My Hero Academia Episode 79

My Hero Academia Episode 79

Win Those Kids’ Hearts

As expected, this second cour of My Hero Academia season 4 is off to a rough start. In fact, it’s so rough that there really isn’t anything for me to discuss about this episode. The most important thing we learned was that Endeavor is struggling because everyone compares him to All Might, but that’s not even a new revelation.

I honestly don’t think there was any new information given to us in this episode, which makes me think that this could be filler. The whole second half of this season shouldn’t be filler, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this elementary school “arc” is.

The arc is even set up as a filler arc. We’re introduced to a “new” character who doesn’t matter: Camie. Then there’s a completely mundane problem which needs to be solved: disciplining some kids. And finally, there’s the “boss” of the arc who’s obvious right from the start: that smug kid leaning against the wall.

Oh, and in the end our heroes are going to learn some extremely basic lesson from this arc, like the fact that heroes should be nice to children. And, of course, this lesson isn’t really going to change their characters in any way because it’s just filler.

With all this in mind, I might actually skip next week’s MHA review if the episode isn’t any better than this one. I don’t think discussing episodes like this really adds anything, and there are other topics which are much more worth my time.

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Camie Utsushimi

We’ve already seen the real Camie Utsushimi in the series last season I believe. But this is the first time any of the U.A. students are meeting her, so she’s treated like a new character. And all we really know about her right now is that she likes kids and is a complete idiot.

However, since there’s not much else to write about in regard to this episode, let’s discuss her anyway and theorize about her quirk — because we don’t even know what that is yet.

The first thing you’ll notice about Camie is her appearance and the way she speaks. I don’t know what the correct term here is, but she’s basically the Japanese version of a “valley girl.” She’s young, hip, not very bright, and most importantly for her character, has sex appeal.

Bakugou, Todoroki, Inasa, and Camie from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Bakugou, Todoroki, Inasa, and Camie

That last piece of Camie’s character is where I think her quirk comes into play. Obviously the boys love her because of her appearance and the girls hate her — we see this even among the elementary schoolers. So her sex appeal is clearly a major part of her character.

And from the next episode preview, we see that her quirk has something to do with her exhaling a pink, gaseous substance. My best guess is that this is some sort of sex pheromone. She’s probably able to control males with her quirk and have them do her bidding.

It’s going to be a bit weird to see her use a quirk like that on literal children. But at the same time, I think it could be interesting to see how Camie deals with the elementary school girls who view her as their romantic rival. Is her quirk also going to work on them?

Elementary Schoolers

I feel like the name of the elementary school these kids are from was mentioned, but when I went back through the episode I couldn’t find it. Also the name of their school probably doesn’t matter at all, especially since these kids don’t matter at all either.

But, let’s take a look at some of the quirks these children have, because at least that’s sort of interesting even though we haven’t seen any of them really in action yet. The big one to mention right away is the quirk of the class “boss.”

This kid appears to have some sort of mind control quirk. He’s probably not proficient enough with his quirk yet for it to work on adults, but it would definitely be strong enough to work on his classmates. He appears to use this quirk to control his classmates and make them disobey figures of authority.

The elementary schoolers showing off their quirks from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
The elementary schoolers showing off their quirks

Along with that quirk, there are a wide variety of other quirks featured within this class. We saw some kid with a giant mouth running around, so he can probably bite through steel or something. Then there’s my personal favorite, the kid with the canon sticking out of his mouth (pictured above).

Also in that picture we have a kid with bug legs sticking out of his body, someone with a bunch of halos, a flower girl, a boy with floating chain chomps, and another boy who appears to be able to create rock projections out of his hands.

There’s also that one kid who we can see floating — which has got to be the most boring of all these powers. Don’t get me wrong, being able to fly would be pretty cool, but that’s such a standard super power when compared to the quirk of his classmates.


Did you make it through My Hero Academia episode 79? Do you think the hero students will be able to defeat this class of elementary schoolers? And which elementary schooler quirk is your favorite based on what we’ve seen so far? Let me know in the comments.

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