My Hero Academia Episode 75

My Hero Academia Episode 75

Unforeseen Hope

My Hero Academia episode 75 definitely had some decent action, but there’s not really all that much to discuss here. Lemillion and Sir Nighteye were defeated, Eraser Head was captured, and Overhaul used his quirk to turn into a monster. That pretty much sums it all up.

But I can’t end the review there. So this week we’re going to be discussing the quirks we see used in this episode. Mainly Overhaul and Sir Nighteye’s, but before we get to them, let’s run through some of the others.

I’ll start with Lemillion just because he no longer has a quirk. While I think it would be a bold move to have his quirk permanently erased, I don’t see that happening. He was built up to be an extremely important character, and to have that happen to him 12 episodes after he was introduced seems like a waste.

Though, to be fair, the same thing kind of happened to All-for-One.

Lemillion from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4

The new quirk we got to see this episode was Hari Kurono’s Chronostasis. When he pierces people with his hair that’s shaped like the hands of a clock, time slows down for them. And based on his explanation, it seems like this effect lasts different amounts of time based on which “clock hand” is used.

Time altering abilities are often some of the most powerful, but this one seems relatively tame. It’s not altering all of time, just time for one particular person. Additionally, he needs to pierce his opponents for the effect to begin. If he could simply slow down time for everyone but himself in a set radius, that would be powerful.

Also, we unfortunately didn’t get to see more of that sharpshooter quirk.

Overhaul 2.0

I’ve mentioned it before, but Overhaul really has a good quirk for a villain. It’s seemingly simple at face value — he can break down and restore anything he touches. However, it can be used in so many versatile ways that it’s one of the more powerful quirks we’ve seen.

In this episode, the new and unique way we see him use his quirk is to break down both his own body and the body of one of his subordinates, Nemoto, and then combine them. This process kills Nemoto, but it has some fairly interesting effects on Overhaul.

First of all, Overhaul now has four, much larger, arms. That’s the main difference with his physical body. And because those four arms were created by combining both Overhaul and Nemoto’s bodies, not simply adding Nemoto’s limbs onto Overhaul’s body, they can all use Overhaul’s quirk.

Overhaul combined with Nemoto from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Overhaul combined with Nemoto

But while the fact that all four limbs can use Overhaul’s quirk is seemingly the shocker for our heroes, there was something else I’m more interested in. Later on in the episode, Overhaul uses Nemoto’s Confession quirk on Eri.

So technically speaking, Overhaul is like a combination of Shigaraki and All-for-One. He can break things apart, and he can steal the quirks of other people by assimilating them into his body. But, that’s not all, because Overhaul’s quirk can do even more — such as heal people, even the dead.

And it’s not like Overhaul can use any quirk he assimilates as his own. He had to use his own quirk to create a mouth on one of the limbs that was made partly of Nemoto’s body. Then, through that mouth he could use Nemoto’s quirk.

I guess if he completely assimilated their bodies he could just use that quirk naturally, though.

Sir Nighteye’s Future

If Overhaul’s quirk is one of the best in the series thus far, which it is, then Sir Nighteye’s is one of the worst. I’m sure I touched on this fact back when his quirk was first revealed, but let’s go into it in a bit more detail.

There appear to be two main ways in which the Foresight quirk works. The main function allows Sir Nighteye to see into the distant future regarding anyone he touches. The secondary function allows him to see a short period into the future regarding his immediate surroundings and situation.

In this episode we learn that the reason he doesn’t use the main function is because he feels like he’s dictating the futures of those around him. When he saw that All Might was going to die, he felt like he was to blame for “setting this future in stone” so to speak.

Remember, Sir Nighteye’s Foresight has never been wrong — even when he’s tested it and tried to change the future.

But, that’s exactly why this is such a bad quirk to have. He knows exactly what’s going to happen in the future, regardless of which function of his quirk he uses, but he can’t change the outcome. It doesn’t matter if he uses his quirk or not, the end result is going to be the same — the only thing that matters is whether or not he knows what’s coming.

Technically speaking, he’s quirkless.

If the future he sees is good, great! But that also means nobody has to do anything — the future will work out to end up in that way. And if the future he sees is bad, well there’s nothing that can be done about it. So he might as well just never use his quirk.


When you really look at the quirks of the various characters in this series, it’s kind of crazy to see just how different they are.

On one hand, we have Overhaul, who has one of the most powerful quirks, yet has mostly hidden in the shadows. And on the other, we have Sir Nighteye, who has probably the worst quirk, and yet has risen to become one of the most well-known pro heroes.

Can you think of another quirk that’s as useless as Sir Nighteye’s Foresight? Let me know in the comments. And no, it can’t be something people can already do. It has to be an actual superhuman ability that simply does nothing.

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