My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 140 Review

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 140 Review

Star and Stripe Is a Weak Woman

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 140 is another episode dedicated to Star and Stripe. She may be America’s #1 hero, but she’s still a woman, which is why she’ll never be on All Might’s level. At least, that’s what someone told her.

Is that really the case? Of course not. The reason Star and Stripe will never be on All Might’s level is that she doesn’t have One-for-All. If she was All Might’s successor, she’d absolutely be on his level. In fact, due to how that quirk works, she’d be even stronger than him.

Every quirk has its strengths and weaknesses. Powering its user up physically isn’t where New Order’s strength lies. Its strength is its versatility. Star and Stripe can pretty much do whatever she wants with the quirk. I mean, Who else can catch both lasers and ICBMs? I doubt All Might could.

Cathleen Bate stewing from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 140
Cathleen Bate stewing

Luckily for Star and Stripe, she has a good team of pilots backing her up. If there’s anything she can’t do on her own, she can rely on them to help. Sure, that didn’t work out for her in this instance. But, she was also up against the strongest villain in history.

At this point in time, nobody else could do what Star and Stripe did. All Might’s passed his prime. Deku isn’t on the level of peak All Might yet. And, there’s no other hero in the world who stood a better chance against Shigaraki than Star and Stripe.

How do we know that’s the case? Well, after Star and Stripe’s defeat, no other country wanted to send their heroes to fight Shigaraki. They all understood that if she couldn’t beat him, they can’t. And, as for Japanese heroes, Endeavor’s #1 and he can’t beat Shigaraki, either.

Well, She Didn’t Last Long

Okay, so we need to talk about how Star and Stripe was used in the series. She only lasted two episodes, and that was very disappointing. I wanted to see her do more damage and stick around longer.

Imagine if Shigaraki didn’t kill her during this fight. She could have gone to U.A. and helped the students train. Under the guidance of both her and All Might, they could have reached the next level. That would have been a pretty cool way to use her. But, that’s not what happened.

Instead, Star and Stripe’s role was to show how powerful Shigaraki has become. She was the strongest hero in the world and Shigaraki defeated her. The point of that is to illustrate that Shigaraki is someone the U.A. students can’t handle yet. But, did Star and Stripe need to die for that?

Star and Stripe disintegrating from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 140
Star and Stripe disintegrating

Yes, it was cool seeing her pin Shigaraki in place with lasers and then smash him with a nuke. But, she could have been so much cooler. Think about if her command for herself not to disintegrate worked. That would have been the coldest thing anyone’s done in the series.

There are a lot of ways she could have still “lost” the fight without dying. Not taking out Shigaraki and then him escaping could have been considered a lot. Or, even if Shigaraki stole her quirk, but she survived, that still would have been a loss.

I just feel like this was a waste of a good character. But, I guess there is one problem with Star and Stripe surviving after having her quirk stolen. Couldn’t Eri simply reverse that like she did when Mirio’s quirk was erased? I wouldn’t want something like that to happen.

What Happened to New Order?

There’s one thing from this episode that I’m not quite sure I understand. What happened to New Order? From my understanding, it was going to continue rampaging within Shigaraki until he got rid of it. I mean, that’s what Shigaraki himself believed was the case.

When Shigaraki went to implant New Order into someone else, “Star and Stripe” told him that wouldn’t work. I thought she was saying that even if he gave someone else the quirk, it would still fight him. Like, whoever has New Order would rampage and destroy other quirks.

And, I assumed that this would be bad for Shigaraki because of how many quirks he has. New Order wouldn’t go after any and all quirks — at least not at first. Since Shigaraki has so many quirks in one body, he’d be target #1 for New Order.

New Order rampaging within Shigaraki from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 140
New Order rampaging within Shigaraki

That doesn’t seem to be what was meant, though. Shigaraki didn’t end up passing New Order onto anyone else. Instead, New Order seems to have disappeared on its own.

Now, I said I didn’t quite understand. But, after rewatching this scene, I might get what happened now. So, let me explain, and you can tell me if you agree.

New Order’s command to “oppose other quirks” applies to itself, as well. I didn’t initially think that was the case due to the use of the word “other” there. But, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. New Order didn’t only destroy a bunch of Shigaraki’s quirks. It destroyed itself too.

Why would this be the case? Why wouldn’t Star and Stripe want New Order to keep fighting until it destroyed all of Shigaraki’s quirks? There’s a possibility that Shigaraki could overpower it. The most important thing was to prevent Shigaraki from getting New Order.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 140? Do you think Star and Stripe’s gender has anything to do with her not being able to surpass All Might? Would you have preferred if she survived this fight? And, what do you think happened to New Order?

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