My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 134

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 134

Lady Nagant the Anti-Hero

As I predicted last week, we got to learn about Lady Nagant’s backstory in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 134. However, I wasn’t predicting Lady Nagant’s arc to come to an end so soon. Her formal introduction was in Episode 133 and by the end of Episode 134 Deku defeated her.

Still, even though Lady Nagant wasn’t around for long, she’s pretty interesting. Originally, the implication was that she swapped from being a hero to a villain. But, it turns out that’s not exactly true. She did some bad things. However, I wouldn’t call her a villain.

Lady Nagant is more of an anti-hero than anything else. And this makes her closer to someone like Stain than most of the other villains of the series. Like Stain, she saw a problem with hero society and wanted to fix it her own way.

Lady Nagant from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 134
Lady Nagant

But, what sets Lady Nagant apart from someone like Stain is that she had a very narrow scope. Stain basically hated all pro heroes who weren’t All Might. He believed they were false heroes who got into that line of work for the wrong reasons. And as a result, he became a terrorist.

Lady Nagant’s hatred for hero society is much more limited. She doesn’t hate all pro heroes. Instead, she hates the system that forces some heroes to do the nation’s dirty work and covers it up. She hates that the government acts righteous, but is actually dealing in death.

Eventually, Lady Nagant chose to act on her beliefs. But, instead of taking her anger out on all heroes, she directed it at those she viewed as responsible. We know she killed the Hero Association commissioner, and it was said she killed some heroes. We never actually saw her kill other heroes, though.

Quirk: Fa Jin

So, we know One for All’s third user’s original quirk is a speed boost quirk. But, it doesn’t work in the way I assumed it would. Considering the third user’s appearance, I thought his quirk would work like Iida’s. That’s not the case.

To understand how this quirk works, we first need to look at its name: Fa Jin. I didn’t know what this meant. So, after I finished the episode, I looked it up. According to Wikipedia, it’s a Chinese martial arts term meaning explosive power.

That definition of Fa Jin makes sense considering how we saw Deku use this quirk. First, he built up a large amount of potential energy in his legs. Then, he released that energy to travel at a high rate of speed. This is different from his ability to launch himself with One for All.

The third user of One for All from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 134
The third user of One for All

While I’m glad we got to see the third user’s quirk in action, I was expecting to see the seconds, as well. The second user seems to have some sort of projectile quirk. I figured that would play a role in Deku’s fight against Lady Nagant considering her quirk. But, I guess not.

I also want to point out that we still don’t know the names of the second or third One for All users. Why do you think this is? Is it simply that their names aren’t important so Horikoshi never gave them names? Or, could their names be spoilers for later?

I’m not really sure what their names would spoil, though. Even if we recognized their last names, what would it change? If the third user’s last name was Midoriya and we learned he’s related to Deku, so what? I’m thinking Horikoshi just never bothered to name them.

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The Replacement

Lady Nagant had a lot of potential to be a good antagonist. But, as I already mentioned, she only lasted 2 episodes before Deku defeated her. And the way in which he defeated her wasn’t very satisfying. Well, the “second” way he defeated her wasn’t. The fight itself was pretty good.

After Deku defeats Lady Nagant in combat, he defeats her for a second time with his words. He reveals that she never actually intended to kill Overhaul when she shot at him. And he reveals that she could have defeated him with her first shot if she wanted to.

It turns out that despite the bad things she’s done, Lady Nagant still has the heart of a hero. And, to me, that’s a pretty boring resolution. I’d rather see Deku (and Hawks) convince Lady Nagant that the system she fought against is changing. Seeing her already be good deep down kind of made the fight pointless.

Hawks from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 134

I get that having Deku and Hawks turn Lady Nagant to their side could be boring to some people. It’s very similar to Naruto’s Talk-no-Jutsu, after all. But, I think it would have made sense in this situation. We already knew Lady Nagant committed crimes because she’s a hero.

So, it could have been interesting to see how she’d react to learning that the system is changing. The crimes she committed weren’t for nothing. She changed the direction of the hero system with her actions. That’s what I’d have rather seen.

And, of course, we could still have the episode end in the same way. The explosive trap laid by All for One could still go off. I’m not saying I think she should survive to team up with the heroes and take down All for One. Not much would change.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 134? Did you expect Lady Nagant to last longer than 2 episodes? Were you thinking Deku would use the second user’s quirk in this fight? And did you like how Lady Nagant’s story ended? Let me know in the comments.

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