My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 121

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 121

League of Villains vs. U.A. Students

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 121 isn’t what I would call a good episode. There was some interesting stuff. But, overall, this wasn’t a good episode. There was a lot of wasted time — slow-motion shots all over the place.

Anyway, although this episode’s title is “League of Villains vs. U.A. Students,” that’s not what happened in it. It was actually Gigantomachia vs. U.A. students. Mr. Compress threw some debris at Kaminari and Dabi lit the forest on fire. Other than that, the League of Villains didn’t do much.

But, I’m surprised the students were able to stop Gigantomachia as effectively as they did. They actually stopped him for a short period of time. That’s more than all the pro heroes managed to do. And, somehow, 3 students were able to hold him down with the help of Mineta’s grapes.

Rikido "Sugarman" Sato pulling on Gigantomachia from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 121
Rikido “Sugarman” Sato pulling on Gigantomachia

Now, something that stood out to me from this part of the episode was the comment on Gigantomachia’s quirk(s). I’m sure this came up earlier in the series. But, I forgot. So, Dabi confirmed that Gigantomachia has many quirks implanted into his body.

I’m not sure if the details of his quirks have ever been mentioned before, though. One quirk Dabi mentions is the ability to turn morale into energy. Another stops Gigantomachia from feeling pain. And then we’re simply told that there are a bunch of others, as well. No doubt, some of these are responsible for his appearance.

Something I thought of is, what happens when Gigantomachia reaches Shigaraki? Are they going to team up as an unstoppable duo? Or, could Shigaraki use All-for-One on Gigantomachia? What if Shigaraki takes Gigantomachia’s quirks all for himself, making himself even stronger? That could be the plan.

Mina and Gigantomachia

Apparently, Mina and Gigantomachia have crossed paths in the past. When she was a middle school student, she had a confrontation with him before he looked the way he does now. So, that tells us Gigantomachia’s current appearance is pretty new.

And, from what I remember, this isn’t the first time we saw this flashback. I could be wrong. But, I kind of remember it from a previous season and it’s why Mina decided to become a hero. Well, she wanted to become a hero after standing up for her friends, or something.

The big question for me right now is, “why?” Why was it revealed that Mina and Gigantomachia came into contact with each other before? It’s such a random thing to include if there’s nothing more to it. There has to be more to it than what we know right now.

Mina "Pinky" Ashido wearing a middle school uniform from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 121
Mina “Pinky” Ashido wearing a middle school uniform

It’s time for a conspiracy theory. Remember how there’s supposed to be a traitor among the U.A. students? Well, now that we know this part of Mina’s past, she’s the prime candidate in my eyes. She’s the only one of the students with prior contact with a member of the League of Villains.

This might seem like a strange theory. After all, Mina stood up for her friends and protected them from him. So, why would she be a spy for the villains now? Well, we don’t actually know what Gigantomachia’s original quirk was. Or what quirks he may have had back then.

It’s entirely possible that Mina is being controlled somehow. He didn’t hurt her when she was in middle school. But, he may have used some kind of quirk to plant a seed in her mind. Mind control makes more sense than an actual traitor.

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Who Is Tomura Shigaraki?

Once again, let me say that Shigaraki is too overpowered. I know, I say this every week now. But, he gets more overpowered every week, so I think it’s warranted. This time around, he stopped Deku’s 100% One-for-All attack with just his teeth — no quirk enabled.

If that can’t stop him, then I guess nothing can. The series might as well end here. There’s nothing the heroes can do to stop Shigaraki. Even if they removed all his quirks, he can still beat them all with his bare hands.

Also, speaking of removing quirks, Eraser Head doesn’t have a quirk anymore. It was kind of inevitable. But, I would have much rather this not happened. Why? Because it’s more interesting if Shigaraki has to play around Eraser Head’s quirk. Removing his quirk altogether takes the fun out of it.

Nana Shimura crying to Gran Torino from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 121
Nana Shimura crying to Gran Torino

There are plenty of ways Shigaraki could have outplayed the pro heroes. Eraser Head can’t remove the quirks of people he can’t see. So, all Shigaraki had to do was break Eraser Head’s line of site to him. If anything’s between them, Shigaraki can use his quirks again.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to see Shigaraki have to outmaneuver Eraser Head while fighting? Without Eraser Head, fights against Shigaraki are going to be more boring. It’s just going to turn into a game of “don’t let Shigaraki touch you.” And even if you get a hit in on him, he shrugs it off anyway.

Anyway, what I actually wanted to bring up in this section is Shigaraki’s family. It seems that his grandfather was someone dangerous. Nana Shimura hid Shigaraki’s father away from this person. So, could that person be All-for-One? Is Shigaraki the biological grandson of All-for-One? At this point, it seems likely.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 121? Do you think Shigaraki is going to absorb Gigantomachia’s quirks? How do you feel about my theory that Mina is the traitor? And, is Shigaraki actually All-for-One’s grandson? Let me know in the comments.

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