into a yakuza family, but he was raised by one so that’s how he views himself.

Finally, his quirk is so much more dynamic than the other villains so far — or at least he uses it in more unique ways.


The fight between Lemillion and Overhaul and his subordinates was probably the most exciting part of not just this season, but the entire series so far. It’s just unfortunate that the fight was a slideshow rather than actually animated. But either way, I found it to be entertaining.

It’s not often in this series that we get to see someone fight with such a mastery over their own quirk as Lemillion. As we saw from his flashback, the quirk he inherited from his father is so difficult to use that his father gave up on his dreams of becoming a hero.

But that wasn’t about to stop Mirio. He trained harder than anyone else so that he could use his quirk to its fullest extent and eventually become the hero Lemillion.

Lemillion from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4

Lemillion can use his quirk offensively, defensively, and in just about every other way you can imagine. In this fight alone he uses it to protect himself from projectiles, phase through Overhaul’s defenses to still land blows, and trick his opponents.

We also see that those years of training weren’t just for his quirk. Lemillion is also a master of using his surroundings and everything he has available to him — including his cape. And once his quirk is “permanently” removed, he’s still able to beat down Overhaul thanks to his skill at hand to hand combat.

As for his quirk being removed, I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand it would serve to further Mirio’s character development, but on the other I really want to see him using his quirk more. Also, once Eri is saved an antidote could be created to restore his quirk.


What are your thoughts on My Hero Academia episode 74? Do you think it was a good episode? I hear some manga readers are disappointed in the animation quality, but I think the story and characters more than make up for that. Who’s your favorite villain of the series? And, do you think Lemillion will get his quirk back? Let me know in the comments.

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