My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 115

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 115

Mirko, the No. 5 Hero

At this point, I don’t remember who the top 10 pro heroes are in My Hero Academia. Season 6 hasn’t run through them all yet. But, in Episode 115, we’re told the rankings of two of them, Mirko and Crust.

Obviously, I know that Endeavor is the number 1 hero and Hawks is number 2. I don’t know remember who numbers 3 and 4 are. But, thanks to this episode, I know Mirko is number 5 and Crust is number 6. After those two, I don’t know who rounds out the rest of the top 10.

With that said, I feel like Mt. Lady and Ryuku are up there somewhere. And from what I remember, the rankings are based on popularity, not ability. Though, ability still plays a role in popularity. That’s why Hawks is number 2 and why I’m pretty sure Mt. Lady is in the top 10, as well.

Number 5 Pro Hero Mirko from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 115
Number 5 Pro Hero Mirko

If I’m correct about the rankings being popularity-based, it’s kind of odd for a hero like Crust to be up there. Have we ever seen him before? It’s hard to imagine he’s more popular than a lot of the other pro heroes we know.

Anyway, in this episode, Mirko has to fight against 4 high-end Nomu on her own. The fifth high-end Nomu is blocking the other pro heroes from coming to her rescue. These Nomu all have powerful quirks and, unlike normal Nomu, can even think for themselves.

One of these Nomu has a quirk that allows it to twist space, or something. It uses this quirk on Mirko’s left arm, shattering the bone and leaving it unusable. But, I don’t anticipate this being a permanent injury. Surely, this is something Recovery Girl can heal as she did for Deku.

Rock Lock Does Things!

In Episode 114, we got to see one of my favorite pro heroes, Rock Lock. And in Episode 115, we got to see Rock Lock actually do things! Rock Lock might not be one of the strongest heroes, but I like his quirk a lot.

In case you aren’t aware or forgot, Rock Lock’s quirk allows him to lock objects in place. I feel like there was another part to his quirk, but I can’t remember it. Locking things in place is the main part. And we see him do that in this episode.

He locks a couch in place in the air to use it as a shield, blocking an attack from a Nomu. That’s one way he can use his quirk. In the past, we’ve also seen him use it to create platforms in the air to run across. It’s pretty versatile.

Eraserhead, Endeavor, Present Mic, and Rock Lock fighting against some Nomu from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 115
Eraserhead, Endeavor, Present Mic, and Rock Lock fighting against some Nomu

The really exciting part about Rock Lock doing things in this episode is that we got to see him use his quirk in a new way. He created a door in a wall with his quirk. I don’t know exactly how he did this, but I can make a guess.

My assumption is that he “unlocked” a section of wall on 3 sides (top, bottom, and right). That doesn’t explain how he was able to turn the fourth (left) side into a hinge. But, it makes sense if you just don’t think about it too much.

It’s possible that the ability to create hinges is the other part of his quirk I was forgetting. Either way, Rock Lock has a neat quirk and I hope we get to see more from him throughout this arc. But, I’m not going to get my hopes up.

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Chargebolt the Traitor

Do you remember that there’s supposedly a traitor among the Class 1-A students? And do you remember when people used to say the traitor was going to be Kaminari? Based on the events of Episode 115, it seems safe to say Kaminari isn’t the traitor.

Now, I don’t know what ever came of the whole traitor thing. I don’t know what happens in the future of the series. I don’t read the manga and I try to avoid spoilers as best I can. So, I don’t know if the traitor has been revealed yet in the manga.

But, the farther into the series we get, the less likely it seems that there’s a traitor at all. I can’t imagine any of the Class 1-A students being a traitor — even someone like Bakugo. I guess that’s what makes the traitor thing such a (potentially) good twist.

Denki "Chargebolt" Kaminari invalidating a villain's quirk from the anime series My hero Academia Season 6 Episode 115
Denki “Chargebolt” Kaminari invalidating a villain’s quirk

So, let’s get into Kaminari’s role in this episode. The pro heroes selected him to join them on the front lines of the attack on the PLF’s headquarters. Why? Because he can use attacks that cover a wide area. He can immobilize a large number of enemies all at once.

Also, it’s not as if Kaminari would be that useful in the backline. His quirk isn’t particularly suited to evacuating civilians. He can’t use his electricity to help people escape. But, most of his classmates have quirks that they can use in that way.

Anyway, Kaminari doesn’t actually end up using his quirk to attack a large number of enemies. Instead, he does the opposite. He uses his quirk to protect a large number of allies from a single enemy’s attack. Thanks to his quirk, he was able to act as a human lightning rod.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 115? How many of the top 10 heroes can you list without looking them up? Which minor supporting character has your favorite quirk? And who do you think the traitor is? Let me know in the comments (no spoilers).

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  1. Back in season 4 when they did the Top 10 Hero rankings presentation they actually said that the rankings were based on a combined metric of achievements and a popular vote. I think they also said popular vote part of the rankings was a new addition. The presentation was an attempt to boost public morale after All Might’s retirement and the popular vote mechanic was added to make the public feel more included.

    Endeavour got the number 1 spot almost entirely based on his achievements. He’s never been very popular and he’s never tried to be. He does have his fans though.

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