My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119

Searching for One-for-All

I like that My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119 highlighted the “minor” quirks. There’s often a focus on powerful, flashy, or extra strange quirks. But, there are a lot of quirks that are very important in niche situations. Those are the quirks I’m most interested in.

Why do you think Rock Lock is my favorite pro hero? He has a unique quirk that’s relatively niche. In most cases, being able to lock objects in place isn’t that powerful. And that’s why he often uses his quirk to support other, more conventionally strong heroes.

Also, in case you missed it, we got confirmation that Rock Lock is still alive.

But, I don’t want to talk about Rock Lock today. Instead, I want to talk about Ragdoll and Kido. Starting with Ragdoll, she’s a member of the pro hero group Wild, Wild Pussycats.

Pro Hero Ragdoll from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119
Pro Hero Ragdoll

Ragdoll’s quirk allowed her to locate and identify the quirk of anyone she sees. I say “allowed” because she no longer has her quirk. All-for-One stole it, so she’s currently quirkless. But, why would All-for-One want her quirk? It’s not particularly powerful. When he took it from her, I assumed he did it simply to be evil.

However, now that Shigaraki has All-for-One’s quirk, we can see why he wanted Ragdoll’s quirk. With her quirk, Shigarki can locate the wielder of One-for-All. All-for-One’s goal was to obtain the One-for-All quirk so he could become the strongest. And now Shigaraki has inherited that goal.

Now, the other minor quirk I wanted to mention is Kido’s Traject quirk. He can change the trajectory of things, which again seems like a pretty niche quirk. But, he’s one of Endeavor’s sidekicks. When teaming up with Kido, Endeavor can change direction without losing momentum. It’s niche but important.

Endeavor vs. Shigaraki

For the second time in the series, we have the #1 pro hero fighting the villain with the All-for-One quirk. But, the odds are strongly in favor of the villain this time around. Why? Because the hero is Endeavor and the villain is Shigaraki.

Although Endeavor is the current #1 hero, the previous #1 hero, All Might, was stronger than him. So, the last time the #1 hero faced off against All-for-One, it was a stronger hero.

At the same time, the current holder of All-for-One is Shigaraki. And because Shigaraki also has his Decay quirk, he’s stronger than his predecessor. So, not only is the current #1 hero weaker than the last, but the current All-for-One user is stronger than the last.

Without a doubt, Endeavor puts up a good fight against Shigaraki. But, I couldn’t see him actually winning in the end without the support of the other pro heroes.

Endeavor burning Shigaraki from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119
Endeavor burning Shigaraki

The most important supporting hero for this fight is, of course, Eraser Head. I brought this up in the Episode 118 review. As long as Eraser Head can keep his eyes on Shigaraki, Shigaraki won’t be able to use his many quirks.

Unfortunately, Eraser Head can’t keep his quirk active at all times. If he blinks, his quirk stops working momentarily. And a moment is all Shigaraki would need. He could take out Eraser Head or flee the battlefield in that time. That’s why Eraser Head himself gets support from the hero Manual.

Should I have included Manual in the “minor” quirk discussion at the start of this review? I don’t think so. We see Manual creating water drops to keep Eraser Head’s eyes moist, but there’s no indication that’s all he can do. It seems more like he has an all-purpose water quirk.

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The New One-for-All

What quirks do we know Shigaraki has? I don’t remember all the quirks All-for-One used in his fight against All Might. So, I’m only going to be going through the Quirks we saw Shigaraki use in this episode. And, there are quite a few.

First, we know he has One-for-All, which allows him to take (and give) quirks. And, honestly, that’s his quirk with the biggest potential. Like, imagine if Twice was still alive and Shigaraki took Twice’s quirk for himself. If that happened, there’d really be no stopping him.

Shigaraki also has his original Decay quirk, which is the most devastating he has access to. Then, there’s Ragdoll’s quirk, an air blast quirk, and an electromagnetic wave quirk. Speaking of those last two, he combines them to create an EMP effect. I’m no physicist, so don’t ask me if wind can actually spread electromagnetism like that.

Shigaraki reaching for Deku and Bakugo from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119
Shigaraki reaching for Deku and Bakugo

It’s pretty clear that Shigaraki is now the most powerful quirk user the world has ever seen. He’s surpassed everyone else. But, my hope for the future of the series is that he doesn’t continue stockpiling quirks for himself. That wouldn’t be very interesting.

What would be interesting is if he starts using All-for-One to power up his allies. He could give a second quirk to Gigantomachia, who’s already very strong. Okay, so Gigantomachia and Dabi may not need additional quirks. But, what about Himiko and Mr. Compress? They’re in danger of being power-scaled out of relevancy.

Without receiving another quirk from Shigaraki, how is Himiko going to keep up? Where can her quirk go from here? I get that her quirk is still useful — she attacked multiple heroes with it in this episode. But, all the U.A. students are still improving their own quirks.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119? Will Ragdoll ever get her quirk back? How long do you think we have until Shigaraki kills Eraser Head? And do you think Shigaraki will give his allies additional quirks? Let me know in the comments.

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