My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 141 Review

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 141 Review

Villain: The U.A. Traitor Revealed

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 141 finally reveals who the traitor within U.A. is. And, I honestly don’t care. It’s been a very long time since the idea that there was a traitor first came up. I want to say that was back in Season 1 or 2.

Alright, so let’s get right into it. The traitor is none other than Yuuga Aoyama, whom I previously predicted would be the traitor. Way back in my review of Episode 80, I wrote about how it looked like Yuuga would be revealed as the traitor.

That didn’t end up happening back then. But, now it makes sense why I thought that. It was clearly foreshadowing the reveal we got in Episode 141. And, something I like about this reveal is that it makes Yuuga’s character make a bit more sense.

Yuuga Aoyama crying from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 141
Yuuga Aoyama crying

I might not care about the traitor reveal itself. But, I do care about how this reveal improved Yuuga’s character. I still don’t like him. However, the way he acts and some of the other details about him make more sense with the context we now have.

For example, there’s the fact that using his quirk gives Yuuga a stomach ache. I always thought this meant he was some sickly kid who wasn’t strong enough to manage his own quirk. But, we now know that’s not the case. His quirk gives him a stomach ache because his body is rejecting the quirk.

Yuuga was born quirkless, like Deku, but received a quirk from All-for-One. It turns out that this quirk wasn’t a good match for Yuuga’s body, which is why it makes him sick. That little detail adds so much. And, this also explains why Yuuga has always been eager to prove himself.

Some Heroes Aren’t Meant for Combat

Was Episode 141 the first time we’ve seen what Tooru Hagakure looks like? I’m pretty sure it’s not and that we saw her in a previous season. But, I’ve also seen a lot of fan art of her over the years.

So, it’s very possible that this is the first time we’ve seen her but I already knew what she looked like because of the fan art. Let me know if we’ve seen her before down in the comments. I really don’t remember.

Anyway, the reason we saw her in this episode was due to her reflecting Yuuga’s attack. It looked to me like she used her hands to reflect it. But, I guess the part of her body that she uses doesn’t matter. As long as she reflects something like a laser, she’s going to become visible — at least partially.

Tooru Hagakure becoming partially visible from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 141
Tooru Hagakure becoming partially visible

Of course, there’s something else I was thinking of when Tooru became visible. Isn’t she naked? Like, we can see her gloves and boots, but nothing else. That implies she’s naked other than those items, right? This is another thing I don’t quite remember. Did she get a suit in a previous season that turns invisible with her body?

Now, the last thing I was thinking of in regards to Tooru in this episode is that she shouldn’t be a combatant. All of the U.A. Class 1-A students are being trained for combat. However, not all of their quirks are suited for that.

In particular, Tooru, Kyouka, Kouji, and Mezou all have quirks optimal for spying and information gathering. We’ve even seen some of them use their quirks for this. So, why is there a focus on them also training for combat? They should be doing specialized training.

The Double Agent

Now, back to Yuuga. Despite being the traitor, it was pretty obvious that he was never going to be a true villain. Yuuga never wanted to work for All-for-One. So, Deku and the others were always going to try to save him, despite what he’s done.

And, that led to the suggestion that Yuuga become a double agent for the heroes. If he can keep All-for-One from figuring out that he’s been compromised, he could change the tide of the upcoming battle. He might be able to help the heroes track down All-for-One.

This is where we’re getting into the stuff I don’t really care about. The other students wanting to save Yuuga no matter what makes sense for their characters. But, I can’t say it’s a very interesting development. It’s just about the most predictable thing possible and I’m not invested in it, at all.

Yuuga Aoyama captured from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 141
Yuuga Aoyama captured

On top of that, there’s the whole double agent thing. That could be interesting if it involved a better character than Yuuga. At the start of the episode, the implication was that Tooru was the traitor. That would have made what’s going to happen next way more interesting.

As I mentioned, Tooru’s quirk is way better for infiltration and information gathering. What’s Yuuga going to do? Nothing that any other random person couldn’t do. The fact that he’s the double agent doesn’t add anything to the series. I’m sure it will result in him getting his “hero moment.” But, that’s it.

One thing I’m not sure about is how this whole ordeal will end. Will All-for-One see this betrayal coming? Will Yuuga make it out alive? I don’t know. But, I’d like to see him sacrifice himself to save the others. A good death can do a lot for a character.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 141? Did you accurately predict that Yuuga Aoyama would be the traitor? Do you remember if we’ve seen what Tooru Hagakure looks like before? And, do you think All-for-One will see Yuuga’s betrayal coming?

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