My Hero Academia Episode 82

My Hero Academia Episode 82

Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part

Prepping for the school festival is not the “funnest” part. Prepping for the school festival is the most fun part. On one hand, I’m extremely disappointed that the translators would use “funnest” in the title. But on the other, “funnest” is definitely a phrase I could see Midoriya saying.

Grammatically incorrect titles aside, this episode wasn’t all that interesting. We got to see a little more of Gentle Criminal and La Brava, the students of Class 1-A decided who was going to be in their band, and Midoriya figured out that he he can attack in a new way.

That last point should actually be pretty important in the long run, but it wasn’t the focus of the episode by any means.

Bakugo playing the drums from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Bakugo playing the drums

Starting with who in Class 1-A is doing what, the important members are those who are going to be in the band. We have Bakugo on drums, Yao-Momo on keyboard, Jirou on bass and vocals, and Kaminari and Tokoyami on guitar. Everyone else is either on the dance or effects teams.

I really don’t care at all about the school festival or who’s in the band though.

What I do care about is the fact that Jirou sings in English for some reason despite normally speaking in Japanese. This same thing happened in Dr. Stone and I hated it then too. But at least in Dr. Stone I think the singer was supposed to be from America to begin with.

There’s no reason for Jirou to be singing in English. It doesn’t make any sense. Also she wasn’t even singing the type of music she decided they were going to play at the festival.

Gentle Criminal and La Brava

We haven’t actually learned that much more about Gentle Criminal and La Brava this episode. We saw that one of them has some sort of levitation quirk, and I’m guessing that’s Gentle Criminal. I don’t think that’s the extent of his quirk, but rather him using whatever his quirk is in a unique way.

La Brava’s quirk is still entirely unknown, but it probably has nothing to do with cameras as I briefly thought. Based on her character design, I’d say her quirk has something to do with “love” or the heart. Her hair is sort of heart-shaped, she has heart-shaped earrings, and other parts of her outfit are also heart-shaped.

There’s also her eyes, which are pretty distinct as far as eyes go in this series. Because of that, my guess is that her quirk is manifested in some way through her eyes. Perhaps she can see into people’s hearts and find their weakness?

I don’t know, but I think it’s safe to assume we haven’t seen her quirk in action yet. Any quirk-type things we’ve seen revolving around this pair has likely been due to Gentle Criminal, not La Brava.

La Brava from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
La Brava

The only real information we get about this pair is in regards to who Gentle Criminal is as a person. While he still considers himself a villain, he sees himself as a Robin Hood-type character. His crimes target the rich who are abusing their power and he attempts to bring public awareness to their corruption.

Gentle Criminal is also a failing YouTuber. Because his videos depict him committing crimes, his channels are continuously deleted. When this happens, La Brava creates a new channel for him and re-uploads all of his videos. His videos don’t get much engagement, and the little engagement they receive is generally negative.

Long-Range Attacks

So far in the series Midoriya has basically had one fighting style. At the start of the series he used his arms to fight, and now he uses his legs. Some people may argue that counts as two fighting styles, but he’s still always been a close combat fighter.

However, that’s all about to change now that All Might is teaching him some long-range attacks. By boosting his output percentage at the last second of an attack, he can send blasts of air towards his opponents. But hasn’t he already technically done this in the past?

I’m pretty sure he attacked Overhaul in this way when he was using his 100% full cowling. And wasn’t he “flying” by kicking the air downward like Sanji does in One Piece? Maybe he simply didn’t realize this was something he could do with only 20% of his full strength.

Eri visiting U.A. from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Eri visiting U.A.

But what’s more important than Midoriya’s new long-range attack is a comment he makes to All Might before their training session. Midoriya says, “I wish I could draw out the power to change the weather like you, All Might.”

Maybe I missed it earlier, but I think this is the first time it’s been stated, or even shown, that All Might has the power to change the weather. Where did this come from? Does he mean that All Might can blow away clouds with the force of his attacks? Or does he literally mean he can change the weather?

All Might was quirkless before receiving One-for-All just like Midoriya, right? I’m not somehow forgetting that All Might previously had a weather-changing quirk or something? So, does this mean Midoriya will also one day have control over the weather? That’s pretty powerful if so — especially on top of One-for-All’s physical strength.


What are your thoughts on My Hero Academia season 4 episode 19? Do you care about the school festival at all? What do you think Gentle Criminal and La Brava’s quirks are? And what did Midoriya mean when he said All Might can change the weather? Let me know in the comments.

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