My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 133

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 133

Superpower Dark Ages

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 133 gives us a glimpse into the start of One for All. By start, I don’t mean how All for One made the quirk by forcing a power storage quirk into his brother. I mean how One for All’s legacy began.

If All for One’s brother never passed his quirk down, One for All as we know it wouldn’t exist today. And he never would have passed his quirk down if he wasn’t rescued by the (later) second and third users. They found him while hunting down All for One.

During that time, quirks were relatively new. Because of that, villains were running around pretty much uncontested. And, as you might have guessed, All for One was at the top of the villain world. He used a mind-control quirk to bend other villains and those with quirks to his will.

The second One for All user from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 133
The second One for All user

We don’t know exactly how One for All made its way from the first to the second and then to the third user. What were the circumstances surrounding the quirk getting passed on? I’m going to assume the second user got the quirk shortly after rescuing All for One’s brother.

All for One’s brother likely passed on his quirk to his saviors so they could fight his brother. But, what about the next transfer? What led to the quirk being passed from the second to the third user? They were both fighting together. So, did the second user suffer a mortal injury and pass on the quirk before he died?

It’s interesting to think about how this all might have played out. Based on the other users we know of, there was always a mentor passing the quirk down to a student. But, here, things were different.

The Final One for All Quirks

At this point, we still don’t know what the second One for All user’s quirk was. But, we can be pretty sure it has to do with projectiles. He wears what looks like a cannon mounted on his forearm in the flashback.

In the “present” (when Deku met with the past users in his mind), we see that he has 2 of these cannons — one on each arm. Still, we haven’t seen what it is he shoots. But, even with that piece of information missing, this quirk seems good.

Think about all the other quirks Deku has in his arsenal. None of them are particularly long-range quirks. Blackwhip can reach enemies and objects a bit farther from Deku. But, he doesn’t have a quirk that he can actually fight at a distance with yet.

Deku and the past users of One for All from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 133
Deku and the past users of One for All

The third user’s quirk appears to be a speed boost quirk, as I predicted in my Episode 131 review. We haven’t seen Deku use this quirk yet. But, when Deku’s about to attack Lady Nagant, the third user mentions accelerating. With this, Deku can either dodge her shots or close the gap between himself and her.

How can Deku use these 2 new quirks alongside the others, though? The second user’s quirk doesn’t seem like it pairs all that well with the others. Maybe it could be good when used in conjunction with the Smokescreen quirk. But, it’s not like it combines well with Deku’s physical strength, Blackwhip, or Float.

The speed boost quirk could be a bit better. Deku can set up a smokescreen to mask his movements and quickly close in on his opponent. Then, once he’s in range, he can hit them with a powerful punch. That seems pretty good, to me.

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Hired Gun: Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant seems like a pretty good villain. Overhaul was a good villain. And Lady Nagant is dragging him around. So, she must be a good villain too, by association. Though, the reason she’s dragging him around is that she thinks she’ll be able to use him at some point.

So, aside from her wanting to use Overhaul, what makes Lady Nagant interesting? The big thing is that she’s a former hero. And, in fact, she’s more than just a former regular hero. She was a member of the Public Safety Commission with Hawks.

We also know that she got sentenced to Tartarus for killing one of her allies (another hero). Unfortunately, we don’t know who this hero was or why Lady Nagant killed them. But, I have a feeling that we’ll learn more about that as the arc progresses. She seems like she’s going to get a fair amount of backstory.

Lady Nagant from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 133
Lady Nagant

As for Lady Nagant’s quirk, I think it’s a pretty neat one. The name of her quirk is Rifle and it lets her use her right arm as a rifle. But, that’s not all she can do. She can also pull out her hair and twist it into a bullet to fire through her arm.

As Snipe explains in an interview, Lady Nagant’s hair works like 2-part epoxy. When she mixes the two colors of her hair together, it hardens into a projectile. She can even alter the shape of these projectiles to give them additional properties.

One of these properties is the ability for her projectiles to curve in the air. And since she can land shots from multiple kilometers away, this makes her the #1 marksman around. But, now there’s a new projectile quirk user in town, and his name is Deku.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 133? Do you want to see more of the age of the first few One for All users? Which of Deku’s various quirks do you think is the best? And, what are your thoughts on Lady Nagant? Let me know in the comments.

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