My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 126

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 126

Creature Rejection Clan

The first half of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 126 focused on the League of Villains. I tend to prefer League of Villains episodes over hero student episodes. They’re just more interesting characters. Yes, even Spinner is a more interesting character than any of the hero students.

To be fair, there’s not much difference between heroes and villains. The hero students each have their reasons for wanting to become heroes. And the League of Villains members each have their reasons for becoming villains.

But, someone deciding they want to be a hero simply isn’t that interesting or special. The society they live in promotes the idea of becoming a hero and saving people. It’s normal that many people would want to become heroes. So, I prefer seeing why people choose the opposite path. What made them decide to reject hero society and become a villain?

Spinner of the League of Villains from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 126
Spinner of the League of Villains

I’m sure we’ve heard Spinner’s backstory before. At the very least, we already knew he joined the League of Villains because he admired Stain. And the same is true for Himiko. But, the part I want to focus on here is that what’s effectively racism also played a role in Spinner’s decision.

Spinner looks like a reptile as a result of his quirk. And because of his appearance, many people treated him as if he was a creature, not a person. This is what made him lose faith in the current form of society.

During the flashback part of Episode 126, we also see a cult called the Creature Rejection Clan. This is a cult of regular humans who hate those with quirks. And it seems that they hate people like Spinner, who have mutated appearances, most of all. His appearance was the only one they commented on.

Mr. Compress’s Final Performance

Considering the title of this episode, I thought Mr. Compress was going to do something crazy. Like, maybe he was going to reveal the true power of his quirk and save the League. But, that’s not quite what happened.

To be fair, he did save Shigaraki to an extent. But, it’s unclear if his sacrifice resulted in more than that. So, let’s look at where each of the League of Villains members stand at the end of the episode.

Starting with Mr. Compress, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to survive. He had to significantly injure himself in order to escape Best Jeanist’s threads. And at the end of the episode, All-for-One (in Shigaraki’s body) abandons Mr. Compress and flees.

That sucks for Mr. Compress. But, it doesn’t look like he was alone in being left behind.

Mr. Compress of the League of Villains from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 126
Mr. Compress of the League of Villains

As far as I could tell, All-for-One didn’t take any of the other League of Villains members with him. I didn’t notice the Nomu carrying off Spinner, for example. And I don’t feel like Spinner would be able to escape from the heroes on his own. So, he may now be in custody.

As for Dabi, the last we saw of him, Mr. Compress compressed him. We never saw Mr. Compress release Dabi as he did with Spinner and Shigaraki. So, it’s unclear what’s going to happen to Dabi. If he’s released, he could help Spinner escape.

Himiko is off somewhere else, so we have no information on what becomes of her. But, of course, she’s going to reappear later in the series. And, All-for-One left Machia asleep on the battlefield. However, he can always get Machia back if he has a way to get in contact with him — unless the heroes keep him drugged.

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Saving Shigaraki

It looks like the League of Villains are now understanding All-for-One used them. I mean, of course he did. He’s the ultimate villain. He’s not going to help this team of misfits without getting anything out of it himself. And the thing he wanted was Shigaraki’s body.

By the end of the episode, All-for-One is in control. And it’s pretty clear that this isn’t good for anyone other than All-for-One. Obviously, the heroes want to stop him because he’s the most dangerous villain to ever exist. But, even the League of Villains don’t want him around.

Shigaraki hates All-for-One and doesn’t want to give his body up to his mentor. He has his own goals he wants to accomplish. And, this is part of the reason why All-for-One taking over is bad for the League of Villains. The other members want to support Shigaraki.

All-for-One controlling Shigaraki's body from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 126
All-for-One controlling Shigaraki’s body

The other big reason why this is bad for the League of Villains is that All-for-One doesn’t care about them. He has no problem sacrificing them for his own gain. So, it’s not like he’s a viable replacement for Shigaraki. If they follow All-for-One, he’ll use them and toss them aside.

Now, this could be the breaking point for the League. I don’t think Dabi cares all that much about it anymore. He’s only interested in Endeavor and Shouto. But, what about Spinner and Himiko? It makes sense to me that they would want to save their friend (Shigaraki) from All-for-One.

So, how would they do that? They don’t stand a chance against All-for-One. Well, that’s where the heroes come in. Deku mentioned how it looked like Shigaraki wanted to be saved from All-for-One. This could be how, as I’ve theorized for a long time, Himiko (and Spinner) join the heroes.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 126? Do you like getting more backstory for the supporting villains like Spinner? Did you expect more from Mr. Compress’s final performance? And, will Himiko team up with Deku to save Shigaraki? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 126”

  1. It’s my understanding that the Creature Rejection Clan isn’t anti-quirk but anti-heteromorph ie. people who don’t look human like Spinner. There’s nothing said about the members of the Creature Rejection Clan not having quirks.

    Don’t forget there are lot of people who have very minor or useless quirks at least as far as combat goes. Especially if they haven’t trained intensively to use them that way. Deku
    s mom’s quirk wouldn’t be very useful in a fight after all. Maybe with training but I don’t know.

    1. I just assumed they were entirely quirkless because we didn’t see any of them even try to use a quirk when fighting against the League. But, regardless of whether they have quirks or hate all people with quirks, there’s no question that they hate non-human-looking quirk users the most.

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