My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 128

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 128

Jailbreak from Tartarus

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 128 did something I wasn’t expecting. It brought back all the villains from earlier in the series. All-for-One wasn’t the only one who escaped from the supermax prison known as Tartarus. So did Muscular, Overhaul, and others.

Notably, Gigantomachia did not escape. But, that’s only because he wasn’t actually in the prison yet. So, it’s unclear what’s going to happen to him. Is All-for-One going to seek him out again? Or, is Gigantomachia actually out of the series, as I predicted last week?

Personally, I don’t like bringing back old villains. However, I have a feeling that the old villains won’t matter all that much. For example, Overhaul doesn’t have arms anymore, so he can’t use his quirk. Muscular might do something, but he’s more of a minor villain. At least, I’m hoping all these old villains don’t become important again.

Inside the Tartarus control room from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 128
Inside the Tartarus control room

What I found more interesting about the jailbreak scene was the new villainess. We don’t know her name, but she’s the one who released Overhaul from his cell. She’s also featured in the new OP, which I didn’t watch last week. I’ve watched it now.

Is Himiko the only female villain we’ve had in the series so far? I mean, I know there have been other, minor female villains. For example, there was the blue woman whom Himiko dropped using Ochaco’s quirk. But, as far as I remember, Himiko is the only female main villain. That might change now.

Oh, also I need to mention how easy it was for All-for-One to break out of Tartarus. I want to say Tartarus should have more robust defenses. But, because of quirks, there’s not much more that could be done. The best solution is to execute the prisoners there.

The Orochimaru Effect

In one of the earlier episode reviews, I said that All-for-One wanted to steal Shigaraki’s body. Why did he transplant his own quirk into Shigaraki? Was it to help Shigaraki? No, of course not. It was to prepare Shigaraki as his next vessel.

And how did I know this was the case? Because I’ve seen Naruto and nothing is new in shounen battle anime. This is exactly what Orochimaru did to Sasuke. And just as Naruto saved Sasuke through the power of friendship, Deku will save Shigaraki. I’ve said that before, too, and the current OP seems to confirm it.

The only thing I don’t understand is why All-for-One needed to break himself out of prison. I assumed that his consciousness would slowly take over Shigaraki. And at some point, Shigaraki would be a prisoner in his own body as All-for-One controlled it.

All-for-One freed from Tartarus from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 128
All-for-One freed from Tartarus

But, the fact that All-for-One wanted to free his current body implies that’s not how it works. And, logically, this makes sense. If All-for-One’s in prison, how would he “become” Shigaraki? It’s not like his consciousness left his body when it controlled Shigaraki’s. It was more like he was controlling Shigaraki from a distance.

So, it could be that what we’ve seen happening to Shigaraki is only the beginning. It could be that once his body is ready, All-for-One is going to perform another operation on him. His quirks were transferred over. But, next, it will be his consciousness.

For that, All-for-One is going to need Dr. Garaki. And I’m not sure where the doctor ended up. I don’t remember seeing him get broken out of prison. But, there’s a good chance he was in one of the other prisons that All-for-One attacked. After all, Dr. Garaki isn’t dangerous enough for Tartarus.

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Sleeping Beauty

At the end of Episode 128, we find out that Midoriya is in a coma. He’s also in a full-body cast due to the damage he sustained in the fight against Shigaraki. And in addition to that, we see Bakugo saying that Deku better not die.

Well, I’m here to tell you that Deku won’t die, obviously. I’m not sure why the episode ended on that note. There are so many other ways it could have ended if it wanted a cliffhanger. Literally, anything that has to do with All-for-One would have been a good ending.

But, Deku being in a coma could be interesting. If he doesn’t come out of his coma for the rest of the season, that would be pretty cool. It would be like how SAO: Alicization was watchable once Kirito was in a vegetative state. Removing Deku can only improve MHA.

Midoriya in a coma from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 128
Midoriya in a coma

Now, let’s say Midoriya does come out of his coma. How is this going to happen? And how is his body going to heal? Is Bakugo going to kiss him so he wakes up like Sleeping Beauty? I certainly hope so. But, I doubt that’s how it’ll go down.

What about Recovery Girl? Can’t she heal his injuries? I guess she could. But, I’m also not sure if her quirk has any limit. I’m pretty sure she’s mentioned that she can’t heal extreme injuries. That’s why everyone had to tell Deku to stop breaking his arms and fingers in the past.

At this point, you may know what I’m going to say. Eri-chan could heal Deku’s injuries completely. She was able to revert Mirio’s body back to when he had his quirk. And she was able to heal Deku during his fight against Overhaul. So, why not here, too?


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 128? Are you happy to see all the old villains out of prison again? Why do you think All-for-One wanted to retrieve his current body? And, how do you think Deku will come back from his injuries? Let me know in the comments.

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